Make Your “Tangled” Box Office Predictions Make Your “Tangled” Box Office Predictions
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Make Your “Tangled” Box Office Predictions

“I believe we’ll outperform The Princess and the Frog,” says Disney worldwide theatrical distribution chief Chuck Viane. “The question is, are we Bolt? Are we Enchanted? Or are we something bigger?”

Tangled opens today in a crowded holiday frame led by the latest Harry Potter film. The Wrap wrote about the film’s box office prospects and says earning projections are in the $40 million range for the five-day Thanksgiving holiday. Share your predictions in the comments below for the FIVE-DAY holiday gross. The person who comes closest to the final total will win something courtesy of Cartoon Brew. Don’t guess the same number as somebody else otherwise the first person who guessed the number will win. (NOTE: We’re locking the predictions on Thursday night.)

UPDATE: Many Brew readers are predicting $60 million and above. You may be right. According to Deadline, anonymous sources are saying that Tangled is opening “much bigger than expected. Double the 5-day estimates of $35M to $40M.”

You know what would be interesting. If someone took ALL of the legitimate estimates in our comments and found the average. How closely would the collective response of Brew readers match the final box office total. If anybody wants to do this after we close the poll tomorrow night, let me know.

  • Having seen Tangled with a “real” audience, my guess for the 5 DAY holiday weekend will be $63 million. I think that Tangled will get very good word of mouth.

  • Tom Pope

    $52 million.

  • I predict: $55,003,001 Price Is Right style :)

  • Anonymous

    45 million.

  • Iain

    $47 or so million.

  • $42 million

  • $40 million

  • Claudio

    Well…. $67 Million it’s my guess.

  • $64 Million.. now pick me Monte.

  • snip2345

    $43.5 million

  • Shaun Lang

    Well, being Disney’s 50th animated feature and all, I’m just gonna go ahead and say $50 million

  • Stephan

    79 Million

  • Dom

    $57 Million … i guess

  • $57 million

  • $61 Million

  • $37 million

  • I’ll say $46,500,000.

  • $35.5 Million

  • $48.3 million

  • Rogelio

    $53.5 Million

  • kevin

    $53 million

  • Kevin

    $44 Million

  • Bob

    $39 million

  • If Megamind was able to pull about 47 million it’s opening weekend, for five days its bound to pull in between the 50-53 million dollar range.

  • $52 million.

  • Jen


  • Joe Heffernan

    $62.4 million – reviews are darn good so far!

  • Alisa

    $39.5 million

  • 55 Million

  • If this were The Price is Right like someone else suggested, I would have to go with $1.

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    41.5 million!

  • I predict
    $53.5 million

  • Gio

    $ 60 mill

  • Max

    I’ll low ball it at 41 million, too many movies out there. Hope it does well.

  • george


  • Thomas Hatch

    78 billion

  • Michel Van

    my gess fpr US Mark so 50 Million US Dollar over 5 days
    my predictions for World market total around 450 Million US Dollar

  • $38.5 million

  • $56 Million

  • Nicole A

    I’m going to be terrible and low ball it … I’ll say $38 mil.

  • 60.3 million dollars would be my guess

  • 66 million

  • andrew

    It’ll do better than Frog

  • $ 66 Million

  • Tom Smith

    $35 million

  • AltredEgo

    I don’t have a prediction.

    Only a comment.
    This ‘horse betting’ approach to film success is completely rampant and equally pointless. What does anyone really get if this film makes 50 or 100 million dollars? I doubt that even Disney stockholders bother doing this, but ‘fans’ do it all the time. We treat films like sports teams. We treat animators and directors like coaches and athletes. Like sports, it can become a form of pacification. We can hyper-focus on teams instead of our own lives. We learn to watch rather than participate in many cases. It is the rise of the spectator. The collector. We busy ourselves with inane trivia about who directed what and we speculate every time someone leaves one place for another. We talk about how much this film made or that film made. If a film we like makes money, we cheer and if we didn’t like it then we decry the decline of western culture and the coarsening of our civilization.
    We snipe about hoping something flops or succeeds based on our own prejudices. Yet in the end, what have we done, save for wasting valuable time? Endless opinion posts about this or that. The rise of mo-cap, the decline of 2d, and in the end what have we actually accomplished. People invested in 2d and mo-cap aren’t going to make their decisions by online fan consensus.
    In the end, all of this is pointless, including this post because the people who understand all this and agree probably had better things to do than post here in the first place. The choir is outside singing new songs.

    • amid

      AltredEgo – I think it’s safe to say you’re not going to win this contest.

    • Larry

      Quote: “What does anyone really get if this film makes 50 or 100 million dollars? I doubt that even Disney stockholders bother doing this…”

      You clearly have never worked at a studio. At every studio I’ve worked at, the executives stress out over every dollar a movie makes. At a place like Disney (after all, we’re talking about Tangled), the difference between a $50 and $100 million opening would be HUGE — it would mean more animated movies, which guarantees more jobs for more people. If a movie underperforms, it usually means sweeping changes to the development slate — movies already in production get overhauled because they want to “correct mistakes”, movies that aren’t yet in production get canned, etc.

      And of course shareholders care — the more money a movie makes, the more money they make.

      I don’t disagree that the news-cycle surrounding these box office numbers is out of hand… but the notion that shareholders don’t even pay attention to them is ludicrous.

      • AltredEgo

        To clarify, I meant that shareholders don’t come online and theorize about how much a movie might make. Obviously they care how much a movie makes because…they have actually have a stake in the company that makes it. They actually can make money from how well it does. That also goes for employees as well. From studio presidents to the guys that sweep up at the end of the day, they all have something to gain financially from a successful film. My point, I concede, was a bit sarcastic, but I was making the point that with the exception of the people who work for/own shares in the companies that make the film(s) in question, endless ‘how much money?’ posts are largely a waste of everyone’s time.

