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ASIFA-East Animation Festival Winners


The winners were announced last night at the 40th annual ASIFA-East Animation Festival. The top Best in Show prize was awarded to the short film Q&A by the Rauch Brothers, comprised of brothers Tim and Mike. The film, which also competes in Annecy next month, is a gentle, funny and touching real-life conversation between a child with Asperger’s Syndrome and his mother. The other prize-winning film that really stood out for me was the Nullsleep music video “Dirty Rom Dance” created by Plasticflesh (aka Stieg Retlin). The 8-bit artwork style is dime-a-dozen nowadays which makes it all the more rare to see somebody take that visual approach and do something truly original and inventive with it. The video won for Excellence in Soundtrack, a dubious compliment in my opinion; the video game-y music is fine but it was the filmmaker’s pitch-perfect melding of hyperkinetic imagery with sound that truly made this film stand out, not to mention the incredible design and storytelling delivered via a limited palette. Neither Q&A nor “Dirty Rom Dance” are available on-line but keep an eye out for both of them.

Dirty Rom Dance
  • i’ll get that DRD bad boy online soon…thanks for the good words!

  • Congrats again, Tim and Mike! Looking forward to seeing “Q&A” in its entirety. Also really curious about “Dirty Rom Dance”.

  • “Dirty Rom Dance” was awesome in the fullest sense of the word. It’s the kind of thing I could watch 100 times and still get a rush.

  • Andrew

    This event was awesome! The after-party was hectic to get into though- they might wanna look into that. I loved a lot of the films, and it was great seeing old faces.

  • christy

    anyone have a link to Nullsleep music video “Dirty Rom Dance” ? i cant find it online-would love to check it out

  • amid once again showing his ignorance. i love nullsleep. 8bitpeoples.com is a great website with some fantastic chiptunes. for anyone who doesn’t know, chiptunes are created with classic video game hardware (atari, NES gameboys, etc) and often treated with modern tech to create new sounds and music. there’s an entire slew of the stuff that’s really creative and fun to listen to. anyone into video games should give it a shot.

    i havent seen the video for “dirty rom dance”, but i’m sure it matches nullseep’s music very well.

  • Frank – I’m curious to know what Amid is being ignorant about here.
    I think he’s being complimentary.