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Disney Releases “Frozen” Trailer

Disney has released the full theatrical trailer for Frozen, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. The trailer emphasizes action including wolf chases, blizzards, snowmonsters, sorcery, and mountain climbing. It’s quite a change of pace from how Disney marketed its princess films as recently as four years ago, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  • I do appreciate all of the action featured in the trailer, but I hope some day Disney will realize they don’t need to throw in every comedic/awkward moment in trailers for American audiences. It wasn’t necessary in the French version of the trailer, that’s for sure. Otherwise, the movie looks alright. I’ll likely see it out of curiosity, but right now it’s not coming off as a must see movie like Wreck-It Ralph or even Tangled did.

    Then you’ve got the “Get A Horse” Mickey short being paired up with this movie. Now THAT I’m ecstatic for.

    • SarahJesness

      I hate it when animated movies just throw a bunch of the comic relief moments into the trailer. Always misleading.

  • Power_Animator


  • Alex Irish

    But, does Amid think that it looks derivative of Tangled? That is the real question.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Looks great visually. Storywise, looks like a by-the-numbers Disney toon. Hopefully there’s an element to the story that makes this stand out from the standard Disney tale.

  • Dokeck

    The snowman will have a tragic ending, isn’t it?

    • Nikolas

      I certainly hope so!

  • Kris Åsard

    I´m not entirely sure this movie qualifies as a “princess movie” – it’s not based on any historical or fictional princess (the h c andersen tale they used as a starting point was about other stuff all together) it doesn’t seem to be about romance or coming of age, and the format seems to be more of a adventure movie. Maybe it’s a new kind of beast all together. Then again, we will most probably be sold off-model, pretty dress, barbie doll versions of the female lead, Merida-style.

    • Laura Hohman

      But the main character is a princess non-the-less

    • SarahJesness

      “Disney Princess” isn’t always a literal title. It’s a marketing thing, and any teenage/young adult female character in a popular enough movie will be put into the lineup. She doesn’t necessarily have to be a princess, her movie just had to do well enough. (if Atlantis was a big hit, Kida would definitely be in the line)

  • Cheese

    Did you know that Wizart’s “The Snow Queen” has received a U.S. theatrical release and U.S. DVD release before Disney’s “Frozen?”

    It will be released in U.S. theaters on Friday, October 11, 2013 (one month before Disney’s “Frozen”). And U.S. DVD on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 (one day before Disney’s “Frozen”). Its U.S. distributor is Vertical Entertainment, the studio which distributed “Scenic Route.” Source:

    From the looks of the theatrical release only lasting for a month before the DVD release, it will probably be released in limited cities. But I would be surprised if it’s actually a nationwide release (which I doubt).

    For the record, Disney’s “Frozen” would probably do better than Wizart’s “The Snow Queen,” if they can.

  • Van

    Ah, I can see where the absence of Glen Keane’s magical touch did have an affect on the overall look. The animation definitely does not have Glen’s charm. I guess they can say they’re not making Tangled 2 but the female leads are very reminiscent of it. Olaf seems like a character that might skew more towards the Jar Jar Binks flavor but too early to tell. Overall, I’m not too excited to watch it but I’m sure many will.

  • Toonio

    Composition wise looks like a train wreck, and comes across as lifeless and plain as anything can be.

    They got the typical formulas all in place, even the comeback of a menage a trois.

    But despite this was a project Eisner sr didn’t want to pursue, it fits to Eisner jr on trying to become another big name within the Disney empire, and yet disappointing at it (creatively speaking).

    So here goes another one… killing the magic one frame at a time.

  • WN

    Sorry i found the trailer to be way too similar to terms of look to that of Tangled, Unfortunately the designs were too familiar and unappealing (the snowman and yeti?!!) and the animation doesn’t have that “WOW factor that Glen Keane brought to the table when he did his dailies. That being said, it still has some beautiful imagery in it for a trailer and hope the film proves me wrong

  • Aveeva

    Can’t wait!

  • George Comerci

    Do any of you realize how excited I am now??? I do have to admit, I wish the trailer was more focused on the mature aspects of the film, but still! I’m dying with anticipation!

  • Pedro Nakama

    New Disney Strategy… make DreamWorks movies.

    • George_Cliff

      Not really sure that’s a fair assessment. The visuals are clearly a step or two above the best DW has to offer. I really like that Disney is pushing CG back toward a more classical Disney look. With Tangled and now Frozen the sets are starting to look more and more like those gorgeous Tenngren backgrounds from Pinocchio. Visually I like where Disney is headed.
      As for the story I’m going to reserve judgment until I’ve seen the film.

