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DreamWorks Delays Release of ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’

DreamWorks announced yesterday that they will push back the release date of How to Train Your Dragon 3 to June 9, 2017. No reason was given for the delay.

The film, which will be directed and written by Dean DeBlois, was originally slated to be released on June 17, 2016, which is also the release date of the Pixar sequel Finding Dory. DreamWorks will also release Croods 2 in December 2017.

The latest film in the series—How to Train Your Dragon 2—reached $600 million in global box office gross yesterday, making it the top-earning animated feature of 2014.

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  • Ant G

    I vaguely remember the feud over Prince of Egypt’s release date that would compete with a Disney movie, that eventually led to the creation of Antz solely to compete against Bugs Life, which Lasseter felt betrayed about. I can see why they’re choosing not to compete for the same date now, probably because they’re all friends at this point. It’s great that execs get to bond over mutually repressing their employees paycheck and growth in the industry.

    • Strong Enough

      you really think that is the reason? lol

    • SarahJesness

      Perhaps, though it also makes sense from a business standpoint. Few animated films would stand a chance when competing with Pixar.

      • jonhanson

        I feel like animated movies do better when they don’t have to compete with other animated films. One ends up cannibalizing the other and both lose out.

    • Leslie Messersmith

      Yeah what gives? Why is how to train a dragon 2 being released so late??

  • jonhanson

    Wow, interesting to hear that it’s the top-earning animated feature of 2014. I loved the film but from what I was reading earlier it seemed like quite the disappointment for DreamWorks.

    Looking at BoxOfficeMojo it seems like it fell short of the Lego Movie and the original HTTYD domestically. I know foreign markets get crap for keeping Transformers and other half-hearted franchises going but in this case I say God bless ’em!

  • Googamp32

    First “Me and My Shadow”, then “Home”, and now the next chapter in their biggest franchise. The future just keeps looking bleaker and bleaker for “NightmareWorks”.

    • Gerard McGrory

      I thought you said you hate CGI.

      • Googamp32

        I do. I also hate Dreamworks.

    • Anonymous

      I think “Me and My Shadow” is dead.

  • How to Flop at Marketing.

    Well, we know its not being delayed so Fox Marketing can devise the perfect advertising.

  • George Comerci

    Well, that makes sense. Finding Dory would’ve crushed it.

  • Razie

    Yeah but at least they are still making the tv show in between movies. I think I’ll survive the wait XP

  • mgs

    They delay their movies all the time. The original date was announced several years ago, so as productions dates move regularly, later movies get delayed.

  • Josh Moore

    Thank bless them for changing it back for a year. IMO, It will give them some time to make the end of the trilogy even greater.

  • JodyMorgan


    Was the “gay viking controversy” really that big? I don’t recall hearing anyone talk about it where I live, which is (to be blunt) a starkly homophobic area. After all, in the movie it was just one throwaway line of dialog that could be interpreted in numerous ways.

    Having a mind-controlled Toothless kill off Stoick was, I think, a mistake, but I don’t think that plot point was spoiled in the trailers or commercials, was it? If not, I don’t see how it could have affected the opening weekend box office, or have too much of an effect on the second week’s box office. That might have kept the movie from showing the same legs as the original, though.

  • My eyes! It Burns!

    Have you seen Turbo, or Sherman and Peabody? Seen the upcoming roster for Dreamworks that includes Troll Dolls, Captain Underpants, Mumbai Musical, Larrikins??
    Its pure Nightmare-sauce.
    Penguins will do crap. Its being animated at their outsource studio in India. TV-quality at best.
    “Pixar hasn’t released a good movie since 2010” ???? Are you serious? So I guess ‘Brave’ and ‘Monsters University’ are crap? Yeah, they’re sure no “Monsters vs. Aliens” or “Bee Movie”

    • bob

      Respectfully, I was kinda disappointed with Brave. Monsters didn’t interest me…

  • timmyelliot

    I’ve been trying to avoid hearing anything about the film until I saw it.

    I didn’t read it as a gay comment. I figured it could be interpreted as referring to nobody (man or woman) liking him enough to marry him. As a joke he sometimes could come across as annoying and even somewhat repulsive.

  • Dumb_Tim_Armstrong

    I would imagine there won’t be a DreamWorks Animation by 2017 – they will be part of some other big media company:

  • optimist

    Yes. But they are not, never have been and never will be anything remotely resembling “friendly”.

  • mud

    I’d agree with 2. The death of a beloved character is not something anyone wants to watch more than maybe twice… especially when it wasn’t accidental like, say in The Lion King, and especially after the ‘loving family reunion’ scene that preceded it. It overshadows the entire film in my opinion, you’re just sitting there waiting for it to happen instead of enjoying the ride. I saw the original 8 times- and I know I wasn’t the only one- not in the least because it’s feel-good vibe was undeniable. If we assume the built-in audience saw the film, 2. may have been the reason they didn’t go again.

  • Juliana Vianna

    And once again I fear they might turn a great movie into a never ending sequel after sequel series… Like they did with Shrek… I mean, guys, the movie is so great, but if you keep pushing it.. just don’t

  • Googamp32

    Oh, I know all about that project.

  • Googamp32

    I’m really excited for that project. Also, I don’t hate CGI. I just prefer hand drawn.

  • Googamp32

    I wasn’t really lying. I still hate Dreamworks. Pixar, Illumination, and some of the Blue Sky films, are good.

    • Gerard McGrory

      Oh… So DreamWorks is possibly to you how Sony Pictures Animation is to AniMat (another animation fan who’s videos I watch on YouTube; Is that it?

      • Googamp32

        Pretty much. Though, SPA isn’t much better. Also, you watch Animat, too? Cool!

  • Internetimagery

    Oh no! This will further delay How to train your dragon 4 through 8.

  • John

    JK has scheduled coffee regularly with the heads of Disney. Don’t be fooled to think they don’t “talk”.

  • Krisztina

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