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First Artwork Released for Disney’s Next Feature “Frozen”

Earlier this week, Disney released the first piece of concept art from their 2013 animated feature Frozen directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. The release of this image allows the animation community to begin one of its favorite traditions: judging an entire animated feature based on a single piece of still concept art. Let me start things off by saying that the artwork leaves me a little cold.

Click HERE for a super-big version of the image below.

  • Nick Nerdlinger

    I’m chillin’…

  • Went to Disney’s open house last week and got to see a bunch of concept art for this. I have to say, this is looking very cool. I think Disney is the new Pixar (which was the new Disney).

    • J

      after realizing Pixar would’ve never made a movie like Wreck-it Ralph, or if they did it’dve never be anything like how Disney’s turned out, I knew that the Disney I used to love, the one that isn’t afraid to do unguaranteed things, had returned… and Pixar had become the “serious-business no-nonsense” studio.

      As such I’m not really too afraid after seeing what little art I have for Frozen, I mean the older artwork with the two children and their fantastic Ukranian-Russian-Slavic black and red outfits was fantastic and unique, while this seems more doll-like… but I still hold up, especially after reports from those who’ve toured the studio have said “There is waaaaaay better stuff they’re keeping hidden, this isn’t nearly as good as what they aren’t showing”

    • Tom

      Well considering John Lasseter executive produced Wreck-It-Ralph, they’re the same company now, as far as animation.

  • sasha

    based on this picture, i am really excited to see what i hope to be some beutiful enviroments.

  • Lulu

    I didn’t know that Rapunzel and The Snow Queen were twin sisters! Crazy

    • This would have been funny if the girl in the above concept image was actually the Snow Queen.

      • Lulu

        My bad, I don’t actually know the story that Frozen will be based on. My point still stands though if you replace “The Snow Queen” with whatever this character’s name is.

    • She looks more like Ginormica though

  • wever

    “….allows the animation community to begin one of its favorite traditions: judging an entire animated feature based on a single piece of still concept art.”

    :D That got me laughing for real. And I shall start the debate forthwith. a-hem……….. The guy looks a bit less handsome than they described him, and the girl looks way too much like Rapunzel, though this is just concept art as you said. I do love how the ice and show form in an unnatural way, to show the Snow Queen’s affect on the land.

    • Jordan

      omg ikr i say they should have a princess with a off color hair like if her hair was blue or white since it’s called frozen but imma disney fanatic and they always seem to impress me and somehow bring out my inner childhood so i cant wait (fingers crossed %)

  • Jenovasilver

    I’ll admit, when I saw the concept pieces I was a little….disappointed but it’s concept art, alot of changes happen from here and there. My hope is they change all of this, the Blonde dude is fine but the girl has got to go. We already had a Blonde already can we get a Raven hair or a Brunette?

    • Roza

      Though I would really like to see black or brown hair rather than blonde again, you have to keep in mind that the creators are probably leaning to a more Slavic maybe Russian appearence. This being said, blonde hair and sharper facial features (such as her chin in the image) would look more accurate

  • Pedro Nakama

    I thought they were not going to make any more Princess movies.

    • That was before “Tangled” became their biggest hit since Lion King. Don’t trust the decisions of the Disney corporation to be permanent; they go where the money take them.

  • Matthew Koh

    That man’s expression looks like every CB reader’s reaction to this picture.

  • Ugh. Why is the female protagonist accompanied by a man? Hans Christian Andersen had her travelling alone.

    • Chelsea

      Yes, very true, how dare men travel WITH females, how sexist!

      I understand what you meant, but I think your comment was a bit ridiculous. This is after all only concept art, and a women doesn’t need to be alone to be strong.

      This misunderstanding of how to represent females without being sexist is what made Brave turn out to be such a frustratingly sexist film!

      • Cartoonnetwork

        I usually think feminists are pretty exaggerated, but I didn’t get that ‘sexist’ vibe from ‘Brave’ that some people talk about.

