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This Sunday in London: Spend The Afternoon with Richard Williams

This Sunday at the BFI Southbank in London, the British Film Institute, in association with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, will present the UK/European premiere of the reconstructed work print of Richard Williams’ The Thief and the Cobbler. Williams will discuss the film afterward with film critic David Robinson.

The screening is unfortunately sold out, but earlier that afternoon, the BFI will also screen Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Williams will be present for a Q&A following that screening as well, and there are still tickets available.

  • Hopeful

    Here’s hoping we may eventually get a Blu-ray release of the reconstructed workprint!

  • Ignoranimus

    Interesting. I wonder what this means for Garrett Gilchrist’s “The Recobbled Cut”.

  • MRkid

    My hero!

  • James VanDam

    Awesome, now if only I could find the means to make it to London.

    • Teddy

      Because most of the movie was made in London, mayyybe ?

      • Max C.

        I don’t think you read that comment correctly…

  • elliot Lobell

    you’d think all the cool things would happen in NY….but they all happen everywhere except NY :(

  • Max C.

    I’ll be attending; this takes place on my birthday. They picked the right day for this. :D

  • Teddy

    Assuming that he’ll be able to obtain a copy of this workprint, and that’s not quite sure right now. Garrett was there at the Los Angeles screening :

    • Mesterius

      I doubt Garrett will be able to get hold of a copy of this high-def workprint, that’s not what I meant. I’m just talking about any potential impressions resulting from his viewing this high-quality workprint. As far as I know he’s going to the screening on Sunday.

  • Ken Coleman

    It is a “dupe” or a print of the film just prior to it being taken out of Williams’ hands, so it is as close to his original vision as we are likely to see. The quality of the print varies, and from the storyboards used to fill in between the magnificent animated segments one can see just how much more he had to animate before the deadline. I saw it here in LA last December at a similar event; as always the animation is amazing, but story left much to be desired. Doubt it would have been a big hit even if he had completed it himself. I think a more likely reason for the dupe to turn up is as a response to the excellent documentary “Persistence of Vision” about the history of the film’s creation. Two sides to the same fascinating coin.

    • *

      A very reliable source (who I don’t want to name since it’s not my place to do so but he worked *very* closely with Williams on The Thief) told me that Williams intended to cut the workprint version of the film, and edit it down to make it far tighter than the versions currently doing the rounds.
      Both the workprint and Recobbled cuts – as interesting as they are – are not indicative of how the final film might have been. Williams approached it more from a live action POV and was creating extra footage to trim down at a later date.
      It’s interesting how this side of the story never really surfaces…

  • ed

    I hope it gets finished and released on DVD/BR, like Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut

  • Richard Gadd

    Am goin this sunday – really looking forwards to it. It sold out rather quickly – I booked on the 2nd day and there were only a handful of tickets left then. Will be about the 3rd time I have seen bits of the theif at the BFI – Richard Williams did a couple of presentations there back in the 90s (back in the days when it was still an ongoing project – and back in the days that the BFI was the NFT..) – one of which if my memory serves featuring him interviewing Art Babbitt on stage.

  • MiniMation

    I just booked myself a seat this morning, along with the earlier screening of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

    Contrary to the above article, there are now seats available again for The Thief and the Cobbler, though very few admittedly. Act fast! Tomorrow is going to be a treat.

  • Mark Owen