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Pixar’s Newt on Facebook

In case you were wondering what Pixar’s abandoned film Newt might have looked like, the official Disney-Pixar account posted an image gallery on Facebook earlier yesterday. Check it out here.

(Thanks, Keith Krail)

  • Even though we may have lost the film, props to Pixar for posting this lovely concept art as a consolation prize.

  • Toonio

    This proves that Pixar can make flops like anybody else. If they cannot fix a project(like Ratatouie) is the trash chute for it.

    Don’t know how many re-writes Toy Story & The Incredibles had but Newt surely didn’t survive the trial by fire.

    • holyduck

      There is no telling as to whether NEWT would be a flop for not. That is not the reason it got canned.

    • killskerry

      I Believe the reason Newt got canned is because it was too close in story to BlueSkys new film Rio. And they would have been released the same year.

      • doop

        And it would have also been like that “Alpha and Omega” film, which ALSO looks like Balto

  • that is so cute

  • Jody

    This actually makes me happy. I’m glad that the folks Pixar had enough common sense to just drop something instead of pushing it if it wasn’t working.

  • I heard that the storyline was too close to upcoming movies like “Alpha & Omega” and “Rio.” So maybe it’s good we don’t another movie with a similar concept. Or maybe Pixar would have shown how to do it right when the other movies fall short. Certainly I would rather see “Newt” than “Cars 2.”

    • I’m pretty sure that this is one of the main reasons why it was canned. Too many other movies coming out that look like it. Plus I notice the designs aren’t too far off from the Princess and the Frog designs.

      I wouldn’t put it past that they’ll try to pick it up later though. Like how they said Wall-E was one of the 1st ideas they pitched to do movies of, but it came so much later down the road. Financially they might feel they can get the right audience with Sequels but if they need to wait before they can do another project like this then I say it’s a good move.

      I would like to see just what non-sequel movie we’re going to get next though.

      • keithlango

        “Plus I notice the designs aren’t too far off from the Princess and the Frog designs.”

        Maybe it’s time to expand the creative gene pool? Delicious irony, considering the premise behind the film. heh.

  • Matt Sullivan

    You can only do so many talking animal films with the same story…

  • Erin

    While some of it is very much the standard CGI fare (some of the facial designs, while well done, don’t stand out), I think the environment and some of the stray elements could still make for a good film. Scrap the plot, newt romance would probably just come off as cheesy. Make it mostly “voiceless”, a la Wall-E, and shift the focus to maybe the researchers of these animals and what they’re struggle is trying to preserve this environment. The animals speak for themselves simply through their actions and environment, they don’t need to talk.

    That one picture of the snake slinking around the slightly see-through fallen leaf is striking. You got this little microcosm that’s just fascinating on its own. Hopefully they’ll dig this up again in the future and reevaluate the elements. Some good stuff there, just not all of it.

  • Looks like cool stuff but development art always looks enticing.

    This film was set to come out next year and it’s canceled now? That’s gotta hurt.

    Maybe they could do a Newt Golden Book.

  • The artwork is really beautiful, but the newt characters and the plot aren’t hugely appealing to me – of course, I felt that way about Up at first too. Personally I agree with the comment that it may look too much like The Princess and the Frog. I couldn’t figure out why exactly the concept art seemed so familiar/repetitive until someone else pointed it out.

  • C-note

    Did Teddy NEWTon work on this?

    Eh? Eh?


    • Jim M.

      Give this man a prize for pun of the Month.

  • Scarabim

    Frogs and newts aren’t cute enough to carry a picture.

    And yes, that includes Kermit, unless Jim Henson himself is pulling the strings.

    • w

      Fred Quimby! I thought you retired!?

  • PoisonFoot

    I hope one day they revisit this idea. If for no other reason then the potential beauty and atmosphere of a forest floor, or edge of a stream from the POV of a little salamander

    I wonder if marketability was a factor in the shelving of this film. Romantic comedies aren’t big with kids and icky sticky amphibians don’t always make the best merchandise.

  • This gives me hope that Cars 2 could possibly get canned as well. No-one I know wants to see it, but i heard the first Cars made billions of dollars in plastic-crap merchandising. I guess that earning power gives Pixar the clout to make their more creative films.

    I second the Newt Golden Book request! I’ve got a nice lil collection of Pixar Golden Books and this would sit nicely with them.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    It looked good. Pity it was scrapped. I wonder who John Ratzenberger would have voiced?

  • Tobias Lind

    I hope that they do a “Art of Newt” book with “cancelled” stamped onto it.

    Seriously, all the great art+story+anectodes could still be a great book.

  • Too many pictures with too-similar themes coming out too closely seems to be a recurring Hollywood phenomenon.

    Has anyone really explored why this happens?

  • This isn’t the first production to ever get canned and it certainly won’t be the last. I don’t understand how people can get so attached to something they really don’t know much about, and have only seen some concept art and designs for. Sure, the art is beautiful, sure the idea in concept would have been a hit – but nobody really knows for sure…. I wish people would stop complaining (not necessarily on this board, but I’ve seen so many whiners about this film on other websites) and just get over it. It happens all the time.

    Also, I am STOKED for Cars 2.

  • No way in hell “Cars2” is ever gonna get cancelled.

    Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

  • Steiglitz

    John Ratzenberger would have voiced ALL the characters, a severe case of Nelson Eddy envy.

  • I guess this clears the decks for “Cars 2” and “Monsters Inc 2”? Ugh.

  • Perhaps these image postings are Disney/Pixar getting a read on audience reaction? They haven’t made a big to-do about other canned pictures?

  • Alli

    I think I just figured out why this film was canceled.