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Gene Deitch in LA July 6th

An early heads up on my next CineFamily/Silent Movie Theatre screening next month. Animation director, cartoonist, creator of Tom Terrific and father of Kim and Simon (pictured above), Gene Deitch will join us in person for a screening of rareties from Terrytoons, UPA, his commercials, his award winning short films – and yes, we’ll have him explain his Popeye, Krazy Kat and Tom & Jerry cartoons.

As you know Deitch lives in Prague, Czech Republic, and rarely visits L.A. — so don’t miss this rare one-of-a-kind evening of amazing animation with a living legend. More details when I post about this again later this month. Yes, you can reserve tickets now. If you live in L.A. you should not miss this show.

  • Stephen

    LA…drat. I’m on the East Coast. Why couldn’t it have been New York?

  • I’m going to be in Burbank that week. Maybe I can make it.

  • i’m a little confused on the date…
    the link says that it’s on 6/7…
    which was yesterday…

  • mr. warburton – The actual date of the Deitch screening/appearance is Tuesday July 6th. I’ll alert the theatre to fix the date on their website.

  • Christopher Cook

    Wish I could be there. Bill Weiss (Terrytoons chief) didn’t know a good thing when he had it.

  • Oh Man! I will try and be present w/ bells on. Awesome.

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    Oh, I’m envious! I will say that the short disk of Deitch independent cartoons really helped me to better understand and appreciate his work. I hope that, someday, perhaps Warner Brothers could be persuaded to reissue that disk and also include all the TOM & JERRY cartoons since there are currently *NO* TOM & JERRY titles that include the Deitch cartoons. It is actually a shame that Gene Deitch never came up with a one shot title or two when working on the MGM TOM & JERRY series. If he had done that, I think that those who were scratching their heads over the T&J series would have a better idea of waht he might have been aiming for. Knowing his association with Terrytoons, I sort of understood the TOM & JERRY cartoons, and I even recognized the voice over talents of Alan Swift throughout the series. I now find them interesting and not as irritating as some people might find them.

  • Thanks for this post. Should be good!

  • You guys are spoiled rotten, you know that, right?
    Rotten to the core!
    I wish there was a DVD release of Tom Terrific, but I don’t know if any even survive….

  • Diana, ask Jerry about the Tom Terrific series. He might have some info about that.

    As for me, I just reserved tickets for the event. Can’t wait to see Gene in person.

  • How i’d LOVE to be in LA for this.. *Sigh

    I’m reading Terrible Thomson right now and with every beautifully drawn page i read, makes me want to JUMP to my table and DRAW!

    Gene IS inspiration.