        I’m a guy but I didn’t really get the feeling that women are smart and men are bumbling idiots. It wasn’t so different than , say, The Simpsons, in which most of the male characters are dumber than the females, but it’s mostly for humorous reasons.

        And some of the guys in the movie were more bellicose rather than downright stupid. Also the three kids were very smart for their age.

        Personally, I really liked that Merida decided not to marry any of the guys at the end of the movie. Instead of her coincidentally falling in love with one of the kids they were forcing her to marry, which is something that normally doesn’t happen. I also liked how it was played in a way that the male kids also looked happy that they could decide who his lover will be in the future.

        I thought that was the real novelty of the film, that the girl didn’t need a male or a love story…at least yet. After all movies only show a part of the life of the characters, but it’s not obligatory that should be the part when they fall in love.

      • E

        It’s not so much “girl travels with man, oh no its sexist” its that the original story has her rescuing her love interest, by herself, and based on this picture it seems like someone decided that she needed a man to be able to save the other guy. You have Prince Charming saving the day by themselves all the time, and in one of the few stories that has the princess doing it, they change it. And /that’s/ what’s sexist.

  • Glowworm

    In all seriousness—that is not a very cute looking romantic interest (Which I assume the man will eventually become.) I’m not being shallow–just that generally Disney does better than that when it comes to male characters–even characters like Quasimodo and the super fuzzy Beast were rather adorable at times.

    This man simply looks like he has a monobrow and looks rather depressed compared to all those smiling heroes of Disney’s past.

  • Steve M.

    The man looks like Flynn with blonde hair, the girl looking like every other Disney leading female.

    I won’t write the movie off as “forget it,” but the initial impression from the picture leaves me with a feeling of “same old song and dance.”

  • Hannah

    Am I the only one who wishes that Disney decided to actually follow the story of the Snow Queen more loyally? It’s a great tale in its own right so why change it into something so…predictable.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    The guy looks like Kay from The Sword in The Stone,the girl looks too much like Rapunzel from Tangled.

    I’m still waiting for Bolt II.

  • Anonymator

    Hmmm. Nothing surprising. I think we all could have predicted this is how it will look.

  • Alfons Moliné

    Yet another Disney Princess for the franchise… yawwwnnn…

  • I don’t know, I think it looks pretty cool. It takes a lot of snow how to have an ice opinion like this. People who don’t like this need to chill out.

  • Maya

    Cool, it’s Tangled on ice!

  • At Disney they continue to practice “L’Art Pompier”.. When are they going to discover cubism?

  • tredlow

    It’s very… uh, Disney, I guess. Nothing we’re not expecting, in my opinion.

  • Felix Sputnik

    Compare this attempt to look quirky and arctic to the genuine atmosphere of “cold” and the “honesty of a style that allows characters to show you what they’re about rather than proclaim it” of “Long way North”
    I’m sure this will get better but I know which film I’d rather see.

  • Hollie

    So bored of white, generic and BLONDE princesses. I understand it’s meant to be set in a nordic area, but straight away by doing that it alienates people of colour and gives an excuse for poor representation. We’ve had 488934245 Disney movies set in Europe, what about other places which are cold, maybe with Inuit / Yupik characters?

    Otherwise the concept work looks pretty.

    • I don’t know that the story of Sedna is really Disney material.

    • Kev

      I totally agree with you on that. Im tired of the same old formula too.

    • Eric

      I think that Inuit characters would be appropriate… if the film was based on an Inuit story! I don’t know how much respect Disney will show the source material, but changing the characters’ race because having them be white would be “boring”? Who would *not* be offended? So there are too many white people in Disney movies? A company that is based in a country that is, and has historically been, made up of mostly white people? A company whose founder and namesake was, himself, a white man? What’s next? Are you going to start complaining that Studio Ghibli is too Japanese?

  • daniel

    I don’t understand why people are so appalled by fact it looks like tangled when the whole CG medium of humans look pretty much the same at the end.. .