  • Laura Hohman

    I feel that they focused on the wrong things in this trailer. From what I’ve heard, alot of the heart of this story is between the two sisters, but they barely touch on it. Also, nowhere does it suggest it is a musical (and I know that’s intentional so as to not lose the boy audience). But Tangled trailers weren’t that great and I thought that movie ended up pretty darn good. Guess I’ll wait and see!

    • Chris Powell

      hmmm if thats the case about the sisters than I think their intention is to surprise audiences with that. I see your point though in that by showing a lame trailer, it makes me not wanna see the movie at all.

  • SarahJesness

    Oh… I’m a little disappointed, really. This doesn’t look as good as I hoped it to be. It feels like generic kiddy fare. And if that snowman is as prominent in the movie as he is in the trailer… We might have a problem. It very much does feel like they’re trying to make another “Tangled”, especially with the previous teaser having a reindeer that acts like a dog.

    But with that said, I’ll reserve final judgement for when the actual movie comes out. Sometimes generic storylines can still be great stories if they’re executed well. Not to mention that sometimes trailers do a piss poor job of accurately portraying the movie. (especially American children’s animated movies, where they love to put the comic relief front and center)

    On that note, does anyone know if this is going to be a musical?

    • George Comerci

      Yup, it’s going to be a musical. :D

      • SarahJesness

        Really? The reason I asked was because Tangled was a musical but the trailers didn’t let that on. Oh well. Knowing it’s a musical gives me more hope for the film. If there’s anything Disney can do, it’s an animated musical!

        • George Comerci

          Agreed. They’ve also announced a song for Elsa called “Let it Go”. It’s really pretty, and it’s on YouTube. Just type in Let it Go Frozen and a couple of results should come up.

        • Crispy Walker

          I had the same question when I first saw the trailer. I’m surprised they didn’t include ANY of the music in the trailer, especially considering they’ve got two big Tony award winners with three awards between them, and most of the cast are Broadway stars. To have Bobby Lopez write the musical numbers and then not have any of them even hinted at in the trailer kinda feels like a slap in the face / vote of no confidence in his work. I was wondering if they just dropped him and got rid of those moments — but then, what would have been the point of casting Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Santino Fontana, and Josh Gad, considering they’re not really mainstream names.

          • SarahJesness

            Idina Menzel is in this? Sweet!

            Anyway. General consensus is that the marketing of Tangled was influenced by the prominence of DreamWorks. DreamWorks is a a real competitor for Disney, and I don’t think Disney has had one of those in a long time. As a result, Disney’s marketing has been very much about making their movies look like DreamWorks movies: sassy, spunky, rebellious, and subversive. (DreamWorks started out very much trying to be the “anti-Disney”) Disney knows that a lot of people ridicule them for the “fairly tale musical!” image, but I think along the way they forgot that there are plenty of people who LIKE them for that image.

            I dunno. Maybe this marketing works to bring in the kids, their core audience. Doesn’t really do anything for me, but I don’t think they care about what a 20-year old single, child-free female college student thinks. But I definitely would’ve seen Tangled in theaters if the marketing gave an accurate portrayal of the film. (I ended up LOVING it when I rented it from Netflix) Animated musicals are done best by Disney. Other studios have tried them but very few have the same quality level as a Disney one, in terms of story, animation, AND music.

            Now that I’ve been told this is a musical… I’m almost certainly going to go see it! Looking only at the trailer, I didn’t really have much interest. But now I want to see it.

  • CG Animator

    My God you people are negative and pessimistic. I swear, every time a trailer for a CG Disney movie has comes out since “Bolt” there’s been a string of angry and bitter comments that have been proven wrong time and time again.

    Brew Commenters: “Bolt will suck because the final film doesn’t look exactly like the hand-drawn storyboard! CG SUCKS!!!”

    Reality: It’s a good movie and a step in the right direction for Disney.

    Brew Commenters: “Tangled will suck because the trailer feels too much like Shrek and it isn’t hand-drawn!!! CG SUCKS!”

    Reality: It rocked and was Disney’s first hit in a long time.

    Brew Commenters: “Wreck-it-Ralph will suck because it all be just lame video game references!!! Oh and umm… CG still sucks even though Wreck-it-Ralph is set in a video game world and is a natural fit for CG!!!”

