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First Stills From Disney’s “Frozen”

USA Today published an article this afternoon with these five stills from Frozen, the Disney studio’s adaptatation of The Snow Queen that will open on November 27, 2013.

  • Jay

    I wanted to believe that those images of Elsa and Anna leaked a while back were fake but I guess its the real deal? -sigh- At least the environments are gorgeous I guess.

  • zoe

    When will the madness stop?

  • Roberto González

    It looks a little too cutesy and bland, even more than Tangled (I’m talking just about the designs here). But Tangled turned out being pretty good at the end, so I guess we’ll have to wait to see in motion. Also I want to point out that I don’t think it looks bad, the characters are appealing but some of them makes it look like something for really small children. Well done, but it could look a little bit more adult.

    • Daoyi Liu

      Lol, it’s aimed at children. Adults can go watch Avengers or something.

  • jthomasc

    Oh man, that snowman better be funny as…

  • Chappell Ellison

    Prince and a princess in a boat, what a whacky idea.

    • Matthew Koh

      Yeah, but they’re standing on the boat instead.

  • Dwight

    Remember the days when Disney did not look like another Dreamworks production? Sigh…

  • Shazbot

    Yay! Plastic dollies!

    But where are Kay and Gerda?

  • DT

    Trusted sidekick a’la flynn rider’s horse. CHECK! Snowman a’la Rapunzel’s side kick chameleon. CHECK! Replacing the original title with one that appeals to boys. CHECK!

    • Ant G

      It’s ridiculous how predictable they are and they’re not ashamed of it

  • Ant G

    Disney kills 2D because it’s gotten generic and 3D was new. Now all 3D movies are starting to look the same following the same generic path. It’s not the mediums, it’s their business formula of constantly shoving fairy tales done uncreatively down our throats. Maybe later they can fire all their 3D artists and do claymation with the same formula until people notice it’s the same thing over and over.

    • meulin

      i think tim burtons got the claymation thing covered.

  • It looks like Tangled On Ice and the character designs are very generic. Don’t get started on the Tow Mater snowman.

  • Cheese

    Their animation looks better than Wizart’s “The Snow Queen.” At least Elsa’s arms are proper than her counterpart.

  • Cheese

    Those pics gave me chills! It got me frozen in excitement! My cold feet just got defrosted! It made slurp a slurpy which gave me a brain freeze!

  • fanartflan

    So, this is the second Disney movie that’s is a verb. Might be a trend. :P

  • James VanDam

    The snowman has me worried. Right now he is giving off a jar jar binks vibe and It just doesn’t sit right with me.

  • Animator606432

    Looks eerily like Tangled. I liked the art style of Tangled, but this is really getting to be too much.

  • Dana B

    I know this is only a sliver of new info on “Frozen”, but in honesty, this looks pretty boring. Hopefully the new trailer will change my opinion. Seriously, I really hope this film will be great…

  • Kristen

    Design-wise, that snowman looks a little out of place compared to the other characters. I hope that elk has a different personality than just the typical Disney horse-that-thinks-it’s-a-dog.

  • lovenorthern

    Looks like it’s meant for a much younger audience. A shame too. Disney used to be the best at making stuff that toddlers AND full grown adults could appreciate.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Well, Tangled was excellent and I’m getting some Tangled vibes from this. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

  • MBoy

    I don’t know man… all 3D animated feature films are starting to look the same. I adored the concept art for ‘Frozen’ – the style, the color, the originality, the flaws. Seeing the 3D stills just doesn’t impress me like 2D or stop motion does. It looks to me like the characters from Tangled could just walk in and no one would notice. All this 3D is getting stale, in my personal opinion.

