Lou Dobbs Says “The Lorax” and “Arrietty” Indoctrinate Children Lou Dobbs Says “The Lorax” and “Arrietty” Indoctrinate Children
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Lou Dobbs Says “The Lorax” and “Arrietty” Indoctrinate Children

Fox Business’s Lou Dobbs claims that President Obama’s “liberal friends in Hollywood” are “targeting a younger demographic using animated movies to sell their agenda to children.” He cites Studio Ghibli’s The Secret World of Arrietty and Illumination Entertainment’s upcoming The Lorax as evidence of this indoctrination. One of Dobbs’s guests claims that these films are creating a generation of Occutoddlers, referring to the Occupy Wall Street movement which these films allegedly promote.

Of course, I wouldn’t put it past Fox that they’d try to stick it to Chris Meledandri, who runs Illumination and is a competitor of Fox in the animation market. After all, Meledandri used to run 20th Century Fox Animation and oversaw the earlier Dr. Seuss animated adaptation, Horton Hears a Who!, which was distributed by Fox.

  • Gary

    It’s funny how they call a moral in a film an ‘agenda’.

  • Someone should fix Lou a big ‘ol heaping bowl of shutthefuckup.

    • Lucious Parker

      The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Best to just tell those speaking truth to power to “shut up” than actually counter it.

      • iseewhatyoudidthere

        Wait, so a Japanese film and a film based off of a Dr. Seuss’ film from the 70s are proof of current American liberal indoctrination? How is this “truth”?

      • iseewhatyoudidthere

        edit: Dr. Seuss *book, not *film.

      • Dino

        Putting together a reasoned counter-argument would imply that Dobbs said something substantial in the first place. He didn’t. Pointing and laughing at him is the appropriate response here.

      • @ Lucious Parker –

        The only thing that hurts is listening to the moronic ramblings of an idiot who contributes absolutely nothing to the world. You might not like either of those movies, but it required the effort of many artists, and animators to produce those movies – only to have it dismissed by some privileged fathead who only produces hot air (I’m surprised that those awful tree huggers haven’t tapped it as a new green energy source).

        Everyone has the right to to differing opinions. I may not have agreed with a lot of what William F Buckley said, but at least it was well thought out and delivered with a modicum of intelligence. Lou Dobbs and his kind spout out crap that you would expect from somebody wearing diapers and a tin foil hat, so yeah until he has something intelligent to say – he should shut up.

  • Because it’s well known that Hayao Miyazaki and Obama are old-time buddies.

    • ajnrules

      Of course! We all know all of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s eco-friendly films dating back to Nausicaa have been due to their close connections with Obama since Obama was a student at LA. Because we all know that saving the environment is insidious.

      Ugh…it is this sort of conservative nonsense that makes it embarrassing to be a Republican.

      • Yeah. And they use special signs with their hands to communicate in silence with each other when they met in Hollywood.

      • Maybe we need to see President Obama’s birth certificate again, to make sure he wasn’t REALLY the giant baby in “Spirited Away.”

  • Richard

    This is EXACTLY what Family Guy is trying to tell us!

  • Van

    I think I just got dumber watching this segment.

    • Funkybat

      I refuse to. I’ve heard enough from know-nothing bloviators like this. This is as sad and absurd as the complaints from some ultra-conservatives about the Muppets movie being some kind of psy-op to “program” children to think oil companies are “evil.” Yeah, because kids will never get that idea if not for The Muppets….

  • Grant Beaudette

    You tell `em, Lou! That crazy old lady who tore up the floor boards and called the exterminators on the Borrowers was a job creator. Get off her back, Hollywood!

    • Derik

      ^ dude….c’mon…I haven’t even seen the movie yet. Add spoiler alerts.

  • Mike

    The jackassery on display here is appalling.

  • The Gee

    I’m not going to bother to watch it either…howevah….

    if Dobbs and Company are making wild statements then I’m gonna guess they also believe that the movie “Bambi” is the sole reason why vegetarians exist.

    • R. Araya

      With today’s Disney productions being quite different from the days when Uncle Walt was at the helm, it could be, as they have yet dissed the Muppets’ movie.

