Nicholas Stoller (left) and Doug Sweetland will co-direct "Storks." (Stoller photo:  s_bukley/ Nicholas Stoller (left) and Doug Sweetland will co-direct "Storks." (Stoller photo:  s_bukley/
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Doug Sweetland and Nick Stoller Will Co-Direct ‘Storks’ for Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has given the animated feature Storks, “a fresh and funny look at the fable behind storks,” a release date of September 23, 2016.

In a rare case of animation and live-action directing talent coming together, the film will be co-directed by Pixar alum Doug Sweetland and Apatow Productions regular Nicholas Stoller, from an original script by Stoller.

Stoller has previously directed such live-action fare as Neighbors, Get Him to the Greek, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He also co-wrote and executive produced the two recent Muppets movies, provided additional screenplay content for DreamWorks’s Turbo, and is attached to write the screenplay for Fox’s as-yet-untitled Tinker Bell live-action adventure/comedy film.

Sweetland wrote and directed the classic Warner Bros.-evoking Pixar short Presto, before which he worked as supervising animator at the studio. Sweetland was a key figure in the studio’s animation department, having worked as an animator or supervising animator on Pixar’s first seven features. More recently, Sweetland supervised the animation for Google’s interactive short Windy Day.

Storks will feature the voices of Andy Samberg and Kelsey Grammer. Stoller will co-produce with Cars 2 co-director and Ratatouille producer Brad Lewis. Glenn Ficarra, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, John Requa, and Jared Stern are on board as executive producers.

Like The LEGO Movie, Storks is a project developed within Warners’ in-house feature animation creative consortium. In 2013, the film was first announced as being in development.

Photo: Nicholas Stoller (left) and Doug Sweetland will co-direct “Storks.” (Stoller photo: S. Bukley/

  • A healthy collaboration.

  • This may be the high point for mankind

  • Anonymous

    “provided additional screenplay content for DreamWorks’s Turbo”

    And still working?

  • Taco

    Good to see the talented Mr Sweetland getting ahead & in a full feature film Directors Chair. He was visibly frustrated at Pixar. I hope he still does some actually animation on the project, because he is a fantastic animator.

    • Strong Enough

      i have no idea what is going on over there when it comes to director chairs

  • Alex Dudley

    I’m glad they’re still planning to make this. With all the news about Lego movies, I thought this project was cancelled.
    And since I enjoyed Presto a lot, I’m really looking forward to this!

  • Toby

    Anyone know which studio is animating this?

    • Harry Antonucci

      Sources are saying Sony Pictures Imageworks is doing the animation for Storks.

      • starss

        ….. It’s Warner Brothers, yet they’re hiring Sony to animate it!? Does that make sense!?

        • Anonymous

          Just like Polar Express.

    • Scott550

      Animal Logic in Australia is animating it. Warner Brothers owns it.

  • Harry Antonucci

    I remember first hearing details about the film back in late 2014/early 2015. This article was the first way I found out Andy Samberg is in the film, and Bryan Cranston has a role as well (though it could also be Grammer’s character). The film will be about storks retiring the baby enterprise, to instead use it to package things. This business is headed by a stork named Hunter (Cranston/Grammer) and the movie itself is about his son Junior (Sandberg). It involves him accidentally rebooting the baby generator, and produces a baby. Hilarity ensues. This article however states that Storks is a Dreamworks movie, but all the other details seem to be correct.

  • starss

    FOX is producing a Tinkerbell movie that’s NOT under Disney? They’re obviously trying to create a new version of the character.