‘Frozen 2′ Is Official


Frozen 2 is in the works, the Walt Disney Company revealed today.

The all-but-inevitable announcement was made by Walt Disney Animation Studios chief creative officer John Lasseter and Disney CEO/chairman Bob Iger at the company’s annual shareholders meeting in San Francisco.

Frozen directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck are developing the project, but have not been confirmed to be directing. No release date has been set, but clearly Disney is not wasting any time on pushing out a sequel to their highest-grossing animated feature of all-time. As yet, the only actor confirmed to be reprising their role is Josh Gad, the voice of the snowman Olaf, who was present at the stockholder meeting.

Gad joked that the Frozen sequel would be called Frozen 2: Rogue One, in reference to the Star Wars spin-off movie, whose title was also announced at today’s meeting.

The new Frozen short Frozen Fever will screen in front of Disney’s live-action Cinderella, which will released in theaters tomorrow.

  • Tre

    Elsa? Do you wanna milk a cash cow?

  • Tom

    Crazy. Apart from Rescuers Down Under, Disney Animation Studios has never done a feature-length sequel. Everything is normally direct-to-DVD.

    • Tim Tran

      Fantasia 2000 and Winnie the Pooh 2011

  • megadrivesonic

    Is Disney trying to kill us? Who is asking for this?

  • Inkan1969

    I go over to the BBC News website, and I find this is front page news. I mean no disrespect to the people working on the project; I wish them the best of luck. But I was astonished that the announcement of this sequel was being put next to news about Ferguson and Tikrit.

  • Austin Papageorge

    As much as I liked the first one, I don’t see how they can make a compelling sequel without some serious retconning. I’m talking about retconning that makes direct-to-vhs Disney sequels look reasonable. Are there even any unresolved questions about the first movie?

    • Tim Tran

      many think so. apparently people are troubled by the fact Elsa’s powers are never explained (and the new short even increases new mystery around it and how it actually works and where it came from).

      • Chris

        What’s so hard to understand about “she was born with them”? The very fact that the question was asked means that this is just something that happens in that world.

  • megadrivesonic

    This is the kind of films people I want, Am I the only one who sees a problem with this. Its like people are given crap and they keep making money because people don’t know better.

    • Vanessa Flores


    • kjohn

      What do you mean “people”? I want more Studio Ghibli films. Don’t lump me in with the rest of the dregs

  • Tim Tran

    thats still DisneyToon, and anything DisneyToon doesnt count.

  • mbanimation

    I miss the DTV cheap-quel days when Disney and PIXAR didn’t waste their main feature animation studios talent with all these crappy pointless money grab sequels and left that task to DisneyToon. John Lasseter obviously doesn’t care anymore about making original productions and is shifting both studios full force in the easy money sequel direction.

    • Lionel

      Truth be told, Frozen doe need no sequel. It’s already a crappy pointless money grab movie. As for John Lasseter, his only talent is that he once was a technological innovator. As a filmmaker and a studio head, he’s conservative and utterly devoid of new ideas. Has always been.

  • CTM

    “We’ll all meet again in Frozen 2: The Search For More Money”

    • Kevin

      Haha… Spaceballs reference

  • Fried

    “Rather than a sequel, why don’t they do a reboot or a spin off series!”


    • kjohn

      SHHHH! Don’t give them any ideas!

  • Tobias

    It’s surprisingly simple why Frozen 2 is on it’s way instead of a remake of The Black Cauldron. Like it or not, Frozen was a juggernaut in the box office, while The Black Cauldron was a notable box office bomb. An’ TBC wasn’t just a box office bomb, it was outgrossed by the Care Bears Movie from a rival company, and it didn’t see the light of day in terms of VHS until decades later. A company/studio will usually bank on a sequel or remake of a film that was successful in some notable fashion, not one that was a failure. They don’t want to risk lighting striking twice in the form of a bust.

  • Harrison

    Wow, now that you mention it, Epic Mickey would make an awesome movie.