    • Daoyi Liu

      Don’t be daft. The problem isn’t 3d. 3d is just a medium for entertainment just like 2d or stop motion. The problem is that when it comes to storytelling, there will always be a generation of young people (at whom these movies are targeted) who will find these ideas new and enchanting. It’s unfortunate that “original” ideas are hard to come by nowadays, but the original 2d Disney films were the FIRST ANIMATED MOVIES EVER, which is a great feat, but kind of easy to claim credit for “originality” when it’s never been done before. Even those old Disney films were based on adapted stories that already existed before. Pixar (3d) actually managed to get out a handful of original ideas, but unfortunately they have recently contracted sequelitis. While i am also upset that there haven’t been any truly original animation films released in mainstream cinema for a couple of years now, you have to remember that these movies are for children who have not been jaded by decades of watching the same story being told. The problem, most of all, is that everything in this society is a business. People rarely do things for the love of it, and those who do are unfortunately not the ones who control where the money goes.

      • MBoy

        Understandable, but I was more concerned about the look and style of the films, NOT the story. Yes, the story is a rehashing of what works. And I’m ok with that! I just wish all the talented artists and animators got a chance to flourish creatively.

        • Daoyi Liu

          All the talented artists and animators are busy trying not to be retrenched probably. Do what Disney says because everywhere else is closing down.

  • just me

    OH wow…check out these original designs … can’t wait to re-see all of them

  • Roberto Severino

    Tangled on Ice? I can’t be too sure about this one.

  • Peter Frosta

    FROZEN, because everyone liked Tangled and we need more nice things to sell to girls!

    • Alyssa

      The Heads of Disney ( Ed and John) dont want Disney Princesses so they are making these with crappy titles. So FROZEN and TANGLED were actually for boys, cause “They make more money”- and boy stuff/movies never come out. OH NO! Never!

  • Jorge Verdugo

    looks like barbie movies but with more budget, :(

  • Tom

    Looks a bit too much like Tangled. Even the title ‘Frozen’ is similar, plus that reindeer seems to be channeling Maximus the Horse.I mean, Tangled was brilliant, but they’re playing it a bit safe here. Though considering Disney’s streak of great films recently, this will probably be good.

  • Daniel Brown

    looks like a step back from Tangled level of quality.

  • zac leck

    Tell me this is a joke. It’s tangled on ice, right?

  • Strong Enough

    does disney have any character designers at all? i mean come on. what did they do? just copy and paste tangled onto frozen palettes?

    • Mike P.

      Maybe they should have a separate “character model department” again, like they did in the 1930’s! They sure have the money for it now.

  • DoppleDumplingGang

    Ugh. Looks exactly like fifty other things Hollywood’s rolled out in the past few years.

    • IJK

      Yeah, looks just like Cars 2!

  • Ju-osh

    That snowman’s design is hideous. Or maybe he’s just melting and I should feel sorry about my negative, knee-jerk reaction.

  • Sam

    Stills probably don’t do the film justice, rather wait til I see the film before any judgement are made.

  • rooniman

    I literally threw my hands up and shouted “I Quit!” after seeing Olaf.

  • CG_Animator

    And the negative cycle of Cartoon Brew comments of a new Disney CG film based on a few still images resumes again. *yawn*

    Negative Brew Commenters “Blecch, Tangled looks like a Disney version of Shrek!”

    Actual Movie: It was awesome. Negative Brew commenters = WRONG.

    Brew Commenters: “Pssh Wreck-it-Ralph looks like it’ll just be boring video game reference fest!”

    Actual Movie: It was awesome, Negative Brew commenters = WRONG again.

    Frozen: “Yuck, Frozen looks too much like Tangled even though there are only five still images and we know nothing about the actual movie!”

    Predicted Actual Movie: It’ll be awesome and the negative commenters will be wrong yet again.

    Then the cycle will continue for the next one. Don’t you love the love and support the animation community gives to their peers?

    • Ant G

      Did Brew commenters really hype Cars and Cars 2 before they came out? That would really prove your point there how they’re always wrong about CGI movies sticking to a formula for profit.

  • canimal

    Computer animation is such a beautiful, versatile medium, its disappointing to see it be used so formulaically and repetitively.

  • Jen Hurler

    It’s gorgeous…but nothing new…

  • Strong Enough

    well they aint doing a good job!

