Ward Kimball on The Tomorrow Show Ward Kimball on The Tomorrow Show
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Ward Kimball on The Tomorrow Show

As an addendum to our posts on Ward Kimball (can we ever post enough about Kimball?), our pal Don Brockway (Psst, check out his webpage devoted to Disney voice actress Kathryn Beaumont) is posting on YouTube a rare 1978 broadcast of Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show, shot on location at Grizzly Flats!

Don writes:

Like many of your readers, I was saddened to hear that Grizzly Flats is no more. Something I’ve held onto, since the beginning of time, is a tape of this broadcast. I recorded it on ¾� video at the time, and it’s one of my favorite shows. When I took my old ¾� U-matic in to be serviced, my buddy behind the counter said, “Who gave you this, Fred Flintstone?� But he managed to get it working again, and I was able to salvage the program.

I’m posting the entire 45 minute show (editing out commercials) a piece at a time. It may take a couple of days. But I want to share this great show with everybody; it’s an excellent tribute to Ward and to Grizzly Flats.

We agree. Below are all seven videos of the program that Don has graciously posted onto YouTube.

  • don –

    i’d be happy to burn a DVD from your 3/4″. we’re all set up to work with scads of formats – even Selectavision !

    lemme know, j.j.

  • LNG

    The very end of the Snyder interview is the best, when Ward comically ‘turns’ on the host. Ward Kimball knew all about good end buttons.

  • Micah

    What a kick!

    Best advice in the world: keep that childlike feeling of fun!

    Thanks for that wonderful post.

  • Wonderful stuff! Classic Ward Kimball. I smiled throughout all 7 videos. Thanks for posting it here.

  • I thought I was the only one who kept a 3/4″ deck – still have it in my entertainment center… :)