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Dreamworks Confirms ‘The Croods’ Sequel Is Back On, And Announces ‘Spooky Jack’

Dreamworks is not only making a Croods sequel, they’ve even set a release date: Friday, September 18, 2020.

The project had been widely considered cancelled after Variety reported last November that the film’s pre-production team had been re-assigned to other projects.

Universal Pictures confirmed today that the film will bring back the original voices – Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman and Clark Duke – and add Leslie Mann to the film’s cast.

The only detail revealed about the plot is that the Croods will “face their biggest threat since leaving the cave: another family.”

Universal and Dreamworks Animation also announced a new film today, Spooky Jack, described as “a comic look under the bed and in the closet of kids’ imaginations.”

The film follows three siblings who discover after moving into a new home that all the creatures they’d been told were imaginary actually exist. Their “squatters” include leprechauns, Big Foot, and the Boogeyman.

Producer Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity, Split, Get Out) is executive producing the film, which is written by Robert Ben Garant (Night at the Museum, The Pacifier). Damon Ross produces for Dreamworks.

Spooky Jack is set to debut in U.S. theaters on Friday, September 17, 2021.

Universal and Dreamworks did not announce who is directing either film in their announcement today.

  • Dante Panora

    8 years till the next sequel? That’s pretty long time for a sequel for a family film to come out. A lot of the kids who were into it in 2012 may have grown out of it quite a bit.

    Also that upcoming DreamWorks films sounds like a mix between that untitled pixar at suburban fantasy film and that genndey tartokovsky project “Can you Imagine?” Maybe they want more tumblr success with a character named Jack though.

    • Johnny

      It was 13 years between nemo and dory, 11 years between toy story 2 and 3, 12 years between inc and uni, and it will be 14 years bw incredibles 1 and 2.

      • I suppose the patience isn’t really with us much these days when it comes to “hot properties”.

        • Mesterius

          Actually, Chris, the point that Johnny and I are making is exactly the opposite: Time has proven again and again that people ARE willing to wait for animated sequels. As long as the original film remains popular and beloved, people will want to check out the new one. Last year’s “Finding Dory” is a prime example.

    • Mesterius

      8 years is nothing when it comes to animation. Look at Toy Story 3, Finding Dory, Monsters University etc.

    • Sam Snyder

      it came out in 2013

    • Dante Panora

      To the people bringing up all these animated sequels as examples, I don’t think The Croods is anywhere as near as beloved as those pixar movies. Also, 7 years (Since it came out 2013) is long enough for people to grow out of it but not long enough to be nostalgic for it. After it was declared dead I don’t understand why Dreamworks is pushing so hard for a sequel, regardless of the quality of the original.

      • Mesterius

        Seems a lot of people don’t realize that popular animated films can find new child audiences every year. Kids don’t have to remember these films from the cinema; they can discover them on home video and streaming services. Plus, The Croods has already spawned a spinoff TV show.

        I personally didn’t like the first film enough to want a sequel. But from a commercial viewpoint, I think it makes perfect sense to expand the franchise with a new theatrical outing.

        • Barrett

          Exactly. This idea that a sequel to a beloved or even somewhat popular animated film MUST come within 3-4 years of the first one is bollocks. The first Kung Fu Panda was in 08, and the sequel was 2011 (3 year gap), but the sequel to that one was 2016 (5 year gap). I get that it would have been late 2015 if not for them trying to avoid SW The Force Awakens, but still) To say nothing of the gap between Toy Story 2 and 3 and Monsters Inc/Monsters U (11 years each). The Cars movies have also had significant gaps between them, despite the crowing about “Pixar just wants to sell toys.”

          I have been hoping for a Croods sequel for a while, and I hope this film gets made and is well-done.

  • Archelaus

    Awesome, but eight years is a pretty long gap between a film and its sequel. Anyway, I hope Chris Sanders is still involved.

  • Cale

    Wasted opportunity for a joke. They should swap the release date for “The Croods 2” with “Trolls 2”, then postpone it by 3 days. Bit concerned they’re doing three “2”‘s in a row, though.

  • Tony

    There was a James Baxter pencil test on my Twitter feed a few days back of a ’50s-style housewife (presumably Leslie Mann’s character) that was really fun to watch. If they manage to make the whole film half as fun as that, I’m in.

    • Kieran “TheZootopiaFanboy” Ham

      Yeah…I REALLY hope that Dreamworks will be using traditional animation for the Croods sequel, as hinted by James Baxter’s pencil animation test of the movie. :3

      • Tony

        I seriously doubt it. Most CG studios have 2-D animators on staff to do tests like these to help the CG animators. Still, let’s hold out hope that someone will decide to make a traditionally animated feature again.

        • Kieran “TheZootopiaFanboy” Ham

          How about…Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair The Movie? ;3

  • Johnny Marques

    Less than a year until release for a project of this size? Have to assume they’ve been steadily working in secret on it or the development schedule before cancellation was already more advanced than I thought. I had mixed feelings about the first one, but people seemed to enjoy it, it’s strange it even got cancelled in the first place. Still, absolutely more excited for Early Man in terms of 2018 caveman animation. Hard to figure out Spooky Jack, the idea seems like a discarded episode from the Munsters but hopefully they can develop it into something special.

  • Elsi Pote

    If with what they got they can get an Oscar today, I wouldn’t risk it tll 2020.

    But hey, Nicolas Cage deserves all the time under he spotlight he can get.

  • Fadi Antwan

    Spooky Jack seems a little derivative of Hotel Transylvania.

    • Barrett

      A mythological/cryptid version? Eh, perhaps. But then you could just as easily say it’s derivative of Monsters Inc. I think it’s possible to tell a story involving those kinds of characters that honestly doesn’t feel derivative of either, though there will always been some comparisons, as there are between Toy Story and Wreck-It Ralph. Talented writing and directing will be the key to whether it feels like a me-too retread or a fresh take on long-established concepts.

      • Fadi Antwan

        Yeah I am a little hypocritical when it comes to these comparisons. I fiercely defend studios like Disney and Pixar when someone makes these claims about them yet assume the worst about studios I hate like Sony. But to be fair, they’ve given me little reason to trust them.

  • Capital_7

    So, The Flintstones then.

    I’m sure the critical and fan reception to the new Flintstones take from DC comics had at least some bearing on this decision. Wait a few more years and cash in on Croods nostalgia, why don’t you?

  • Thalesourus

    Looking forward to hearing more. Like will Chris Sanders at least get a directing credit?