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China’s real response to Kung Fu Panda

Apparently China had a response to Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda that’s more pointed than the film mentioned in this previous Brew post. According to the KFP entry on “In August 2008, a direct-to-video Chinese animation feature entitled Kung fu Master aka Wong Fei Hong vs Kung Fu Panda was released on DVD in East Asia by Vscape Enterprises. The film is an unofficial sequel; it reportedly combines Kung Fu Panda and Chinese martial arts folk hero Wong Fei Hung. In the film, the panda is assigned by the Buddha to protect an ancient treasure that could give the bearer the power to conquer the world. Upon losing it, the pair sets off on an adventure to retrieve it.”

If anyone has this video, please post a clip. We are anxious to see it. Apparently you can buy it here or here.

(Thanks, Bryan Theiss)

  • I wonder what color Po’s eyes are…

  • TheGunheart

    Now this one scares me. Reminds me of one of those bootleg toys you might see rotting in a bargain bin. Especially given how quickly it was released.

  • Cameron

    It can’t possibly match this Brazilian work of mastery:

    Yes, I’m aware this is not new…

  • Al

    I don’t have a video clip of this Chinese animation but here is another animated film that is just as shameful. From the folks who brought us the cheap movie knock-offs like Ratatoing, The Little Cars, Gladiformers, Little Bee, comes along The Little Kung Fu Fighter. Yeesh, it doesn’t get lower than this. Watch at your own risk!


  • Tom

    Here’s an oldie from the Brew. For some reason, this story made me think of this hilarious clip:

  • Andrew

    I knew about this for several months. Glad to see it getting some discussion on CB.

  • Nic Kramer

    I smell a lawsuit coming.

  • En Ming Hee

    The poster is obviously fake, and it even plasters the name of one of Hong Kong’s greatest filmmakers on it, ugh!

    Though what is very suspicious is this, from what I have read, the plot sounds like two different Chinese animated features that I have seen put into one, and spliced together with the plot of a Chinese kung fu themed cartoon series, this may be in fact, a fake chop shop job.

  • En Ming Hee

    Ah found out about it.

    This was actually an old movie from 2006 repackaged as a new film. There was a panda in the original, but only a supporting character. Basically the hero is a fixture of many kung fu movies who generally sics evil white colonialists, in this one he tries to stop an explorer named Burton from unleashing an ancient demon.

    Contrary to what you might think, the artwork, animation and action are actually pretty sweet in this one.

  • Paul K.

    After some internet detective work, I agree with En Ming Hee, this is a fake, and the poster has no relevance with the actual content.

    The marketing is spurious and deserves the ire of Dreamworks, but the actual animated feature or the quality shouldn’t be discounted by association or poor representation.

    Vscape is attempting to sell a pre-existing animated feature as some kind of sequel to Kung Fu Panda– so this is not “China had a response to Dreamworks…”

    This shouldn’t represent China’s animation industry as Delgo doesn’t represent the United States. (Such a bad use of synecdoche if there ever was one).

  • True or not, this is interesting because the KFP sequel I’d like to see would have a similar plot: Po (with or without the Five) has to go on quest to prevent some baddie from acquiring the same sort of artifact – but accompanied by Tai Lung.

    Tai Lung’s fate was left unresolved at the end of KFP, but based on that moment of vulnerability he revealed in his confrontation with Shifu, I can see him meditating in a monastery, the evil blasted out of him by Po’s Wuxi Finger Hold and trying to rebuild his life. Circumstances require him to join Po, but can he be trusted – can he trust himself – not to let his evil side take over again?

    I promise I am not going to write this up as fanfic.

  • Oliver

    “I promise I am not going to write this up as fanfic.”

    If you ever do, try giving Jackie Chan’s character more dialogue than the back of a postage stamp’s worth.

  • Chris J

    I think the idea of the KFP sequel being about Tai Lung’s redemption has a lot of promise. I predict they’ll frame it with a likely romance between Tai Lung and the Tigress, as her desire to surpass Tai Lung in Shifu’s eyes is great fodder for tieing them together. Predictable perhaps, but I’d love to see it all the same.

  • Oliver:
    One of the things I liked about KFP is that the movie didn’t coast on its voice talent like so many celebrity-oriented features do. But yeah, maybe they could’ve given Jackie an extra line or two.

    Excellent suggestion! It would be a great running element to the story, them trying to outdo each other. Of course they’d have to start off antagonistic rivals & mellow out along the way into the romance (like Kit Mambo and Rene Fromage in “Animalympics”) – there are some Hollywood cliches you’re obligated to include…

  • Heard from my friends that they’ve seen the pirated copies already circulating here in Malaysia but didn’t know what it was all about. Now I know.

  • A Kung Fu Panda television series is in development though (or at least, the pilot is). If the series gets the greenlight, won’t that impede on any possible chance of a second feature film presentation?