  • Jim Henson was quoted in saying that kids are smarter then we are led to believe. That quote holds true, and they’re perfectly capable of making their own decisions on topics, even after seeing “brainwashing pro-liberate” films like The Lorax and The Muppets.

    I think Miss Piggy said it best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8YhED4IgQA

    • ^THIS

      I teach children English and it’s amazing the capacity of “voluntary reaction” they have to arguing, agreeing, discussing, etc. What I’ve learned from them so far is that the words and the manners are learned from the parents, but the attitude is completely out of them. Tell me, how a 5 year-old can become even MORE bossy than her mother? The mother, (a good one) makes sure she calms down, but that girl at her age is already developing a way to “control people”. She, herself, having a brother of 7, who’s the most quiet and kind little boy I ever met!

  • Dr. Seuss was quite the liberal indoctrinator, wasn’t he?

    The Lorax had no right to push his tree-hugging environmental hogwash on the Onceler. His Thneed factory was creating jobs and boosting the local economy.

    While we’re at it, what kind of gay agenda was the Cat in the Hat trying to impose with Thing 1 and Thing 2? Clearly he was teaching those kids how to live a deviant lifestyle.

    And what about the Grinch? Rejecting a Judeo-Christian holiday he feels is too commercialized? Why don’t you just move to China, you America-hating socialist?

    And don’t get me started on the Sneetches. Damn plain-bellies illegally coming onto the beach and stealing real star-bellied Sneetches’ jobs.

  • Bud

    I’ve seen the film. It’s fine–nothing great, but fine. dobbs is a bigoted liar, but he’s got NOTHING to worry about with this film. The “message” is so diluted as to be virtually meaningless.

  • Matthew K Sharp

    One wonders what they thought the “classic children’s book” The Lorax was actually about, if not spreading a pro-environment sustainable-business message.

    Perhaps the next move for Fox News is to start a campaign to have all of that dangerous subversive Dr Seuss’s books removed from public libraries. And then close the libraries because they’re socialist institutions.

    • R. Araya

      Close the libraries? Even FOX News has standards.

      • Steve Gattuso

        You care to bet on that one?

      • R. Araya

        They’ll maybe take away the books they don’t like, but closing the libraries is too stupid.

  • Old Man Father Time

    No one would ever say the same thing about these films if they had been released at a time when Obama was not president. Routine FOX propaganda. Ignore.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Is it a state secret that any news channel with the letters F O & X in front of it should be taken seriously? I know the FCC won’t put a regulation in place, but a disclaimer should be put on screen once per hour (like station call letters) with the following message: For Entertainment Purposes Only. (over) Dramatization. Do not attempt at home, and so forth.

  • Karim

    Hearing that just makes me want to puke.

  • Deaniac

    Fox News just gives me more and more reasons NOT to watch them and NOT take them remotely seriously.

  • Al

    Never mind that both these movies are based on pretty old and well-known books. Clearly the authors could predict the future and knew that in 2012 the liberal Hollywood machine would be able to use their stories as propaganda for kids. Yup.

  • A Painter

    This isn’t surprising. anything that comes from Fox News shouldn’t shock anyone anymore. its like a competition over their to see who is dumber and can say the most outrageous things and the winner gets a cookie. Its like an on-going SNL skit. except its funny :)

    • Old Man Father Time

      And the last round will be a debate over “Is this truck a TRUCK!??!?!? NOO!!!”

  • Bradley Gake

    It’s funny that they don’t mention that these films were finished or at the end of production before the occupy movement started.

  • Baron Lego

    Why is he getting upset about The Lorax? From what the trailers have shown, the environmental message of the book has been watered down to an almost negligible level anyway.

  • I have to say I’m surprised. I never thought that much of Lou Dobbs but I didn’t think he was an IDIOT. He’s always come off to me as a smart guy with a lot of positions I didn’t like. Honestly this just seems like something totally out of left field. I have trouble enough believing your average schmoe could be this stupid—-it gets downright brain-bending when this nonsense is coming from someone I once regarded as intelligent.

  • Hey now

    This just proves that Dobbs is more dimensional than people give him credit for. He is able to hate something besides Mexicans.

  • obj_solid

    Did he seriously just tell people to throw their trash on the ground to show they disagree with the “political statement” these movies show?

