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Another Megamind trailer

Another week, another Megamind trailer.

  • tonma

    I just don’t get this flick, so the hero is not really dead now? The fact that the villian defeats the hero early in the movie and and dealing with having no nemesis was the one thing I found interesting about it, now I don’t know…

    Now, is it just me or the girl’s design looks weird? she has a really tiny jaw, and as usual as that is in female cartoon design, it still looks a bit odd in this case, I don’t think she looks good at all…

    …then again maybe just me….

    • tonma

      sorry about the many mistakes, I hit go before checking again…. :(

  • this movie could have been really great if they had just kept all the PLOT POINTS OUT OF THE TRAILERS.

    Whats the point of going to see a movie with lots of twists when the trailer tells you everything that happens before hand!

    So much…RAGE.

    • CJ

      I agree with you.

      When I read the plot from a while back, which was being purposefully vague, it seemed awesome. However, they keep ruining the movie and taking out the surprises by…. well – doing what you said.

    • Karen

      “ this movie could have been really great if they had just kept all the PLOT POINTS OUT OF THE TRAILERS.”

      How would that made t he movie “really great?” I don’t like them doing it either, but it’s not uncommon–and it won’t make the movie any better or worse.

      • killskerry about this.

        Trailer- Opens on little boy looking up at Bruce Willis.

        Boy- I see dead people…
        ~montage of movie images~
        Boy-……..and your one of them.

        ~Fade out~

        Ruined movie.

        I never would have guessed that the main superhero faked his own death without the trailers. They ruined what would have been a perfectly good plot twist completely. They also ruined the whole suprise of the good guy getting killed right away. Think of all the people going to see this expecting to see a hilarious romp between the two characters and the good guy dying after 10 minutes of screentime.

        That would have been FUN. UNEXPECTED. even NEW! Maybe shake up the comatose parents a little bit.
        But no. They blew.


  • I get what you are saying. Her design just looks…off? I am actually COMPLETELY torn between liking it or hating it. It’s different…but i don’r know.
    Overall, I would like to say it looks bad but from what I have seen I’d rather watch this than “tangled”

  • why would they explain the whole plot like that? I was annoyed that they showed that the nerdy cameraman was the bad guy at the end of the last trailer. Do they think we’re going to walk out if we get surprised in theaters?

  • So… I guess we’ve seen the whole movie now. Cool.

  • A movie full of gags and pop humor, we can go to almost any movie and see those things. Seems to have shallow characters and now we can see what the storyline is going to be. Why should I spend my money to see something that has been done a million times before?

  • Yeah, it seems like a different story every time. And they are giving away big spoilers apparently. If they think nobody is going to watch the three trailers they should think again cause it seems that they are ruining all the surprises.

  • FP

    It might be good. I’ll watch it. I liked MONSTER VS ALIENS.
    But [b]MEGAMIND[/b] looks like almost EVERY OTHER CG MOVIE.
    Bright colors in broad daylight.
    That’s disappointing.

  • Chris S

    I can’t wait for this to come out on NETFLIX!!!

  • Alissa

    Looks better than the Tangled trailers I’ve seen that’s for sure…

  • Jabberwocky

    I loved the initial concept–of another survivor alien besides Superman, I mean *cough* Metroman– because Superman is pretty lame, but spoofs are always fun. I wasn’t convinced Dreamworks would handle it well, though, because most of their movies could use a LOT more subtlety and far fewer pop culture jokes that will be old in ten years. This trailer makes me more interested, but really, they need to not give away the entire movie. :/

    • joe micallef

      One thing about pop culture references: Mad Magazine is all about pop culture references. I still enjoy reading old issues (especially from the 70s)… the jokes have a certain longevity even though the pop culture is fading away.

      • There are two types of poculture reference jokes. One is based on humour, not on the reference itself, and uses popculture just as a subject of the actual joke (being it brief or more elaborate), and it’s generally a comment on something. The other one is just thinking that the fact that you mention something from popculture in a film will make a hilarious joke.

      • my point being: Dreamworks mostly can’t do the first kind, so they could at least give up on the latter.

    • Andrew Kieswetter

      I agree. I’m hoping the trailers for Kung Fu Panda 2:The Kaboom of Doom don’t give away the entire film.

  • Well… that is an entirely different movie from the previous trailer.

    What does it say about your movie when you can easily depict the characters in two completely opposite fashions?

  • Isaac

    The “baby” part of the trailer is funny. The rest is the the same Shrek/Seinfeld/Friends clone that everybody’s seen a dozen times.

  • randy V

    Note to DreamWorks: Don’t bother trying to be edgy (i.e. kill Metroman) because the moms in the test screenings will force you to chicken out and go for a softer, less effective alternative.

    Is the lead female characters head so big on top because she’s also an alien like Megamind? Or is she just a bad design?