  • Vanessa Flores

    Whelp… that… happened… I guess… I’m scared. I don’t want any more Frozen in my face. Does Disney have no more ideas at all anymore???

  • Tom

    Sorry, their SEQUELS never got theatrical releases. Ugh.

  • Guest

    God I hope it doesn’t. I really want HTTYD3 to finally win an Oscar in 2018 – so long as it ends on a strong note. If Frozen 2 comes out that year, and ends up beating it (which i can see happening because ‘muh Disney’) I’ll lose my sh-t.

    • Krypton Keeper

      Frozen made more money than both Dragon movies COMBINED. And to most academy voters it’s the number one babysitter for their snot nosed children. Being a Disney movie doesn’t hurt either.

      Frozen’s Oscar (and the entire Best Animated Feature category for the most part) is nothing more than stressed parent voters voting for the film that made their kids shut up the most.

      The Best Animated Feature award is the biggest joke in a ceremony that is already a big joke.

      • http://tresportfolio.tumblr.com/ Tres Swygert

        The Academy needs to find people who are very knowledgeable about animation, but are not sworn allegiance to any of the studios. It still sickens me that voters do not watch all the participants, and they pick the ones that is most entertaining for kids.

  • Nicky

    So Disney has basically run out of ideas as of now. Well, I have other animated movies I can go see. And since the first movie wasn’t all that fantastic, I doubt this movie is going to be any good. Plus, there are no good Disney sequels, save for the Toy Story sequels but the difference in those is the people working on those movies gave a crap.

  • Kirielson


  • sidney

    Wonderful news! Why bother doing something fresh when you can return to a retread that made a ga-jillion bucks and flog it to within an inch of its life? My faith in American Animation has been restored.

  • Nate

    If an animated movie does well at the box office and is well received by most of its audience, then why wouldn’t they want to make a sequel. I wasn’t a fan of frozen but I don’t know why people think this movie is the worst thing ever created. I do agree that it’s pretty overrated and the hype has gotten pretty annoying. All we can do is hope that Disney does something creative and different with this sequel, instead of a generic overdone plot. Who knows, it could turn out better than the first….maybe…….probably not. But we gotta wait and see.

  • Jeannie Doe

    Of course it wins the Oscars. The Oscars are a farce. The whole event is financed by Disney. The TV station that televises the event is owned by Disney (ABC).

  • Rattatatosk

    Maybe with all that money it made, they can spend the time to actually put together a coherent script and better-written characters–? Wait, no, that’s probably just a crazy dream, they just want to churn out another average film that will make zillions of dollars.

    • Joseph_Hudak

      About how much I feel about this. Unlikely it will take any chances, but we might get a script that at least makes a coherent and solid whole, and a teen romance that wasn’t completely phoned in. Still has a good chance of being better than the original.

      And please, please don’t make this Olaf: the movie. I know it’s tempting, but please no.

  • Vanessa Flores


  • Ravlic

    So because I think the illogical attempts at criticism about how the origin of magic isn’t explained (something completely, utterly irrelevant to the whole plot and characters) makes no sense, that must mean I think that Frozen is the paragon of perfection. Isn’t this sort of simplistic mentality something you outgrow in kindergarten? By your logic, if you think Frozen has flaws, that means you think it’s the worst piece of trash ever produced, on par with Birdemic.

    So how about, instead of patting yourself and others who agree with you on your back for being sooo critically-minded and above the hype, you actually address a point made with something other than “everyone who likes Frozen must be an infant or lack critical thinking” or are you desperately trying to avoid actually rethinking flawed criticism?

    Also, you can bring up your buddies’ opinion as if it means something to me (I have zero, and I mean zero respect for anyone who grades a movie based on its hype), but actual film critics, you know, people whose job it is to critically grade movies, liked this movie and praised it. So it got compared to the Lion King, big deal. Freakin’ Spirit got compared to the Lion King! Lion King is the Harry Potter of animation in how overused its name is in the reviews.