    • Kyle Maloney

      Its like an episode of Captain Planet.

      • Derik

        Oh gawds. Imagine what they’ll say if there was a live-action Captain Planet movie.

        By the way, did they say this kinda stuff when Wall-E came out? Which shows humans being fat and lazy and the Earth is all trashed? Or does Pixar have enough cash to pay Fox not to say stuff?

      • Old Man Father Time

        There WILL be a live-action Captain Planet movie!

      • Brian Marshall

        A live action Captain Planet movie? GOD, NO!!!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Lou Dobbs is a senile old fool who jumped the shark back when he started seeing illegal aliens the way a drunk sees pink elephants. There are LSD abusers who have a more firm grasp on reality than the man, and as yet another mouthpiece on The Channel That Brains Forgot, he’s cemented his destiny to be utterly forgotten about five minutes after he craps out.

    This isn’t the first time the mental midgets at Faux Noize flipped their hairpieces over an animated film. They did the same thing back when “Happy Feet” came out, remember? Much like that trumped up “controversy,” this one is fated to sink back into the cesspit it came from, with nary a bubble to break the fetid surface of the fecal landscape of Rupert Murdock’s media empire.

  • Some Guy

    Surprised this wasn’t an Onion report. Then again, the same thing can be said about the majority of Fox.

  • ZiggyStardust

    “won’t somebody please think of the children”!

    I won’t even watch the video. it doesn’t even deserve the seconds it took me write this.

  • Hank

    Who is lou dobbs?

  • Christopher Cook

    Note to Fox News: Conspiracy theory does not equal fact.

    • ajnrules

      You don’t happen to be the Christopher Cook that worked on the old Powerpuff Girls comic, are you?

  • Gobo

    I love this kind of thing so much. It just makes FOX and the right-wing loonies look even more absurd with every word out of Lou’s mouth. Because y’know, there’s no better way to turn folks over to your cause than to tell parents they’ve just ‘indoctrinated’ their kids by taking them to a gentle, lovely Ghibli movie.

  • Maybe Dobbs could be on am anti-Yogi Bear panel with Geena Davis at the next Comic Con. He could point out the subversive elements in the 1973 “Lotta Litter” episode of “Yogi’s Gang” and she could rally against the sexist issues inherent in the original 1960 series.

    With special guest Rose Marie, the voice of Lotta Litter.

  • Alissa

    At first I tried to figure out how either movie applied to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    Then I tried to comprehend how or why Obama would convince/pay for a Japanese animation studio to make a movie solely to promote his ideals to children.

    Next was trying to understand why teaching children that excessive, irresponsible deforestation is a bad thing and that we need to manage natural resources to ensure their continued presence somehow equals Evil Ulterior Agendas.

    Thankfully I stopped trying to decipher their paranoid lunatic logic before I broke my brain to itty-bitty pieces.

  • Ok, so.. I’m not going to go into all the outrage I feel about this clip.

    But I will say, what we are now facing seems to be nothing more than a bunch of 1990’s cartoon villains. Hoggish Greedly just told us to throw paper on the floors of our theaters.

  • G. Melissa Graziano

    In a few months they’re going to be talking about how Brave pushes the “militant feminist” agenda.

    It still baffles me how Fox can spew both this super right-wing stuff and still fund “leftist propaganda” like The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad. Has Dobbs ever complained about those shows, or does he only attack stuff not owned by Fox?

    • Eric

      I don’t know about “militant feminist” but to me, based on the clip that they just released, it certainly looks to be promoting disobedience to parents. Not that this is anything new to Disney.

    • Sarah J

      See, I wonder about this myself. For all the stuff Family Guy and American Dad can get away with (Family Guy, especially. American Dad doesn’t really try as hard as FG to put out episodes with pro-leftist morals, though it does have them from time to time) FOX News commentators really don’t do a lot of complaining. Is there like, some kind of company policy that prevents them from complaining about “Glee” harboring a pro-gay agenda?

    • Someguy

      How is Family Guy or American Dad leftist?

      Family Guy pushes a brand of humor based exclusively on a lack of empathy for other people. Sure they have characters who espouse leftist beliefs, but they are not main characters.

