Oswald Rabbit takes the lead in “Epic Mickey 2” Oswald Rabbit takes the lead in “Epic Mickey 2”

Oswald Rabbit takes the lead in “Epic Mickey 2”

This was just screened at Comic Con and worth a look – it’s the intro to the forthcoming Epic Mickey 2 video game, featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Gus Gremlin and a host of early 30s Disney bit players.

While we’re at it – and not to be a complete shill for the product – this promo (below) on the history of Disney’s Oswald is pretty good. Game designer Warren Spector and Disney archivist Becky Cline discuss and review the history of the character. Makes me feel good to see a 1920s cartoon star re-emerge with such fanfare in the 21st Century. The prospects for reviving Koko the Clown and Farmer Al Falfa are looking better every day.

(Thanks, Matthew Gaastra)

  • Scarabim

    First of all, I wish the game had been rendered in Meander (Paperman). The vitality and expressiveness of retro Mickey and Oswald are just nonexistent in CG.

    Secondly, I can’t say enough good things about the game’s musical score. It’s just freaking brilliant.

    As for the new game…it looks epic indeed. I liked the first game, and will certainly be picking up the second.

    And I hear that the Oswald ear hats were a huge hit at Comic Con. I do believe that Oswald’s star is indeed on the rise…

  • Kristjan Birnir

    I want go to movie theater an watch brand new Oswald cartoon!

    There seems to be no word about Hungry Hobos. When that cartoon will show up?

  • Lars Jensen

    That intro looks pretty good. And the song worked.

    > Gus Gremlin

    It’s Gremlin Gus, not Gus Gremlin.

  • A musical song number in a video game? That never happen before!

    Oh well, it’s Disney’s legacy.

    • Alissa

      Sarcasm? If not I can name a couple of games right off the top of my head that had nothing to do with Disney with musical numbers. Not counting the entire rhythm genre obviously.

      If you were sarcastic then I apologize for having a broken sarcasm detector today.

  • Looking forward to it.

  • wever

    Do they talk in this one??

  • Talita Fukumoto

    Bring back Dave Smith.

  • You’d think Disney’s own historians would know how to pronounce Ub Iwerks’ name.

  • Tim

    They do, that is how it’s pronounced.

    On a side note, I would love to see Disney make these Epic games into some Epic films, with hand drawn animation.

  • Derek

    Let’s keep Bosko the Talk Ink kid locked up though…. I somehow doubt he’d go over well today.