        Also, I’d like to apologize to “horse-betting”, because when you bet on horses you can actually make money.

        Oh and while I’m clarifying things, I have in fact worked for many years at several animation studios.

    • Specs

      “Yet in the end, what have we done, save for wasting valuable time?”

      We had fun? You answered your own question with the sports analogy; people obsess over data because they find enjoyment in it. Some people know every stat of a baseball or football team, and some of us know every stat of an animation company. Predicting and discussing box office results can be fun.

      Loosen up, bro!

  • $73 Million

  • All five days? Based on the beating that Megamind took from Potter and Friends, I’m guessing $58 million.

    They shouldn’t have TANGLED with Hairy Potter… I mean Harry Potter.

  • gervart

    Hmmm, does $68 MIllion sound rather high?

  • 68 million big ones (dollars)

  • DA


  • Craig

    I’ll have what AltredEgo’s having.

  • Bill

    $37.5 Million

  • $77.7 million

  • $58.3 million

  • Sérgio


  • $65 million

  • Topper

    I predict it will lose about a $140 million.

  • $32 million

  • Frank Ziegler

    (Holding pinky finger up) One hundred million dollars !

  • MMiller


  • 53,500,550

  • $29 million

  • Sarah

    $59 Million (And I’m just being optimistic)

  • Markus

    $43 million

  • MattSullivan

    31.3 million

  • Jason

    i’ll be optimistic… 63.2 million.

  • fred

    66-8 millions

  • Luke

    $65.6 Million

    It said on my first guess “Duplicate Message” if somehow this works out and I have two comments disregard this one…

  • 65.5 million.

  • I will have to say 73 million. I saw it last weekend with a live audience and I really enjoyed it. The horse did steal the scene :)

  • 73.4 million

  • Klyph


  • scott

    67.5 Million

  • Lauren

    55.5 Million

  • Alison

    30 million

  • Pundog

    $75 million!

  • mawnck

    “What does anyone really get if this film makes 50 or 100 million dollars?”

    A prize from Cartoon Brew. Didn’t you read Amid’s post?

    $69 million. Because of the smolder.

  • Adam
  • Funkybat

    I was baffled by all the “lowball” bids here, until I remembered a certain Franchise Which Must Not Be Named. Not being much of a Potter fan, or even follower, I had forgotten all about it.

    Sans HP, I would say Tangled would make $100 mil easily in the 5-day opening period. With Harry, I’d say $65-$70 is a more realistic estimate. Still a success, and sure to be strong in coming weeks as well, given the unexpectedly strong reviews I have invariably heard. At least Tangled didn’t open the same weekend as Harry Potter. I’m hoping the fanaticism that surrounds HP means that the bulk of people who HAD to see it first already went this week, and that Tangled will have a strong showing.

    Despite my aversion to crowds, I’m going to make the time to see it this weekend, to add my $10 (or $15 w/ 3D) to the BO total.

  • Seventy-two(72)million of them United States Dollars.

  • ddrknghtrtrns


  • mawnck

    “You know what would be interesting. If someone took ALL of the legitimate estimates in our comments and found the average.”

    Perhaps, but I also suspect that us later entrants may be picking numbers on the basis that nobody has called dibs on them yet. I know I did.

    That was before I saw the Deadline article, so it might have been a better estimate than I thought.

  • Sherrie

    59.5 Million!

  • sigh

    71.5 million dollars.
    You read it here first.

  • Whats the prize?
    Is it a t-shirt reading “I bought into using other peoples profit margins as a measure of value, and all I got was this lousy sequel?”
    Or is it a commemorative plaque of the exact moment when marketing strategists convinced the fan communities to stop loving art and just start quantifying it?

  • Michael Lachman

    I just saw it. It was fantastic. With the help of word of mouth I believe it can reach 73.46 million.

  • $63.3 million

    Abandonment of fairy tales being reconsidered in Disney offices.

  • Isaac

    You know what would be interesting. If someone took ALL of the legitimate estimates in our comments and found the average

    That’s easy through the magic of technology.


    Mean: 54.52 (million USD)

    The readers of CartoonBrew lowballed it, as Disney predicts it will end up in the high $60sM.

  • Simon

    Keep in mind this a 5 day holiday weekend opening, as opposed to a normal 3 day weekend opening. 5 day opening is irrelevant because it is not comparable to other film openings.

    Its like measuring how far someone can run in 10 second and timing them over 15 seconds.

    I’m predicting about a 30 million 3 DAY opening.

  • 59.4 million

  • William Skaleski

    $70 million

  • I’m going with 74 – mostly because no one else appears to have had that yet.

  • DavetheRave

    77 million on the blondie!

  • Marcos

    $ 63.321 million

  • I’m going to say 74.6 million

  • Drew-p

    My guess is low 60’s….. so i say $63 Million of which $12 will be mine.

  • Drew-p

    My guess is low 70’s….. so i say $70 Million of which $12 will be mine.

  • Drew-p

    My guess is low 70’s….. so i say $70 Million of which $12 will be mine.

  • Drew-p

    I guess $70 Million dollars. could happen.

  • Phill

    $70.5 Million

  • TinTin V.

    $59.7 million

  • MichaelDair


  • $56.1 million

  • Jonah Sidhom

    $71.1 Million.
    That’s right. $71,100,000.

  • Marlon

    “Tangled Scores Biggest Thanksgiving Weekend Opening Day Ever”

  • Ethan

    $58,475,216 and 85 cents.

  • Keith Krail

    $64.5 million for a very enjoyable film!

  • 73.3 Million

  • AdrianC.

    I’ll guess $58.7 million.

  • The Brewmasters

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    We’ll announce the winner soon.