  • Matt Sullivan

    Not a bad movie ( I think I just saw the whole thing )

  • dbenson

    We now have whole genres that are just riffs on other genres — made by guys who think they’re being bold and original by choosing targets that were picked clean ages ago. I find myself recalling old “Cracked” satires of sitcoms that weren’t satires at all, but just unauthorized comic book versions. Or that period when every slasher film claimed to be a satire of slasher films — that is, they smirkingly called attention to some of the cliches while using the rest without irony.

    The truly amazing thing about “The Incredibles” is how they found ideas that hadn’t been run into the ground by self-styled comedies and defensive “straight” comic book films. Or perhaps more accurately, how they took those tired ideas (superheroes dealing with lawyers, to name one) and made them FEEL new through good storytelling and a story with depth.

    “Megamind” may be funny, but it looks awfully familiar (heroes, villains and heroines making workaday comments and having “ordinary” issues, etc.)

    • joe micallef

      If you think genres, and that riffing off genres is over done these days, think about what they were doing in the 50s with the whole Abbot & Costello series (vs. Frakenstein, Wolfman, etc…) and add to that the number of science fiction movies that came out in single year (for ex. in 1953: 2 Abbott and Costello movies, Invaders from Mars, The Lost Planet, It Came From Outer Space, etc…).

      I think it use to be far worse back and then… and some of the films where probably horrible. But there was probably a certain joy in spending all afternoon at the theater and watching a science fiction double feature.

      The nostalgic side of me loves the most derivative, poorly done, sci-fi films of that era.

    • Vik

      Reminds me a lot of the tone of the Incredibles. Even down to the redheaded nerd who becomes an insane villain.

  • greg m.

    I don’t know.. …it’s what I’ve come to expect.

  • Gobo

    It’s kind of bizarre that Jonah Hill’s character is literally an animated Jonah Hill in spandex. That’s either a clever joke or really, really lazy character design, and I’m leaning towards the latter.

    • Martin Bell

      Maybe they think he’s SUCH a big star they have to ram it right down our throats by making it so obvious that it’s him. You might get away with that if you’d managed to sign on Al Pacino or something. Maybe he cost them a fortune and demanded that his likeness be in it.

      Neither of which are plausible: he’s not very funny, and if I asked him nicely and offered him a sandwich he’d probably do a voice on my animated short.

      Maybe… he can only play one character. And a character that doesn’t look like him is too much of a stretch.

      Anyways… I really liked the look of this movie when the last trailer was out. When they had us believe he’d killed Metroman. Now – yawn.

  • mike

    Im still interested in seeing this even after hearing about the twist. I think it would be better if Will Ferrell wasnt the voice though. it seems a bit forced. I said the same about “Land of the Lost” There is a good movie in their they just need someone else as the lead

    • Hal

      Don’t forget – it was originally going to be Robert Downey Jr. before he dropped out. Now THAT would have been something…

  • Pedro Nakama

    At least we’ve seen more of this than we have of Tangled.

  • Karen

    I’ve seen a lot more of the finished Tangled movie, and it not only “looks” better, it is far better than this trailer.

    • Alissa

      Pity the commercials for it make it seem worse than Megamind then, isn’t it?

  • Can´t shake the feeling that i´m watching another Pixar ripoff, just like My favorite Villian, or whatever it was called.
    reminds me of all those Straight-to-video knockoffs of Disney films of the 90s

  • Mack

    use your heads…metroman obviously fakes his death to retire and work on his music.

  • Bill Stewart

    Is it me was this trailer completely devoid of laughs. Talk about lazy writing. BEEN THERE DONE THAT… PUNCHLINE!

  • David Breneman

    Maybe they aren’t giving away the whole movie. Maybe it’s clever editing to hide the fact that the real plot is different, and when people don’t show up to see it because they think they’ve already seen everything there is to see in the trailers — won’t they be surprised to learn that the plot wasn’t given away after all!

    Oh wait… I said DON’T show up to see it, didn’t I? Yeah, that part of my theory still needs some work.

  • Thank you Dreamworks

    Thank you Dreamworks. Thank you for putting all the plot points right there in the trailer. Thank you for saving me $20 dollars in my pocket that I might have given you for a fancy ThreeDee ticket.

  • Tragedy of P

    You guys are already judging how good the movie is before you see it. Nice.

    I seem to recall a similar reaction when Tangled the trailer came out? Can you guys just chill out until you finally see the movie?

    • Jabberwocky

      The point of a trailer is for people to judge whether or not they want to see the movie before it comes out. A good trailer will make people decide “yes” they want to see it. A bad trailer either puts people off or gives away the movie. This is a bad trailer.

  • Lucy

    It’s been a while since I’ve shouted an obscenity out so loud the entire rest of the household heard it and came to attention, but this ruining so much of the plot for me certainly brought me to do just that.