    Reality: It’s hand-down the best movie, CG or hand-drawn, Disney’s made in many years. Better then the Pixar release.

    Brew Commentators: “Frozen will suck because it looks too much like Tangled!!! And it isn’t hand-drawn so it will suck even more!!”

    Reality: Rinse and repeat.

  • Chris Powell

    Ill go ahead and add to whats probably already being said in that it does feel very similar to ‘Tangled’. Too similar. But for all I know, that was intentional and perhaps these films take place in a shared Universe, which is the artist’s choice. (Rapunzel cameo?cough cough)

    That being said, the tone feels phoned in and seems to be lacking an original voice. Granted, this in only based on the trailer (weve only seen two) and we have yet to see more than two seconds of the other sister who seems to be the villain/ anti hero, so there may be many surprises ahead. I personally hoped for a darker more serious tone but hoping we get something unique.

    As always, Big ups to all the artists for their hard work and talent. these movies dont come easy and as always the visual work of Disney studios is appreciated.

  • DarylT

    Its a nice trailer. Olaf is very sweet.

  • Chris

    This looks like a lesser effort than Turbo?

    Holy moly…

    • Shazbot

      OH? And what, exactly, about this trailer makes “Frozen” look better than “Turbo”? Care to elaborate?

      • Chris

        Everything. The quality in lighting (Turbo just looks dull and grey), appeal in designs (mind you, humans are MUCH harder to do than snails, and the humans in Turbo… well lack appeal).
        I just find the look here much more appealing and of much higher quality.

        I haven’t seen a single frame of Turbo that just comes close to the frame in the original article in terms of quality in look and design.

  • sarah

    Trailer not very exciting, but still looking forward to the movie.

    Can’t help but Imagine how hard they’d market the ‘Princess Megera’ thing if Hercules was made now

  • Cheeface

    This will suck because ‘The Snow Queen’, which this is based off, has characters that are tonnes more compelling and beautiful than this strange, awkward… thing Disney has decided to throw up.

    But hey, if it does turn out to be good I’m happy to be wrong.

  • Max C.

    Disney made this look like a romcom in the trailer because children are quite likely to get bored by a trailer without rock music and wacky comedy these days and they want teh moneyz.

    Then again, they are releasing this a week after Hunger Games…

  • Felix Sputnik

    People are negative and pessimistic simply because, after seeing this trailer, they have a right to be.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Well at least there’s finally an actual trailer that tells us a bit more about what’s going on rather than the “Snowman and his pet reindeer” vibe that’s been around. (Which while cute, can easily get tiring when you want to see an actual trailer with all the characters, rather than just the comedy relief.)

  • The Nat Kidd

    The snowman seems to be an alright character, the film hasn’t been released yet and I’m already choosing the snowman creature as my favorite character of the movie. Lol.

  • Thomas Paul Jennings

    Looks like it could be good if it’s handled well.

  • Charlie

    The trailer is of course angled at the boy demographic because Disney believes the word “Princess” killed “The Princess and The Frog” opening box office. It’s also the reason they changed the name of “Rupunzel” to “Tangled”. In retrospect, I don’t think they are wrong unfortunately. I do think the character of Flynn Rider made the trailer have broader appeal. This trailer is most likely hiding much more from audiences than with Tangled because the snowman is being used as the “broader appeal” device. This film in reality is a princess movie. Anyways, the plus is that the film will be more of a surprise to audiences when they see it in the theater.

    I do wish the studios had more faith in domestic audiences but whatever. At least when films come out and they are ultimately remembered for what they are on the screen. I think what may be the ultimate surprise is the music. Lyrics written by Bobby and Kristen Lopez, lyricists for “The Book of Mormon”. So, I expect some clever and witty humor in the songs.

  • Fbt

    I was thinking the same thing. I don’t even know why they still call it Walt Disney Studios because they really should STOP,it hurts my heart to hear it and it’s probably hurting Walt in his grave.

  • Steven Bowser

    It looks…promising. I hope it end up being more intelligent than the trailer showed. I wasn’t too excited about the way they push the love-triangle aspect. The bit with the tiny nose made me laugh though. :)

  • Van

    Well said. Most of the comments here are mainly responding to what the trailer is presenting. The trailer is an important tool to draw your potential audience in especially those on the fence and not your typical Disney/Pixar fanboy. Those are already in. I agree that this trailer was only mediocre at best. Final judgement about the film will be reserved for later obviously. But so far, I’m also not impressed. I mean, when you only show a few shots of the ice queen vs. showing an abundance of shots of Olaf’s slapstick comedic antics, it really does send a message that I may be watching more of that in the final release. With that being said, I will give it the benefit.