      I’m not picking a fight, I’m genuinely curious.


  • I wish there was a way to shock him every time he says something idiotic over the air. Is there an app for that?

  • Sarah J

    What a stupid comment of this guy to make. Arriety isn’t a “Hollywood” movie, it’s made in freakin’ Japan. And The Lorax is based on a beloved children’s book, which, by the way, had already been made into a short animated film. If he has such a problem, he should just keep his children from seeing it. Maybe some people WANT to have films with morals. I bet he wouldn’t have a problem if there was a children’s movie with a pro-big corporation message, or an anti-abortion moral.

  • Jorge Garrido

    Come on, guys, in Lou Dobb’s defense, he is a fucking retard.

  • Geoff Gardner

    This election is already so God-Awful-Ugly, and we still have most of the year left to get through. How depressing.

  • Oliver

    Remember 50/60 years ago, all those bat-shit insane extremists who said Eisenhower was a Communist agent? Now they blame the Muppets, and that’s crazier still.

  • David Breneman

    Maybe it’s because I’m a libertarian rather than a liberal, but I hear or read or see something in the media every day that offends my sensibilities. But I shrug it off. People that say dumb things don’t bother me. After all, it’s the dumb people’s world and I’m only a guest in it. And Dobbs is only some guy on a TV show. Let it go. Find inner peace.

    • lola

      that’d be all cool and groovy and all except these people are the majority in power over here in the states and I for one am constantly afraid of forced censorship in movies according to government agendas. sorry if a few of us get a little wild about stuff like this.

      • David Breneman

        I find it fascinating that you assume I’m not an American. If you think you’ve got it bad now, look up the Hayes Office.

      • David Gibson

        It’s not nice to talk about your cousins overseas that way.

    • Julian

      I’m a libertarian too, and I have to say I agree with ya. Yes, it’s some stupid meaningless criticism of the movie. Yes Fox News is full of crap. But who cares? No “Lou Dobbs” is not in power (leftist Obama is) and now I doubt he will ever be in power for making such ludicrous comments. And don’t tell me liberals don’t do the same crap either. You got people on MSNBC going on about this and that being pro war and anti gay (even if it’s really petty) and you got GLAAD running around slamming everything that doesn’t show gay people in their ideal light as being a “right wing hate show”. Point is, I laugh at the shallow drama and move on.

  • Otaku-sempai

    Of course! *slaps head* How could I not see it? How could a Japanese animated film that was first released in July 2010 and is based on a 1952 British children’s book be about anything other than the Occupy Movement? Thank you, Lou Dobbs, for setting me straight!

    • I watched the whole video, and it was depressing that neither Dobbs nor any of the three talking heads that were trotted out seemed to be even remotely aware of Mary Norton’s novel.

      As someone who grew up with the various incarnations of The Borrowers, hearing the term “Borrower” being used in a such a sinister context by political commentators is… surreal, to say the least.

  • James E. Parten

    Opinions are like–er, tailpipes–everybody has one!

    This sounds like the sort of thought that motivated the blacklisters some sixty years back, who thought that Hollywood’s overly liberal idea-mongers were putting Commie propaganda into movies where there should have been none.

    The truth is that some on the right wing (of which I am a proud member) think that “progressives” are some kind of Machiavellian monsters who try to do everything they can to get their way.

    Now, “progressives” may be dangerous people. They may appear to want to turn this country into a People’s Republic or a debt-ridden Grecian basket case. But they don’t have the smarts to be as Machiavellian as some of my fellow right-wingers would paint them.

    Of course, Hollywood does believe in all the assumptions of the environmentalist movement, and sometimes shoehorns such attitudes into their productions. Somebody mentioned “Captain Planet” on This Here Blog. And one could also cite “Happy Feet”, which was perking along rather blandly until it got hung up in an environmentalist subplot that ruined the picture–and allowed it to steal an Oscar from the more deserving Pixar production of “Cars”. (Not to mention “Ferngully: The Last Rainforest”).

    Cone to think of it, a lot of those folks who camped out in the so-called “occupy” movement would be the right age to have watched “Captain Planet” when that show was polluting the air-waves!

