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“Free Birds” Trailer

It’s been a week of animated film trailers and teasers. This afternoon, we see the release of the Free Birds trailer, which is the first feature film produced by Reel FX, a studio known for animating the well received CGI Looney Tunes shorts. Free Birds is directed by Jimmy Hayward (Horton Hears a Who!) and will be released by Relativity Media in the U.S. on November 1st.

  • Daniel Ruiz

    I shouldn’t have laughed at the cranberry sauce joke. They got me on that one! :)

  • Larry

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  • Floyd Norman

    I enjoyed working on this film with my old “Toy Story2” director, Ash Brannon some years ago. As things often go in this crazy business, Ash was replaced by another former Pixar guy, Jimmy Hayward. Jimmy eventually completed the film. At least this iteration, anyway. Thanks to my old pal, Ken Mitchroney who worked on both versions of the movie.

  • canimal

    I just wish someone else had been cast in Owen Wilson’s role, but other than that it actually looks pretty good!

  • Gerry

    I wanted the faces to ‘pop’ a little more on almost all the dialog I saw in this trailer (seemed almost devoid of movement in some shots) but aside from that, based on what they’ve shown here, looks like it could be fun :) I hope it does well for them.

    • qrs

      I thought the same thing. I had to watch it a second time to see if I was just being picky. The little girl is the only one where the lip sync is appealing. Mouth movement seems very toned down throughout. A production choice perhaps?

  • Roberto Severino

    This movie looks like it’s gonna be very fun to watch! I’ve already laughed at several parts of the trailer.

    Amy Poehler is not only a great comedian, but I thought she did a good job on Mighty B too doing the voice of Bessie, so I have no doubt in my mind she’ll be able to do a lot with the dialog here.

  • feep

    You know, that was actually better than I thought it’d be.

  • Grady Williams

    Even though I hate all of the from the guy who directed, the people who made titles at the beginning of trailers. I’m not the type of person to go see a movie just because a particular person is involved. However, I chuckled more than once, this may be one I’ll be looking to see.

  • Given that this is a Thanksgiving movie, I’m surprised how early they have decided to start advertising it. But, hey publicity isn’t a bad thing.

  • the ghost in you

    I don’t get why so many children movies have the theme that eating animals or hurting animals is wrong, but then they go and eat them anyway. I’m not saying this movie is guilty of that. Take chicken run for instance. I remember being in high school when that movie came out and was excited they made a film for vegetarians. And then the movie had a promotional deal with Burger King. Even when I was watching the finding nemo blu ray special features the other day, they were saying something about the movie and animals etc and then talked about how they had sushi at the wrap party. Lol. Caring about animals and eating them is totally cool. As long as you didn’t actually kill them personally. Haha. Side note: I am not one of those preachy vegetarians at all, I just thought about chicken run when I watched this trailer. I actually want to see this movie. Looks cute.

  • slowtiger

    This is so completely stupid, I think I will like it.

  • Gobble Gobble

    Looks promising, just wondering where they will fit the big dance party in? :(

  • Skip

    If I took 5 year olds to see this film, they would be entertained by the story, I would spend my time analyzing the technical aspects of the animation.

    • David Cuny

      So… a win/win situation?

  • Ann

    Orson Scott Card is a homophobe. Great American hero George Takei stars in Free Birds. Go see Free Birds instead:)

  • Jamaal Bradley

    I’m glad REELFX is getting this out there. The studio has been going strong for years and I hope they keep it going. Much success on the project.