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First Thoughts On The ‘Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation’ Teaser

Sony Pictures Animation (SPA) revealed a first-look teaser today for Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, the latest theatrical feature in the studio’s most successful franchise to date.

In this film, Drac and family take a vacation on a luxury monster cruise ship, but their dream vacation turns into a nightmare when Drac falls for the mysterious captain of the ship, Ericka, who harbors a secret that could destroy all of monsterkind.

The trailer is gorgeous to watch, especially if you’re a fan of exaggerated and cartoony 3d. The comic animation is sharply timed and the poses read beautifully because they aren’t being motion blurred to death. Further, the lighting and texturing work together to create the effect that one is watching exquisitely-rendered cartoon paintings. We’re starting to see some really great work in the realm of cartoony 3d (Dreamworks’ Captain Underpants was a highlight this year), but there is arguably no one today that is executing the super-cartoony style with more polish and refinement than Tartakovsky, SPA, and the animation production team at Sony Pictures Imageworks.

The film is written by Genndy Tartakovsky and Michael McCullers (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, The Boss Baby). This is the first time that Genndy has a key writing credit on the series (and Adam Sandler doesn’t), and it’s a pretty good explanation for why Tartakovsky would’ve chosen to come back for the third film, even though he had good reason to leave the franchise.

"Hotel Transylvania 3"

In an interview with Cartoon Brew around the release of Hotel Transylvania 2, Tartakovsky hinted at frustrations over how Adam Sandler and Robert Smigel “really wanted to take control of the second film, because that’s kind of what they do.” Sony appears to have done the smart thing and granted Tartakovsky greater creative control over this film than the previous entries in the series.

Considering that, up until now, the writing had been the weakest part of the franchise, Sandler taking a backseat could be the best thing that happens to the series.

Hotel Transylvania 3, produced by Michelle Murdocca and executive produced by Adam Sandler, is due in U.S. theaters July 13, 2018.

  • Anonymous

    I was offered work on this film. I just couldn’t get excited about it.
    You know it’s really hard to keep a smile on your face during an interview when you have no interest in the project.

    • Metlow Rovenstein

      I see. Did Sony offer you other animated projects to work on?

    • thefoxandking

      That’s interesting, as I would have thought getting to work on a Genndy animated film would be great? The exaggerated poses and pushed rigs etc. Sure the films are not as strong as others… was it this, or perhaps Sony or something else that you didn’t get excited about?

      • Anonymous

        I’ve never worked with Genndy. I’ve worked on a lot of animated films with BIG directors. After working on a lot of these films a lot of the talk about directors is all HYPE.
        I know people have different opinions about people in the industry and this is just my opinion.

        • Animator from sony

          Can you name some of the BIG directors? Im curious only because you put that in caps :)

          It takes something special to get through a hotel movie. If you’re not jazzed about it you definitely shouldnt accept, that goes for any gig.

          The last thing youd wanna do is sign a contract and deliver a mediocre performance. Also why would you bother interviewing if you dont like the product? Sounds like a lose lose situation.

        • thefoxandking

          Ok buddy, good luck to you. I’m not at all involved in the film industry but as an astute follower of film I am going to sit on the side of having a great director is better than not. Certainly there are a lot of people who go into making something great, but if the guy at the top is zigging right and everyone else is zigging left you’re going to end up with some turds.

          My question was, as an animator I assumed, perhaps poorly, that you would be excited to work on HT3 for the great, pushed animation style having someone like Genndy at the top allows.

          • Guest Post

            One thing to consider about this project and not that it has anything to do with the story or quality, but this film is basically being made in Canada. Sony Pictures Animation only handles a small portion of the pre-production of the film. So being excited about working with Genndy is somewhat an after thought. I highly doubt Genndy spends much time in BC. My guess is that he’s doing most of his reviews of the work through an office in LA.

    • Gabriel Fazzioni

      Why didn’t you get excited about it ? Was it the style of animation you don’t like it, or was it because of the director ? Or….? I’m also an animator and I’m SO excited about HT animation style….that’s I’m wondering your reasons…if you could tell. Thanks :)

    • Robert Holmén

      Why did you interview if you already knew you weren’t interested and weren’t gong to do it?

  • Jonathon Asuna Leafa Richards

    this really does need to be a hit for Sony to fully justify having an animation division if both The Star and this flop that odds are Sony Pictures Animation will close down

    • BlueMaxwell


  • Lazer-Lion

    After watching the second movie, I’ve come to realize how bad these movies are.

    Vlad emotionally manipulates his daughter and refuses to treat her as an adult with her own agency and needs which comes off as far more creepy and wrong than intended (like how he imagines Mavis as a child during the wedding to Jonathan and going so far as to not let the either kiss the other) and such wrongdoing is called out but swept under the rug by the next movie so we can repeat this nonsense all over again. And when Jonathan gets on the emotional manipulation and outright encourages it, its absolutely disgusting and edges on irredeemable. And with Mavis and Jonathan’s son and the werewolf girl’s sorta romance, while adorable, is problematic for how unabashedly heteronormative media is for needing to hook everyone up in safe heterosexual relationships, even with two toddlers which was immensely unneeded.

