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TODAY IN SF: Meet “Bambi” Art Director Tyrus Wong!

Tyrus Wong

The legendary Tyrus Wong, who art directed Bambi among countless other accomplishments and who is one hundred years young, was hanging out at Pixar yesterday. Here are some impressions of his visit as tweeted by Pixar artists:

Today I shook Tyrus Wong’s hand and listened to his many stories. He’s got 100yrs worth of them! His secret to a long life: sense of humour! – Daniela Strijleva

You know it’s a great day when Tyrus Wong’s hanging out, chatting on the patio. I wish Maurice was here, too. – Scott Morse

Tyrus Wong is 100 yrs old & looks AMAZING ! He is so impressed by the studio he asked for a job ! – Matt Jones

Today, the rumor is that he’ll make an appearance at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, though they haven’t officially announced it. The museum is hosting a lecture at 3pm called “The Art of Tyrus Wong” with historian Charles Solomon, and production designers Ralph Eggleston (WALL·E, Finding Nemo) and Paul Felix (Lilo & Stitch, The Emperor’s New Groove). I imagine that’s the event Ty will appear at, but even if he doesn’t, it still sounds like a terrific presentation. I’d recommend purchasing an on-line ticket before showing up because it’s probably going to be a sell out.

  • Nancy Beiman

    Some of our students interning at Pixar were lucky enough to meet Tyrus Wong. I met him when he was a mere lad of ninety. Congratulations to all, and bless you, Mr. Wong…

  • I gotcha beat, Nancy. I met Mr. Wong in Burbank near the Walt Disney studio when he was a mere child in his seventies.

    Now that I’m seventy five, I realize I’m still just a kid.

  • Wow, he does look great! Not a day past 75, really. Amazing.

    Bambi is my favorite Disney film, and Tyrus Wong’s expressive artwork greatly influenced the films’ unique, emotional depiction of nature.

  • 2011 Adult

    Wong: “Ha ha ha wow you guys are so friendly and talented!

    Pixar: “Ha ha ha!”

    Wong: “Ha ha ha I’d love to work here!”

    Pixar: “Ha ha ha n… naaaaaaaaah. …nah.”

    Wong: “Ha ha ha!”

  • Harry McCracken

    I attended and enjoyed the event. Ty was there–he sat in the front row and took some bows (and looked amazing) . And while he didn’t participate in the panel, it still felt good to have him in the room.

  • bob kurtz

    that’s great! tyrus just keeps on ticking and we are all better for that.

  • Matt Jones

    As Daniela tweeted Tyrus said his secret to longevity was to have a sense of humour; to laugh and to not hold grudges . . .