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‘Gnome Alone’: First Teaser Trailer, October Release Confirmed

Smith Global Media (SGM), the new distribution company launched by Harry Smith, the brother of actor Will Smith, has set an October 13 release date for the animated feature Gnome Alone.

Gnome Alone is described as “one girl’s journey to discover the hero within herself.” That journey involves the girl, Chloe, teaming up with garden gnomes in her new home to engage in battle with aliens from another dimension.

The company will give Gnome Alone a 1,500-screen release in the U.S. The first teaser for the movie was released this morning:

The Nut Job director Peter Lepeniotis helmed Gnome Alone for 3QU Media, a feature animation start-up co-founded by John Williams (producer of Shrek and Shrek 2).

3QU is wrapping up a second animated feature, Charming, which has also been acquired for distribution by Smith Global Media. Cinesite’s studio in Montreal animated both features.

“It is a huge coup for Smith Global Media to acquire two highly commercial films of this caliber,” SGM’s Smith said in a statement. “This dual acquisition enhances our company’s position in the marketplace and illustrates our desire to be the home for the most acclaimed independent films worldwide. Charming and Gnome Alone are both terrific family comedies that will appeal to the masses and be supported with a significant level of marketing and advertising.”

Michael Schwartz and Zina Zaflow wrote the screenplay based on a screen story by Rob Moreland and a story by Micah Herman and Kyle Newman. Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy composed the score and wrote an original song for the film, to be performed by Becky G. Josh Peck, Olivia Holt, and George Lopez provide voices, along with Stump and Becky G.

SGM has a multi-year home entertainment agreement with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, including SVOD and tv distribution.

  • RCooke

    That looks absolutely terrible. Even worse than anything else john williams has ever had his named attached to (and just once, long ago, owning the option to the book Shrek does not count)–and that’s pretty awful. And one of the laziest “trailers” I’ve ever seen. Please make it stop.

  • Pedro

    This is very nice! but I wonder when will we run out of “Gnome” puns for movie titles?

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Looks like a kiddie version of the recently remade 70s tv horror movie ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’.

  • Inkan1969

    “That journey involves the girl, Chloe, teaming up with garden gnomes in her new home to engage in battle with aliens from another dimension.” OK, I’m willing to go along with that premise. And I note that this isn’t the first mainstream animated feature about lawn gnomes.

  • Cameron Ward

    Well, I can’t see this doing well at all. while the cgi animation is not horrible, it’s still not good looking. it was also done by the same studio that is doing the upcoming Charming and their previous work include Space Chimps….not a good sign….

    I don’t know, this has short theatrical run plastered all over it.

  • Eac101

    First there was Gnomeo and Juliet. Then there was Sherlock Gnomes. Now this. What’s next?

    • Elsi Pote

      Metrognome, a space drama of a bi-curious lawn gnome.

    • Omnaut

      Gnome Man’s Land

      • slipperysnagglefoot

        Gnome Man’s Sky

        • AmidAmidi

          Spider-Man: Gnomecoming

  • Josh Evans

    Oh hey, my wife worked on this one! Here’s hoping it finds an audience!

  • Mike Robertson

    Wow, the animation quality is the worst I’ve seen in recent years!

    • Cameron Ward

      hyperbolic much? you haven’t seen a lot of animated films if you think this is the worst….

      • Mike Robertson

        I mean if you look at feature films with a nationwide release, I can’t think of anything worse in recent years, Nut Job came close but was way better in comparison.

        • Cameron Ward

          Not even Norm of the North? it got wide release…somehow

  • I’m wonderin’ the decision to use Danny Elfman like music…is it because the main character Chloe has a slight resemblance to Coraline?

    I feel the story itself has too much to where it doesn’t peak my interests (gnomes fighting aliens..ok). The trailer felt a bit too predictable (guys meets moving in girl, they team up, they save the day). Maybe Harry Smith’s company will improve as they go along.

  • riley

    “Gnome” is used throughout the trailer to mean “No” (gnome exception, gnome turning back, etc.)…but when the Title appears it’s meant to be read as “Home Alone”, Not “No Alone.” Whether the movie is any good or not is yet to be seen, but the trailer could definitely use some help.

  • Zoe

    Who was in charge of choosing the title? There is another movie by the same name on imdb! Gnome Alone (2015), Genres: Horror

    “When Zoe inherits the magical protection of a bewitched Gnome, she quickly realizes that he isn’t your garden variety gnome, when he begins eliminating her enemies in extravagant displays of revenge.”

  • Rob

    Laika is getting royalties for the use of their Coraline character design, right? That’s a pretty clear, uh, “inspiration” there.

  • Let us see- a limited theater count and coming out a week after My Little Pony.
    Yeah, the future for this rather bad-looking movie does not look bright at all.

  • Abdullah Zubair

    the dialogues in this are urrghh so bad!!
    Reminds me of Dora The Explorer tbh the way they told us the plot..
    And the dubbing is bad 2
    But I like the character designs..Can’t blame the animators for this one..
    Still can’t believe Smith didn’t get anyone from his own home to do the dubbing..With so much talent over there, even Jaden Smith would have been good..

  • Googamp32

    “The Nut Job director”…

    Already NOT sold!

  • Marc Hendry

    Hey, it’s Coraline! and Mandark!

  • Cheese

    First “Aliens in the Attic,” now “Gnomes in the Attic.” What will they think of next? Fairies?

  • Jeez, why are people STILL hating on indie/non-Disney/non-DreamWorks/non-Illumination/non-WB/non-SPA/non-Blue Sky animated films?

    Seriously? I understand people say they’re bad. But HOW BAD? EXPLAIN

    • GW

      I enjoy some CG animated films that aren’t from these companies. I’m one of the rare people who likes the look of early CG. I think that this film looks fairly good. The biggest problem with non-majors CG is a general blandness and lack of interesting movement. In the past independent CG features have been awful but that’s mostly in less developed countries now. I personally think that CG has some very inconvenient tools. Once there’s more developed 3D drawing tools, more technical tools that allow for different styles and there’s the ability to draw 3D camera movements I think we’ll see some more interesting work.

      In the past 3D animated films were stiff, poorly rendered, and had incredibly lousy camera movements. Nowadays they’re just bland and have mediocre stories. The two exceptions on the storytelling front of those I’ve seen are The Painting and Flatland the Film. Justin and the Nights of Valor I enjoyed in spite of its basic story and disappointing ending. And A Turtle’s Tale has an interesting plot but pretty bland characters. Extraordinary Tales had good art but suffered from flawed storytelling like the cut off ending to The Pit and the Pendulum and The Tell Tale Heart segment wasn’t as good as UPA’s version.

      For those who want to check out the North American CGI indie scene, look up Jimmie ScreamerClauz, M Dot Strange, and David T. Krupicz.

      I haven’t seen Louise by the Shore yet since it’s had no US release to my knowledge, not even at film festivals.

      I hope this gives you some idea of my thoughts on non-majors CG animation.

      • I see.

        Sometimes I see non-major CG films as visually equal as the major ones (especially Pixar or DWA)

  • Mikaelo

    Well it’s a step up from the Nut Job at least.

    Still probably going to be horrible.