    While the first movie’s plot wasn’t anything too special but the second one was abysmal. It was so cutesy it got to be really boring pretty quickly, the movie needed some sort of cynicism or darkness to properly offset the balance. In fact, the only thing pertaining to a captivating plot was Dracula’s father who could’ve sustained the movie but was shafted until the last twenty minutes of an hour and a half movie. Its basically a Happy Gilmore film in all but name; Adam Sandler and his friends goofing off in a exotic locale phoning in the humour, women only serving the role of nags or emotional support, men are idiots who are considered cute no matter how offensively obnoxious they are and a plot that’s paper thin and poorly paced.

    • Valjean

      “is problematic for how unabashedly heteronormative media is for needing to hook everyone up in safe heterosexual relationships”

      Heterosexual relationships are problematic now, seriously? How would it have been any better or worse if the romance was with one of the werewolf boys? They’re just kids!

      • Karina Chen

        The point was that romantic relationships between kids are completely unnecessary aspects to explore but film and TV do that all the time /just/ to cement the characters’ heterosexuality when that also doesn’t matter. Like you said, they’re just kids.

        • Valjean

          “film and TV do that all the time /just/ to cement the characters’ heterosexuality”

          Except, unless you yourself write for television/movies, you have no way of knowing that. Sometimes a relationship is *just* a relationship.

      • Lazer-Lion

        *deep sigh*

        First off, no one is saying that.

        That is not the point of me bringing up heteronormality. I bring it up due to how many forced true love garbage plots they always pop up in kids movies and more often than not are the wrong ideas of relationships and romance and love in general.

        • Valjean

          “I bring it up due to forced true love garbage plots they always pop up in kids movies and
          more often than not are the wrong ideas of relationships and romance and
          love in general”

          To which I would not disagree, but it really has nothing to do with heteronormality. You specifically mentioned “safe heterosexual relationships”, as if the very fact that the writers decided he was heterosexual is somehow problematic. Furthermore, you said nothing about “forced true love garbage plots” in your original comment, so that *deep sigh* is a tad unwarranted, I think.

          • AmidAmidi

            Please keep the discussion on topic. Any further comments that are not specifically about the contents of the HT3 teaser won’t be approved.

  • My name is Rio

    I diid too dodged a bullet by not working on this film.

    I don’t know how anybody else’s interview went down, but they were too picky on the spacing like it was a big deal, but I got an offer for another project at another studio and didn’t bother to reply to their follow up emails as many top animators were leaving sony anyways…

    • Animator.matt

      Spacing…Comedic timing…physical comedy..its important , if your spacing is wrong the whole bit/scene/sight gag is ruined.

      Its a big deal ;) also, some talent did leave but alot of talent has arrived. Yea its a revolving door but the thing to remember is, it works both ways. Artists in, artists out…the equation balances itself.

      • cw

        Yes…of course it matters. But if you’re showing professional work, then you are showing work that meets the spacing, timing and comedy requirements for THOSE projects that you’ve completed. Animators can’t be expected to show work that fits into something they are applying to work on, especially since future projects are all trying to find something special and unique to those films. Sometimes Animation Directors get lazy and just want the team to be a ‘set it an forget it’ crew with no need to manage or help nurture. When someone shows me a reel, my takeaways should include an acknowledgement of how that animator met the requirements of the shows he or she worked on. If they are showing me A shots from those films, then I can ascertain that they were valued and trusted members of the team.

  • Roca

    Imagine- cartoons looking like cartoons! More please!

  • Cameron Ward

    I think the trailer gives off a few good impressions. The animation is definitely on point. Sure, there were some groaner jokes and and there, but the dog seeing the skeleton reunion family walk in, and its facial reaction was hilarious.

    I think that’s smart. If Sony wants to change, then it was wise to let the director of all three movies have more control. Especially since that director just had a universally acclaimed final season of his show have a successful run on tv.

    Granted, being better than the other two films won’t be hard and I think Sandler having more control hurt the previous two films, but I think they are decent. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Dave 52

    Looks like fun. I really enjoy the Hotel Transylvania the series. They are always a nice blast of cartoons acting like cartoons which is something I adore in animation. With a lot of animated films aiming more for realism, I’m glad that we have films like this and Captain Underpants to show that there is notching wrong with embracing how creatively wacky you can get with animation.

  • Mikael Wind Benitez

    I am definitely going to watch this movie!! The first two Hotel Transylvania movies were hilarious so I am excited that a new one is coming out. It’s also nice that they are on vacation and have changed from their usual setting, the hotel.