Comic Con Followup: Looney Tunes Buttons Comic Con Followup: Looney Tunes Buttons

Comic Con Followup: Looney Tunes Buttons

These mysterious Looney Tunes promotional buttons were handed out, one per day, at the DC Comics booth during the San Diego Comic Con. I say “mysterious” because (a) they were handed out at an obscure corner of the booth by (b) people who weren’t sure they had them (I had to request one each day) and (c) no one seemed to know what exactly these buttons were promoting. DC certainly has no new plans for expanding its Looney Tunes comic book – so why were these produced? The images chosen for these buttons were certainly an odd lot. Number 1 and 5 are nice shots of Bugs and the Road Runner. But number 2 and 3 show characters in peril and button 4 is an indecipherable image of the Tazmanian Devil in mid-spin. As I said, a mystery – but I was happy to snag them.

The Comic Con was, as it has been for the last several years, an overwhelming, overbearing sensory overload. The original convention (i.e. mainly Mark Evanier’s panels, the Harvey and Inkpot awards , the masquerade and the parties) is still there – buried under the Hollywood machine which has moved in and pretty much taken over. Personally, I had a relatively good time, despite almost losing my voice (due to talking) on Friday.

One reason I lost my voice was due to the two book signings and three on-camera intereviews I did during the show. You can see one of these here on MSN (better yet, try here). I was promoting my WORST CARTOONS EVER presentation which is now available for sale as legal DVD (If you are interested in a limited DVD of the actual cartoons I showed at the 2008 Comic Con show write to me at I’ll be posting about some more of the stuff I found as I unpack and unwind over the next few days.

  • Tisher

    Looney Tunes merchandise with artwork actually from the films? What a novel idea.

  • Chuck R.

    Tisher —amen! Number 3 (with tweety and Sylvester’s claws) is excellent!

  • Mat

    Uh oh! If DC are handing out buttons like this, I wonder who they plan to kill off? The last time they handed out promotional buttons for characters it was for Countdown. Maybe we’ll find poor old Granny chopped up and stuck in a refridgerator in the next Looney Tunes comic book? Maybe they plan on changing the name of the book to Infinite Looney-ness? Maybe Elmer Fudd is going to torture Bugs with a cordless power drill?

  • KrisBoban

    What a bummer, I had no idea about these buttons!

    Loved this year’s Worst Cartoons Ever!!! But too bad Spike’s screening didn’t go over as well as yours…

  • Brett Douglas

    Why don’t they just publish the Looney Tunes books using Dave Alvarez’ work? Why are they not using him in the books anymore?

  • This is maybe for another thread, but I second Brett Douglas’s question, what did happen to Dave Alvarez? I really like his funny drawings. I hope he will come back to the Looney Tunes comic book soon.

  • George

    Hey Jerry,

    First, let me say it was a pleasure meeting you at the Con, and thanks so much for signing my book!

    Concerning the Looney Tunes buttons, DC has been handing out a set of these for the last 3 years now (including this one), and each year it’s the same thing, very secretive, you go to the booth and nobody knows what you’re talking about, until you find just the right person. 2006 and 2007 sets were round buttons as opposed to this years square ones.

    In 2006 the buttons also featured scenes from specific episodes, but were definitely a promotional tool for the DC Direct Looney Tunes Figures, as the scenes coincide with figure sets.

    2007 were the coolest ones of all, and again I’m missing one (preview night I believe). They’re all labeled as “Vintage Tunes” and are character specific, Tweety being the coolest as he’s wearing a helmet and is standing atop a tank. They all have a really nice urban art feel to them.

    I missed out on this years set completely, which is disappointing. Let me know if you’d like to see pics of the pins from years past.

  • Chuck R.

    “Let me know if you’d like to see pics of the pins from years past.”

    Yes!….um, does my vote count?
    Jerry, Is it possible to append the original post with more pics?

  • Bryan

    Actually I think that’s Mrs. Devil in #4.

  • K.Borcz

    Oh those are cool buttons. I only managed to snag the standard superhero badges. Those would have been much cooler.

    It was nice to meet you in person!

  • George

    I’ll send the pics to Jerry.

  • George sent in these pics (below) of the 2006 and 2007 Comic Con Looney Tunes buttons. Click on picture to enlarge image (he never got the Preview Night #1 pins for either Con):

  • Chuck R.

    Thanks for sharing, George and Jerry!
    I love the tanker Tweety (’07) and the Wile E. in his prime (’06)!

  • Nat

    Hi there,
    Missing buttons are
    2007 – Taz – which I’m missing
    2006 – Bugs at Bat