  • Graham

    The headline is deceptive. It’s not “Another Megamind trailer.” A more accurate headline would be “Watch all of Megamind in two minutes!”

  • AaronSch

    That trailer feels extremely desperate. There is no sense of confidence in the story or its characters. I hope I don’t offend anyone by the use of the term “spastic” but it’s the best description I can muster.

  • Scarabim

    More horrible character design. 2 minutes was too much.

  • Stephan

    Hold up, the world is three weeks old?

  • Wow, they seriously got Jonah Hill to play an animated version of Jonah Hill. Dreamworks’s celebrity obsession has gone to far.

  • The Gee

    So, everyone has already filled in the blanks? You’ve paid so much attention to the promo material that you know the story?

    I gotta admit, as much as I’ve seen teasers and trailers posted on, this is the first bit of the film I looked at.

    So, I didn’t know anything about the spoiler people are writing about. Heck, I knew nothing about the film other than Ferrell and some big, blue lightbulb-headed character is in it. But, the reason why I didn’t look earlier is because I wasn’t curious.

    All the angst in these comments makes me hope that it is a lot better than you all are making it out to be. And, that it is interesting, despite all of the rushing to judgement.

    I don’t know whether to kvetch for this comments section laying out a spoiler for me or thank it for aiding in my curiosity about the flick.

  • Tim Schuit

    Animation looks fantastic…I’m just sad that they ruined the “the only good superhero is dead” twist by showing that he’s….not dead.

    I have a feeling they didn’t kill him to make the film more kid friendly, but that also ruined what could have been a genuinely unique premise for the film.

  • Bob

    WTF, After the second trailer lots complained false advertising because Pitt dies in the first act and now everyone complains that he doesn’t die.

    What if Metroman dies but Megamind decides he needs him to fight Tighten so Megamind decides to go back in time to save Metroman (similarly to the way superman saved lois lane from the earthquake in the live-action movie) but Metroman decides to take advantage of the opportunity to do what he’s always wanted to do…

    • Nope, people are complaining because they TELL US that he died in the previous trailer and now they TELL US that he didn’t die.

      And yeah, they can always surprise us with other plot twists, though it seems unlikely.

      Anyway I’m on the fence about watching it or not, I don’t really like the designs or the gags so far, but the story and animation have some potential. The babies part is kind of cute.

  • Jorgen Klubien

    Geeez-Louise everybody, get a life will you? It’s an animated movie OK? And for Christ Sake let Dreamworks do their movies. They do pretty good work and as far as I’m concerned they are on their way to making better and better pictures and creative choices. I think this one looks like fun, what the hell, it’s entertainment for the young ones.

    • Cyle

      Really? People are just sharing their opinion on what seem to be poor marketing decisions (putting twists and surprises in the trailer is really a bad idea) and strangely familiar story ideas (Jonah Hill’s character does seem a lot like Syndrome). Dreamworks doesn’t need you to defend them. If those things don’t cause you to enjoy the movie any less, that’s fine. I’m sure plenty of people will enjoy this film. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to get defensive whenever others offer criticism even when it’s constructive. Most of the people here actually acknowledge the story had potential. That’s what makes the trailers disappointing.

  • CTM

    Eh, I didn’t think they’d actually kill ’em off anyway. Still, coulda done without them spoiling that bit though. Whatever, still looks like a decent enough film.

  • Rooniman

    Setting expectations to “Pure, Horrifying, Unapologetic, Unreasonable, Bland and Crap-tastic Pile of Misery.”

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    It looks amusing enough. Sort of ‘The Incredibles’ meets
    ‘Despicable Me’.

  • optimist

    No one anywhere can really judge a movie or its story based on 99% of the trailers out there. ESPECIALLY a comedy.

    Half the time-maybe more than half-the stuff in trailers isn’t cut together the way it is in the actual film(that goes for live action as well as animation). Characters are made to react in trailers to lines and with other characters they aren’t interacting with on that line in the movie, etc.

    So sure-reactions to trailres are legit…as far as they go. Which often has nothing to do with the movie end to end, scene to scene. That goes for a “Tangled” as much as a “Megamind”.

  • bucko

    I know that using lines of action in facial features is nice but will someone talk to their animation director? Every character has that smug arcing eyebrow expression 24/7.

  • Whatever.. You all know that eventually you will all see it whether it be in the movie theatre/rental/online/round a friends. maybe its just not a film you will run out to see opening day. saying that though i have successfully boycotted Avatar….so far…

    ill see this, for a cheap laugh..

  • Hal

    Yeah… BradPittman’s jokes all fell flat. Dealbreaker, gonna skip it. Too bad, I thought it had balls for a moment there that they’d kill an A lister actor off early on. Now this isn’t even as ballsy as Mystery Men killing off Greg Kinnear. Le sigh. At least the building debris simulation effects look really top notch.