Concept painting by Paul Sullivan for Jorge Gutierrez's "Untitled Kung Fu Space Western." (Click to enlarge.) Concept painting by Paul Sullivan for Jorge Gutierrez's "Untitled Kung Fu Space Western." (Click to enlarge.)
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Jorge Gutierrez and Reel FX To Make Kung Fu Space Western

Jorge Gutierrez and Reel FX Animation Studios have teamed up again, this time to produce the ultimate genre mashup film: a kung fu space western (currently untitled). The film will mark the sophomore film of Gutierrez, whose 2014 debut The Book of Life was also produced by Reel FX.

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The announcement was made yesterday by Reel FX, who has signed Gutierrez to a long-term deal to create projects for their studio. The “kung fu space western” creative team will include some of the same people who worked on Book of Life, including Doug Langdale who will co-write the script with Gutierrez, and Sandra Equihua who will oversee the film’s character design.

Gutierrez’s new film will revolve around “one of the galaxy’s most charming outlaws” and his “ragtag crew of rebel bandits” who have to fight a villain to save the universe. Says Gutierrez about the new project: “Our heartfelt film will be a funny mash-up of some of my favorite influences: ’90s Kung Fu films, Spaghetti Westerns of the ’60s, and the epic Space Adventures of the ’70s, ’80s and today.”

(Image: Concept painting by Paul Sullivan for Jorge Gutierrez’s “Untitled Kung Fu Space Western.”)

  • JoshActionReplay

    My God the concept art for Jorge’s works are amazing!

  • Anonymous

    “Gutierrez’s new film will revolve around “one of the galaxy’s most charming outlaws” and his “ragtag crew of rebel bandits” who have to fight a villain to save the universe.”

    So, uh, did none of them see Guardians of the Galaxy?

    • Megan

      Guardians of the galaxy be darned , Cowboy Bebop was the first thing that came into my head. Although either way I would be happy to see more space westerns.

      • ZibZabZo

        Space western… 1977 Star Wars

      • Justin Howe

        Guardians of the Galaxy, Cowboy Bebop, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Avengers, Transformers, Lord of the Rings, Justice League, The Matrix, Men in Black, Time Bandits, Serenity… It’s hard to think of a genre film that’s NOT about a ragtag crew…. Kung Fu. Space. Western. What’s not to love here?

        • …don’t forget Space Balls.

      • Ravlic

        Watch the show Firefly in that case.

  • James STanley

    Sound’s a little like a toonified “Gaurdians of the Galaxy”

  • Tony

    A “Kung Fu space western” sounds like it could be the coolest movie ever made!… if done correctly. I’m sure Gutierrez will do a good job and make a movie that is fun and unique.

  • Jorge Gurierrez is going to be the next Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

    • DJM

      Actually, he’s going to surpass them. He’s a director, animator, and screenwriter. So far, Gutierrez’s work has more creative visual appeal in one movie than their whole filmography (LEGOs do not count at all). Two and three quarters out of three ain’t bad. If he works on the writing, he is going to be a gangbuster. Next Lasseter or Bird.

      • Fried

        Surpass them? Because he has more titles…?

        Book of Life’s writing was far below anything Lord and Miller have done. They’ve both been consistently funny and heartwarming in all their movies, even 21 Jump Street, which came as a shock to everyone that it wasn’t just another comedy schlock.

        Miller and Lord helped push Sony Animations in its cartoony direction. Sure they may not be artists, but they did help in the visual development of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and come to the conclusion they wanted a puppet, “Seaseme Street” look to it.

        Even if Miller and Lord’s movies looked like South Park, the writing alone would beat Book of Life out of the park. Sorry, a pretty film does not an amazing director make.

        • DJM

          Guess I’m just one of those unicorns who has never found anything they did particularly enjoyable outside of Clone High. Go figure.

    • Max C.

      I can’t see how that comparison makes sense – not only are Lord and Miller notorious for making good use out of terrible concepts, but they have a career both in live-action and animation. Just look at their work on The Last Man on Earth.

      Meanwhile, Gutierrez makes animations based on things that influence him. He’s a nice enough guy, I just hope he can make his future projects a little less formulaic.

  • scope

    Animated version of the show Firefly came to my mind.

  • Sardonic Tuba

    Iron Fistful of Quatloos.

  • Ricardo

    I work for one of the international offices of 20th Century Fox, and I met Jorge while he was promoting “Book of Life” (I spent a couple of days with him). He’s incredibly nice, charming and funny. At one point I told him that “The Art of” books never get published in my country, and like a month later, when I arrived to my office, there was a package on my desk: Jorge sent me a copy of the “Art of The Book of Life”.

    I truly wish him the best.

  • Math

    So it’s inspired by the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today. Influenced by Western films, Eastern films, and Sci Fi films. Basically every genre and every time period mashed together. Sounds coherent.

  • Duby S.

    Space—Cowboys; Treasure—Planet; Space—Jam…Not all mash-ups are meant to be.

  • Nicky

    God, I cannot wait for this. Jorge is going to do great things and he’s a great inspiration to upcoming POC animators. I am so happy he exists.