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Watch: Five ‘Song of the Sea’ Animator Reels

The Irish hand-drawn feature Song of the Sea, directed by Tomm Moore, premiered in 2014, but only recently have some of the film’s animators began posting their reels online.

One of the animators who posted his reel, Geoff King, noted that his quota was 1-1/2 to 2 seconds of animation per day. Most of the animators who have posted these reels appear to be drawing in TVPaint software.

Reels of this kind aren’t available for the vast amounts of hand-drawn animation produced nowadays (for example, TV shows that are animated in Asia), so it’s commendable that Cartoon Saloon has allowed these reels to be shared publicly, allowing the public an insight into how the animators planned their scenes and the variety of approaches they took to animating the same characters.

Watch them all below:

Victor Ens
Slaven Reese
Ole Christian Løken
Geoff King
Danas Berznitsky
  • Marc Hendry

    Beautiful work on a very special film. If any of these animators are reading- well done, you’re great!

  • j____l


  • Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart

    I know at least as many talented women who have worked as animators on Song of the Sea… I would have loved to see their work as well!

    • AmidAmidi

      This isn’t a collection of every animator who worked on the film. It’s a collection of every animator who worked on the film who posted their reel online that we knew about. If you know of other reels posted online, please share the links.

      • Marc Hendry

        Oh, I know somebody who worked on it, although her reel isn’t exclusively Song of the Sea stuff

        • AmidAmidi

          Thanks for sharing this artist’s work. Assistant animation/inbetweening is important work, obviously, but the theme of this post was animator’s reels from the film.

      • Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart

        Oh yes sure, I noticed these were the only reels online, and you mentionned it in the article. I was just wondering why the discrepancy was occurring, and hoping that the missing animators would feel motivated to post their own reel for everyone’s delight.