  • guest

    Blandering of Tangled. Thanks, that says what I saw. Tangled blandered down.

  • Crispy Walker

    the people commenting on the trailer as if it’s reflective of the movie’s overall plot should really have a look at the japanese or french trailers with subtitles… they’re all out there on youtube and give you a better idea of what the film is about. I’m more frustrated that Disney has the faith and confidence in their overseas markets to give them a real dramatic trailer that’s indicative of the film’s story and devoid of the stupid snowman, but for its homegrown audiences, they’re feeding us half-baked physical and romantic comedy with a dash of adventure on the side. I mean I get it: “Hurr hurrr, kids in America are the only ones who go to see animated films” — but maybe that wouldn’t be the case if they could figure out how to market them in a sophisticated manner that made young-adults want to see them too, even if it were just for the sense of nostalgia alone.

    • SarahJesness

      Yeah, I always thought it was kind of weird how American animated movies get marketed so differently in other countries. Do they see American kids/audiences as like, really really dumb? Do they think the Japanese always want more serious movies? I don’t get it.

  • Shazbot

    Um, yeah, sure, THAT would really pull in the family audience. :P (Oh please don’t preach PC at me. That jazz don’t jive with reality).

  • SarahJesness

    Agreed. My criticisms are directed at the trailer and the trailer alone. Since the trailer is intended to get people to watch the film, people’s impressions of it are important. I didn’t see Tangled in theaters because the marketing did not present the film as one that would appeal to me. But I eventually rented it from Netflix at the insistence of a neighbor and I loved it! But I still stand by my initial impressions of the trailer. It doesn’t make the movie look good, or at the very least, it doesn’t make the movie look like one that I wanted to see.

  • SarahJesness

    Agreed. Taking so much design influence from Tangled probably wasn’t a good idea. Rapunzel had a very distinct design, and when you copy that design for a new character, it’s very easy to tell.

  • Eljay

    Ugh…and yet another generic animated feature from Hollywood. I guess I’ll rather wait for the next Miyazaki that is coming out soon to watch a decent animated movie.

  • Cheese

    Wizart’s “The Snow Queen,” Disney’s counterpart to “Frozen,” is coming to the U.S. this year on VOD (video on demand) on Thursday, October 10; in selected theaters on Friday, October 11, and DVD on Tuesday, November 27.


  • Shibes_Meadow

    I guess you would have preferred two hours of Vanellope von Schweetz playing chess with Death or something.

    • Yeah, that’s gotta’ be it. If I thought Wreck-It Ralph was all tired cliches, unlikable characters and what I can only describe as anti-jokes, then obviously I must like watching people play chess. That is a perfectly rational response to my comment.

  • Mike P.

    This is rather expectedly silly of me to mention I suppose, but, it looks as if MAXIMUS REALLY DOES REAPPEAR, sort of, in this movie. I mean, really; and not as SVEN as we first thought! Not that I mind, of course; though he seems to have a more straight-forward and unremarkable attitude here, unfortunately. (Though gorgeous as ever…..)

  • Mike P.

    May I just say that a viewer mentioning first off that they liked “Tangled” because they thought “Maximus was hilarious” may not be just a sign of an “unfortunate truth” that “many people just want to see funny stuff on screen,” Maximus may have just been one of the more NOTABLE parts of the film that an average viewer might think of and want to share first. Sorry, I don’t see what is wrong with that.
    If you asked my “average” brother, he might say “Rapunzel’s hair” and it’s effects animation.
    I myself hope the Disney team has the balls to try to tackle some of the serious and somewhat sad themes of Hans Christian Andersen’s original story in “Frozen”.
    When’s the last time Disney made a scene so beautiful, and inspired feeling for a character SO strong that an entire audience CRIED at the experience? I mean cried as in Snow White, Bambi, Pinocchio, or even Jungle Book? Nothing wrong with these kinds of notable emotional moments either.
    It may not be so much the audience as it is Disney. I think they are afraid to try to make an audience cry, maybe because it isn’t cool anymore or something. But if done properly, these kinds of moments can be very powerful, thought provoking, and memorable.
    Thank you.

  • Mike P.

    Yes, Shazbot, I share your sentiment!
    There are times I feel the company has no right to call itself “Disney” anymore!