  • El Capitan

    Wow, I must say how disappointing I am. That teaser trailer I saw should
    have premiered on Nick Jr.. It just seems like Disney is dumbing down
    their audience. It makes me wonder, if they have an visionary thinkers
    still on staff — or did they just show them the door along with the
    other veteran 2d artists?
    I love animation and I’ve always loved
    films by Disney, but as of the late the 3d medium has become like a
    refrigerator full of old, stale food; and the creators are just taking a
    little of this and a little of that to create the next “big” project.
    I’m growing really tired of these left-overs, and even more tired of
    being thought of as just another sheep, willing to follow the heard into
    a dark theater, just to watch the same film again and again.
    animation will always be my favorite, but CG animation can achieve
    great things, if only for a few risk-takers. It’s time Disney, Pixar,
    Dreamworks and the others step-up. The problem is, it won’t ever happen,
    because that “formula” is proven to create more money than in Uncle
    Scrooge’s vault. I like what Blue Sky was trying to do with “Epic”, the
    problem is, it didn’t result into a box-office hit. In-fact, their
    chance will most likely cause them to take a step back, reevaluate their
    upcoming slate, and spit-out just another Rio or Ice Age film. It’s really too bad.

  • bob

    pretty lame trailer.

    But, in my opinion, regarding some of the comments… their are definitely great artists at Disney, but that doesn’t mean they have too much say in terms of story and therefor content to design.

    Are you guys seriously just now catching on that Disney uses a formula for character design and that the characters often repeat? Disney wants to maintain a look not adventure into a new, scary and unknown area lol…

  • Alex Printz

    How long until the concept art books start selling more than the tickets for the watered down 3d films? At least the books are worth something.

    • Mike P.

      Sincerely, you DO have a point there, Alex!
      I myself find the “Art of” books at least as valuable and worthwhile as the films themselves. I especially value ones that give real insight into a film’s creators.

  • hitface

    white poeple do a thing? with funny not people thing?? haha good movie a plus watch again.
    no seriously im pretty easy to please, but this looks.. this looks like something you find on netflix with the description “family friendly budget film in no way related to ____”

  • Daoyi Liu

    The Internet just failed at irony again.

  • Daoyi Liu

    I was attempting to be ironic but i guess it didn’t catch.

    Nonetheless, it would be naive to believe that the entertainment industry at present is much better than just a business, especially after that “buy ALL the rights” stint that Disney just went on. As long as it keeps making money, i doubt things will change. There will consistently be new generations of children who have not been jaded by what the older generation regards nostalgically as superior entertainment, so whether or not you and I found the design and storytelling elements in what we’ve seen so far of this movie disappointing, that’s mostly irrelevant to the producers and the target audience.

    But yes, disappointing.

    • Mike P.

      To me, Daoyi, the irony is partly all the 40-and-
      50-something aged “KIDS” who line up to see “Avengers” (and all the other early May superhero films that have been released since 2000)!!

      • Daoyi Liu

        Hey, it had some pretty cool effects done by underpaid vfx artists working overtime for months.

  • George Comerci

    beautiful :D

  • 木Erik木

    Well to be fair, at least Maximus was hypercompetent and snarky. This reindeer just seems goofy.

    • Mike P.

      Absolutely, Erik! Maximus is my all-time favorite animated character (please read my comment on Mr. Amidi’s post called “Five Things I Liked About Tangled”!)
      I just saw something familiar in Sven and his movement.
      But let’s wait and see what they do with Sven in the film.

  • Sharon

    I just stumbled upon this old article. It’s funny how the comments were so negative 6 months ago. Now Frozen is
    out, and it’s a best selling movie. And I would say it’s much better than Tangled in my
    opinion. The teaser trailer is not an accurate representation of what the movie is about. Which is why you can’t always judge a book by its cover. :)

    Frozen isn’t that predictable and has some depth and maturity to it that was really refreshing (even with the talking snowman). If you haven’t seen it, watch it. :)

  • Pookiewood

    Nah Maximus was the shiz. HAHA! Great horse!