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GKIDS Acquires French Feature ‘The Big Bad Fox And Other Tales’ For N. America Distribution

If there’s a promising foreign animated feature, there’s a good chance that GKIDS will acquire its North American distribution rights, which is what happened today with The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales (Le grand mechant renard et autres contes), the new feature from Benjamin Renner, co-director of the Oscar-nominated feature Ernest & Celestine.

It’s based on a graphic novel that Renner published in 2015 (and which was recently released in a translated English version). Renner co-directed the film with Patrick Imbert, who was the animation director of Ernest & Celestine.

The 80-minute film, a compilation of three outlandish tales set on an everyday farm, will be released theatrically by GKIDS this winter.

Big Bad Fox is a production of Folivari, the new production studio from veteran French producer Didier Brunner, who co-produced Fox with Panique.

Studiocanal launched Renner’s film in French theaters on June 21, where it has grossed $4.1 million to date, making it the second-highest grossing homegrown French feature of 2017, behind Sahara.

  • HOORAY!!!!!

    Now this is the kind of stuff that I love to get excited about!!!

  • Congrats Renner! looking forward to more work from him.

  • Nina

    I LOVE Ernest et Celestine! Looking forward to this!

  • Harry Bastard

    Nice! Gkids did a nice job with E&C, sure they’ll do a bangup version…hopefully in time for Chreesmas!

  • Peter Zhuravlev

    The foxes are rule!

  • Cameron Ward

    This is super exciting. I think they should get Bobby Moynihan for The Big Bad Fox character. And, since this is a GKids film, they should get Nick Offerman somewhere.