    .. the problem is that cg animators as a whole don’t know how to animate or pose a face that is different from this formula..

    .. and those that try something different, are not skilled enough to pull it off..

    • Cube

      Uh… I really don’t think that’s it.

  • Let’s remake Tangled with more blonde people!

  • Dave

    I was going to comment on how they’re just going with one-word titles now, until I thought about Disney history and realized there were a lot of them. Anyway, much more excited about Monsters U.

  • Nicola lemay

    Nice composition. If you look at the S shape in the ice, it leads very well your eyes to the characters. clever trick!

  • Joel

    Truth be told, I find this image to be appealing and well-done. I’ll withhold my opinions on the film until after I’ve seen it.

  • Matt Sullivan

    it looks fine to me ^^ Looks like standard Disney fare.

  • Richard

    This looks pretty run of the mill. Almost Deviantart-like in its clumsiness.

    Another princess story. GMAFB. No thanks, Walt.

  • Josh

    I know it’s just concept art but I’m less than excited.
    These characters look just like the ones from Tangled, save for the guy who has Aladdins nose. They even have the same dispositions and expressions.

    Also am I noticing a new trend of blunt one word titles?
    “The Bear and Bow” was renamed “Brave”
    “Rapunzel Unbraided” to “Tangled”
    and now “The Snow Queen” to “Frozen”

    • Somewhere along the line, Disney executives got it into their head that money follows films that have adjectives for titles. I even heard that the new Snow White mine coaster they’re building at Disney World will just be called “Dwarfed.”

  • Cheese

    Anna from Disney’s “Frozen” and Gerda from Wizart’s “The Snow Queen” kind of look similar to each other, except for their hair. Let’s see. They have the same eyes, even the color, same hair but different structure, Gerda is the only character with freckles, and they almost have the same personality. What do you think?

  • Lola

    What clever and totally different character designs. Revolutionary even.
    Take out the characters and you have a very awesome piece that’d make me think “holy crap what force is strong enough to do THAT?”
    Stick the characters back in and I could care less about anything.

    • Louis

      *Couldn’t care less.

  • jon

    everyone in the comments section has pretty much proved amid’s point

  • E. Nygma

    Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph and Paperman were all awesome Disney projects that I did not think I would like. I think Disney is getting its magic back. I will reserve judgement until I see this, but I do agree this image is not too exciting. I liked the official logo a lot though!

  • It seems like an illustrated paparazzi pic, haha

  • Spencer

    Nice art, but conceptually more boring than an educational film narrated by David Attenborough.

  • Anonymous

    For those of you making snide remarks, it might be better to actually illustrate the changes you would make.

  • John A

    You’re never going to see another female design from Disney, they will all have exactly the same proportions and facial features. The marketeers aren’t going to ever let Animation mess with their Barbie franchise.

    • Steven M

      What a shame.

  • Michael

    Ugh. After the event of Wreck-It Ralph, this seems mildly disappointing. The conceptual leaks for Ralph were stunning and intriguing because they felt very different, but also familiar — in that contradicting sort of way. :/

    This one’s technically sound. I like the composition of the environment itself, and the literal expression of annoyance on the male’s face. The girl leaves something to be desired. Her expression isn’t exaggerated enough. Is she supposed to be enchanted by the landscape? Because her facial expression feels devoid of surprise or wonder. It’s more like a mellow “good cup of tea”. I am kind of disappointed with how much she looks like Rapunzel (said it again), blended with some earlier, and also blonde princesses (she reminds me of Aurora / Rose for some reason?).She’s not bringing enough to the table of uniqueness, and at least this piece of concept work -does- feel like it’s setting up marketing design for dolls as opposed to a well-rounded character.

    Would definitely love to see a different hair color. The Disney Princess line-up is a little too blonde for my taste. Would a little more brunette or black hurt? Also seconding the Inuit comment earlier. I would love to see that.