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Let’s Cast the Walt Disney Biopic

Who needs the Disney Company! We’ve already got the movie poster for a biopic about Walt Disney so we may as well go ahead and cast the movie. That’s what Cartoon Brew reader Ron Yavnieli did in the comments section yesterday. Below are his novel casting choices for the likes of Roy Disney, Ub Iwerks, Margaret Winkler, Fred Moore, Bill Tytla, Art Babbitt, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston and others. Share your dream cast in the comments.

Roy O. Disney :: Joel David Moore
Disney biopic

Ub Iwerks :: Tarran Killam
Disney biopic

Charles Mintz :: Jeremy Piven
Disney biopic

Margaret Winkler :: Samantha Morton
Disney biopic

Fred Moore :: Sam Huntington
Disney biopic

Ward Kimball :: Chris Diamantopoulos
Disney biopic

Bill Tytla :: Kevin Dillon
Disney biopic

Art Babbitt :: Don Swayze (Apparently, Swayze has already committed to this non-existent film. Ron wrote in the comments, “I’ve met him in person and he looks just like a young Art Babbitt. I told him that in fact and said he should try to play Art Babbitt in a biopic. He seemed open to the idea once I explained who Art Babbitt was and his contribution to history.”)
Disney biopic

Marc Davis :: David Cross
Disney biopic

Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston :: Jason Bateman and Jon Cryer
Disney biopic

Shamus Culhane :: Kevin Connolly
Disney biopic

Bill Peet :: Topher Grace
Disney biopic

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  • Tak

    What a silly game Amid!
    Everyone knows that we can just do them all in photo real CGI using MoCap nowadays! :-P

  • buh

    walt: a new mocap adventure from robert zemeckis

    • Tak

      Andy Serkis
      Andy Serkis
      Andy Serkis
      Andy Serkis
      Andy Serkis
      Kevin Clash
      And Andy Serkis

      • Snurglepulse

        Ah, but then it may be TOO masterful!

        Who plays Joe McCarthy I wonder!?!?

      • Oliver

        In ‘Good Night and Good Luck’, George Clooney had Joe McCarthy played by… Joe McCarthy.

  • Excellent casting choices. But it doesn’t matter from a Hollywood standpoint, after Walt Disney nobody knows what these people look like.

  • Toonio

    Funny fact that almost all the cast of Entourage is here.

    Although I’d like to see a biography of Walt a la Hollywood mode. Guess the many skeletons in the closet around Walt would hold any producer/director/writer from presenting the real thing to a more rosy/boring version. Think of what really failed with the movie J. Edgar.

  • Victor Kong

    I actually had a similar conversation with my friend and we both decided that Jean Dujardin would make an excellent Walt. We also settled on Dominic Cooper for Ub (he sure does look like him!).

    It’s funny, because Dom played Howard Stark in Captain America, and that character was so obviously based off Walt Disney in Iron Man 2.

    • Snurglepulse

      Yes. Yes Jean Dujardin. Yes.

  • What?! NO casting for Milt Kahl?! You gotta be kidding me.

    Come on guys if you are gonna play this game, you gotta drop the other shoe.

    • I think there’s only one actor who could accurately capture Milt Kahl’s personality:

    • Was just going to say the same thing. Frank, Ollie, and Marc, but no Milt?!

  • Roman

    Personally, I’m still trying to figure out how to write my Broadway musical set in Termite Terrace, with Nathan Lane playing Tex Avery.

  • That pic of Art Babbitt looks more like Brad Pitt to me…

  • Ron

    Thanks so much for making a whole entry out of my silly comment Amid! I’m honored. Really. Those pictures you found are really good too.

    I agree about Christian Bale playing Milt Kahl.

    Now that I see the picture of Charles Mintz, I think maybe Michael Caine would be better.

    Also I wouldn’t say Don Swayze “committed” to the idea of playing Art Babbit, he just thought it was cool when I told him he looked like Art. Maybe he was just being polite though. :)

  • Funkybat

    This “casting call for a nonexistent Walt Movie” game is fun.

    For a 45+year-old Walt (if the film covered that period of his life) Nicolas Cage actually would make for a dead ringer! Of course, his voice and delivery would probably be too distracting, since the audience never really forgets that it’s Nic Cage onscreen no matter what the part.

    I can’t think of anyone who could “channel” Walt “Man On The Moon” style, but I’m sure it could be done by right actor.

  • Tommy Lee Jones could play Elias Disney, and haunt Walt sporadically throughout the film.

    But who’s gonna play Mickey Mouse?! Maybe Ed Helms?

  • Jorge Garrido

    JK Simmons as Friz Freleng, Sebastian Stan as Rudy Ising!

  • I’ve been playing this same game with a biopic about Jim Henson.

    Jim Henson: Jason Lee OR Ryan Gosling

    Frank Oz: David Cross

  • John

    Gary Oldman as Walt!!!

  • I think you could find someone better for Iwerks…but I can’t think of who.

  • J.M.

    My comment about Walt’s likeness with DeNiro never came up

  • For your consideration,

    Jean Dujardin

    Let me know what you think.

    • Ron

      That’s totally who I’d go with as Walt but the previous post showed Ryan Gosling as Walt. Maybe they could both play Walt if they did it like that Bob Dylan biopic a few years ago, where multiple actors all played Bob.

      Ryan Gosling could play young Walt just starting out

      Jean DuJardin could play Walt in the 30’s and 40’s

      and Kevin Kline could play Walt in the 50’s and 60’s.

      What do you think of that?