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Epic Mickey update

Back in July we posted about a new Nintendo game in development, Epic Mickey. Now, the November issue of Game Informer magazine has the scoop on this new game from Junction Point and Disney Interactive Studios.

BTW, if you look really closely at that cover painting you’ll spot Oswald the Lucky Rabbit behind the gates in the center.

I’m not a gamer, but this thing looks pretty cool to me. Game Informer also posted a video podcast with game creator, Warren Spector, where he discusses his love of Mickey Mouse, Disney and all things classic animation – and on another page they post a gallery of Spector’s Disney collection, which includes everything from a killer The Three Caballeros half sheet poster to several issues of Gemstone’s Disney comics.

(Thanks, Platy)

  • Jonah Sidhom

    haha, Oswald’s just showing up everywhere these days.
    This definitely looks interesting, but I don’t like it. I’ll probably follow this one to see how far it goes.

  • rawktapus

    It’s very cool to see that Warren Spector is such a passionate fan. That was a pretty awesome Mickey Guitar. Any one else think the Big Bad Boss is gonna be the Phantom Blot?

  • This is looking better and better, i love the bits and pieces of disney history in these paintings. It’s a small world looks really cool next to all the decaying scenery :D

  • tgentry

    Man, everything about this looks really cool, but why on the Wii? It’s going to look terrible. Why not put it on one of the systems that can actually show it off properly?

  • Tumbleweed

    This game has been in development since summer 2004. The main idea of Mickey throwing ink was developed by college interns. Oswald was in the game even before Disney took control of it. A bunch of CalArtians did a heap-load of stuff on it.

    I am glad it is seeing the light of day.

  • I’ve been trying not to get too excited for this game, in case it never comes out or jumps to a game system I don’t own. I am failing miserably. It’s great to see something really new and different being done with Mickey and by someone who is obviously going to handle him with tons of respect.

  • Royce Day

    Hearing that Warren Spector is in charge of the project pleases me greatly. I was a fan of his work back when he did pen & paper RPG’s such as Steve Jackson Games’ “Car Wars” and “Toon”.

  • This is one of the major reasons why Disney wanted Oswald back in the first place. They even traded a real live newscaster in order to get him.
    Very cool to see this project getting more attention.

  • Jason

    This thing is just all kinds of awesome. This is seriously SERIOUSLY gonna get gamers’ attention – even those more into Grand Theft Auto than Kingdom Hearts. It’s gonna be too cool to pass up. I might even buy a Wii to get this. And I hope hope HOPE posters of this incredible art will be available. Too freaking cool!!!

  • s.w.a.c.

    Forget about the game, I want that Three Caballeros half-sheet! (I’m sitting about a foot away from a ’40s ceramic Jose Carioca lamp…we kind of have a thing about parrots in this house.)

  • Mike

    apparently the story revolves around ignored and disgruntled disney characters, jealous of mickey. the main “villain” is oswald


  • Amanda H.

    WOW, that game premise is TOO COOL.
    When I kept hearing whisperings about how Disney was trying to make Mickey more “gritty” and giving him a “reboot”, is this what they meant or is something completely different? If so, I don’t get the “gritty” vibe off of it, at least not the kind I usually assume as “gritty”.
    I don’t want to say it BUT I do get that “Kingdom Hearts” feel from it. Not that that’s a bad thing.
    Actually, if I was going to compare it to anything, I would compare it to the game “Okami” because there were drawing elements to the combat and gameplay. (ink and brushes)

  • Robert

    “Man, everything about this looks really cool, but why on the Wii?”

    Because they want it to actually SELL.