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A Reason to Buy “Mater’s Tall Tales”

Mater's Tall Tales

Scott Morse, a story artist at Pixar, shares a reason that aspiring artists may want to buy the new Disney DVD released last week Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales:

You’ll find “Unmade Tales” in the special features section, and if you’re brave enough to click on BACKWARDS TO THE FORWARDS, you’ll find…me. Pitching storyboards for an unmade short. It’s a rare look at what actual working storyboards at Pixar kind of look like. This whole “Unmade Tales” section is a rare look at board artists pitching, too. If “story” is something you’re hoping to get into eventually, it’s a nice thing to check out, just as a heads-up on how we do it.

  • Do I really have to give my hard-earned money to Larry the Cable Guy in order to see this?

    • amid

      Or to the hundreds of artists, including Scott Morse, whose salaries are also dependent on the films that Pixar makes. It’s fine to not want the dvd, but making comments like the one above adds nothing of value to the discussion.

      • Ethan

        I’d like to know who gets paid more…because I know who deserves more…

  • Who needs reasons to buy Pixar Blu-rays? Even short film collections like this are day one purchases for me if it’s from Pixar.

    • Corny

      i don’t think they’ve ever released a short film collection like this one… in the old days these “short films” would have been called “dvd bonus features”, i think comparing these with the other pixar shorts is an insult to the legacy of Pixar’s original short film series (sorry, amid, but, just because artists get paid from the sale of something doesn’t mean it should be bought. to me, buying this is a vote for more sequels and watered down Pixar products. from reviews i’ve read, this is less than a half hour of finished animated product, in which they didn’t even cough up the cash for the voice talent from Marmaduke.. i’m pretty sure most of those pixar artists would appreciate the general population’s demand for more original product from the their studio).. if you loved the Cars movie and can’t wait for the new movie next summer, or if you’re a parent that wants something to put in front of your kids that doesn’t last too long, then i guess this is the dvd for you!

      • The Gee

        More products can mean more work for people. It might be Golden Books illustration, product illustration or more animation. Sure, some of it might be done in Vancouver but it leads to more people working.

        A lot of people complain about the Looney Tunes characters being trashed or not used or something. But, as franchises go, they keep artists (somewhere) working (somehow). So perhaps cutting some slack for stuff like this, or even the worst of CGI movie adaptations–for instance, “Yogi Bear”, might be be good.

        Again, for some of us, it is about working. Obviously, there’s always the chance that some channels are filled with people who are going to be doing that work but I’d rather know that collateral, and extra material is being made rather than not.

        But, that might just be me who is being so kind. I realize not everyone looks at it like that. Maybe they are better off for their perspective. I don’t know. But, I think the idea of more work is a good thing to consider.

        If not for me for someone who has the chops, the connections the passion to make something….if anything it will lead to more opportunities down the road for them.

  • Keith Krail

    I hadn’t seen a few of these shorts yet, and the ones that I had seen were pretty enjoyable. I am definitely looking forward to hearing more about the story process that went into their creation.

  • Bob Harper

    Luckily I had another reason to buy this, as my son is a Cars addict. He watched all the shorts last night and we forgot to turn off the dvd, and then all of those behind the scenes extras came on. It is a definite for anyone who wants to see how to pitch a short or apply boards to their animation and so on. For TV animated shorts these have the best production quality, by far. They all still have the feel of the movie.

  • Mark

    Corny–it’s obvious you haven’t seen these shorts—they’re really funny, well directed, and never wear out their welcome. Pixar’s still making their other short films, but this series is no different than any other studio supporting their characters through projects like these.

    And they look and sound great on Blu-Ray, too. Maybe a little overpriced for the length of content, but more entertaining than a WHOLE LOT of full length features for the same price.

  • Blasko

    I’m certainly skeptical of Pixar’s push towards their sequels and franchises (that used to be a dirty word at Pixar, according to an older Wired article on the studio), BUT these shorts are very well made.

    On another note, its kinda funny that Mater is called “Hooks” on the German DVD cover. I guess “Mater” is a hard word to translate … even in english, now that I think of it.

  • Yes, these shorts are great…I’ve been waiting so long for them to finally be all collected….and in high def finally!

    I cannot wait for Cars 2 either!

  • Toonio

    Even better is the feature on story structure on the Toy Story 3 Blue Ray extra features disc *cough* Hero’s Journey *cough*.

    Despite the Disney attitude on selling every piece and bit of a franchise. Pixar culture somehow survives by sharing their experiences kudos for them.

  • Kyle Maloney

    I support Pixar’s endeavor into new shorts like things, its just, well I just haven’t really dug the ones based on Cars too much. I think I’m just turned off to the whole universe. Now, the upcoming Toy Story Toons is something I can definitely get behind. I’d buy that in a heartbeat. But a blu ray for that could still be 2 years out.

  • Mark

    This whole blu-ray should’ve been extras on the Cars 2 blu-ray, not a seperate release, and certainly not for this price.

  • dr. truth

    I’m sorry, I have to confess this. I’m a die hard pixar fanatic, they are my favorite animation studio of all time…but i absoltuley LOATH mater!!! mater is the jar jar binks of the pixar universe. it’s a pathetic sell out character that makes me wince in sheer horror for my heroes at pixar. i mean, c’mon!!! mater is the opposite of what everything a pixar leading character stands for!!
    a good ol boy!!!!?? sorry, i watch pixar movies and get behind pixar characters to GET AWAY from that nascar, bible belt, blue collar, cmt horse crap. what a sell out!!! seriously!! does anyone feel the same way?

  • James E. Parten

    Opinions are like–er, tailpipes. Everybody has one!
    Even “Dr. Truth”!

    That said, there is much to like about the “Mater’s Tall Tales” series–although they do get a little wearying when watched one after the other.

    First off, they are funny! And in a day and age when merely being funny is not seen as a virtue, that’s saying something!

    And there are some clever details, some of which would go over the heads of some of the audience. Look at the backgrounds of “Tokyo Mater”. Listen for the priest in the bulldozer-fighting episode.

  • Joe

    I think Dr. Truth forgot to take his (or her) meds…

    Anywho, watching these recently actually got me a bit more interested in seeing the Cars 2 feature. Despite my general apathy of the Cars universe, there are some genuinely funny moments in these little shorts, and its oddly engaging to see Lightning McQueen play more of a straight guy/fall guy to the Mater hijinks.

    The Cars 2 teaser suggest a very similar buddy-movie dynamic more strongly geared toward comedy