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An Unlikely Source Has Confirmed That Disney Is Making A ‘Zootopia’ Sequel

A Zootopia sequel is not a matter of if, but when. And it looks like it may happen sooner than expected.

News has leaked that Disney is actively engaged in the development of a Zootopia sequel. It was made public last month in an overlooked British interview with actor Mark Smith who voiced the bit part of the rhino, Officer Mchorn.

In a profile in The Sun piece, a reporter wrote that “[Smith] confirmed he will reprise his role of Officer McHorn in the upcoming Zootopia sequel.”

Smith, a British bodybuilder, had formerly been a castmember of Gladiators, the British spin-off of American Gladiators, and his Gladiator name was Rhino, which made his casting in Zootopia an Easter egg of sorts.

This Zootopia sequel was leaked in similar fashion to news of the Wreck-It Ralph sequel, which was first revealed in 2015 by actor John C. Reilly in a news story that appeared in Irish papers.

Disney hasn’t officially announced the Zootopia sequel, but based on their upcoming release schedule, a Zootopia sequel looks possible in 2021 or beyond.

  • Austin

    I still find it dubious. Would it really be leaked by someone who played such a minor role in the first one?

    Jason Bateman says he hasn’t heard of a sequel.

    • Ryan Cullen

      Jason Bateman may be hustling us, though.

    • ParryL

      If he’s in contract, makes sense

  • Jacob D Johnston

    Already figured it was just a matter of time. The movie was so successful, it would be foolish NOT to make a sequel!

  • Strong Enough

    i can also confirm it is called Tootopia and it will deal with immigration from the island of Tootopia which is a city filled with flying animals

    • ParryL

      Powered by toots

    • Axolotl

      Shouldn’t it be ZOO2PIA? I want to see some birds, bats and insects, though!

  • Frank Coufal

    I’d gladly pay to see one!

  • JamScoBal

    Wasn’t it confirmed before with something to do with Judy Hopps parents?

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I’m very happy to hear this!

  • Elsi Pote

    Well, racial clashes will still be relevant in 2021 if you ask me.

    Welcome to Zootopia 2: the hare and the furrious.

  • God Monkey Abu

    Honestly this has already made the rounds in the Zootopia fandom over a month ago and has since been found to be largely baseless.

    1. Byron Howard is already confirmed to be busy with another project with Lin-Manuel.

    2. Rich Moore has said there have been no developments on a sequel thus far.

    Mark Smith was most likely referring to the fact that he would definitely reprise his role should there be a sequel.

    • Dante Panora

      Well when were those statements given? It is possible they were told by Disney to keep quiet for a little while longer, maybe Mark Smith didn’t get the memo. Although it’s also possible it’s just an announcement within the studio that they will start production in due time.

      • God Monkey Abu

        Obviously the go-to denial of this evidence is “NDA” but the creators would more than likely outright say “we can’t discuss it” or ignore questions pertaining to its existence than lie.

        Rich tweeted not even a month ago there was no news to report in regards to a sequel, and Byron is in the early stages of another project that will take at least another 4-5 years.. Byron expressed interest in doing a sequel so one is unlikely to happen without him.

  • Dante Panora

    I wonder if it’s possible this sequel will be handled without Bryon and Rich given how they said they had no plans to work on a sequel.

    • That’ll be interesting to see who gets a crack at it this time.

  • CuriousUser

    Would love it for there to be a Sequel to Zootopia sometime. They should also do one for Brave and Inside Out. Maybe this Sequel could show off other cities populated by Birds and Reptiles and such.

  • Jack Newman

    Hope Disney doesn’t delay Gigantic again for this.

  • HN

    This is great news. I’m wondering why they haven’t announced a sequel. The film was so successful, made $1.23 billion and won so many Best Animated Feature awards including the Oscars. If this was produced by any other studios (I’m looking at you Illumination, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers Animation, and Blue Sky Studios), they will immediately announce a sequel.

    Next should be an announcement of a sequel to their Nemo/Dory franchise. I’m thinking of maybe a spinoff movie for Gerald the sealion and his adventures with Fluke and Rudder. I’m not that interested in Hank the Octopus. I think children won’t be very interested in an octopus movie. At least sealions are cute-looking.

  • Gagaman

    The real mind blowing thing for me is the fact that the Rhino cop is played by Rhino from the UK Gladiators. I grew up with that show on haha.

    • It’s fun thinking of those easter eggs that are in the film for those who just realized why they put them in there in the end. I wouldn’t have thought of McHorn’s VA having been called “Rhino” simply because of it’s UK origins, being obscure to the rest of the world (much in the way they used Canadian news anchor Peter Mansbridge to fill the role of a moose achor too).

  • Fluffydips

    There’s so much they could do it would be stupid not to, and the first one made a freaking billion dollars.

  • CuriousUser

    Think a Sequel had been Confirmed to be in the Works a few months ago: https://apple.news/Ab-DeYudVTnGpKai0IJmP1Q

  • We know Disney is planning (and was going to plan) a sequel to Zootopia. That’s not news.

    The date for the film, now that’s where it’s worth talking an update.

  • ThatGuy

    They better name it Zoo2pia

    • Be interesting if they do. Somehow I kinda picture a sly bit of fun with them using Nick’s paw making the “2” sign as a possible inclusion in the name.

  • I liked it when Disney DIDN’T make sequels internally. The rare sequels they did like Rescuers Down Under and Fantasia 2000 were the exception, not the rule.