  • michael

    why is fox taking a shot at ghibli’s biggest stateside release? what a bummer. i hope this nonsense doesn’t impact the film’s success.

    step up, america; you ought to be ashamed.

  • Rina

    Yeah, those liberal b*st*rds are always trying to indoctrinate our youth with their propaganda cartoon programming! Take the Carebears and “The Book of Virtues” for example – Always teaching kids about “Love” and “Caring” and Pinko Commie nonsense like that. Obviously liberal Obama-sponsored anti-interventionism and gun control propaganda!

    • ‘The Book of Virtues’ was the work of one William J. Bennett, another self-appointed ultra-right wing morals crusader against the depredations of the liberal media. The book got turned into a series that ran on the evilly liberal PBS network.

      Then it turned out the turd had a gambling addiction a mile wide and equally high. Take a look at his picture:


      he looks like central casting was asked to send over the perfect right wing bully, and they sent this guy.

  • Wow! it’s literally like watching a really bad parody of ‘At the Movies’.

    Honestly, it would be easier to replace everything/anything that Fox News rambles about with the words ‘blah, blah, blah, blah, we hate anybody who doesn’t agree with us, blah, blah, blah, blah, muppets+nickelodeon=miyazaki to the 5th power, blah, blah, blah, yap, yap, yap, dribble, dribble Palin.

    Glad I got that out of the way. Now here’s what I think someone should say after hearing accusations towards Ghibli, Dr. Seuss, Muppets, etc. :

  • Halfway through this clip, all I heard was Charlie Brown-style “wha wha whaawhaaa wha”.

  • AaronSch

    The debate is a legitimate one. It’s not a stretch to state that the majority of people in the creative community tend to lean left, far left in many instances. The themes presented in television programs and theatrical productions will undoubtedly reflect the political ideology and world view of the artists who write and produce them. Denying that fact is either the height of self-deception or pure ignorance. Liberals love to lambaste Fox News for its “conservative leanings,” yet give a pass to the “liberal” slant presented daily on MSNBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Of course, there is no “agenda” among these networks in their eyes. Its not possible that large corporations and the extremely wealthy would support a left-wing ideology. There are no “one-percenters” on the left. Good Grief!

    The hypocrisy on display here is staggering.

    In my experience, the most intolerant voices among us “occupy” the left. They want to silence opposing points-of-view rather than allowing for a platform of discussion. This has been pointed out by people like Tammy Bruce who wrote the book, “The New Thought Police: Inside the Left’s Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds.” They attempt to destroy character, name-call and dismiss opposing voices rather than having a genuine conversation. It’s not conservatives shouting down liberal speakers at universities and seeking to silence their points-of-view. It is a difficult task to find a conservative voice in the mainstream media. If you do, they are generally marginalized or removed. However, Fox News regularly allows liberals to espouse their opinions. Of course, Fox News appears to lean right—that’s because the other networks lean so far to the left.

    It’s preposterous to state unequivocally there is no agenda on parade in any of these films. For years, many in the film industry have boasted that film can be a powerful instrument of social and political change.

    Call Lou Dobbs a racist or senile old man if you wish. However, you lost the argument the minute you took those cheap shots.

    • Oliver

      “It’s preposterous to state unequivocally there is no agenda on parade in any of these films.”

      No, what *IS* preposterous is suggesting that a film made by and for Japanese, released in Japan over a year ago, is somehow part of a plot by President Obama and his “liberal Hollywood friends” to “indoctrinate” American children.

      “It’s not conservatives shouting down liberal speakers at universities and seeking to silence their points-of-view.”

      No, Conservatives just settle for running a digusting excess of sexually-tinged, eliminationist rhetoric against liberals (including 16-year-old girls who constitutionally call for school ‘prayer banners’ to be removed) by means of blogs and talk radio hate peddlers.

      “Call Lou Dobbs a racist or senile old man if you wish.”

      Lou Dobbs is a racist and senile old man who (like so many on the once-dignified American Right) was driven full-on, John-Bircher(-and-Birther) insane by the free and fair election of President Obama.

    • I’d say that this argument comes under “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Yes, the Guardian can be as daft as the Daily Mail (forgive the local examples, I don’t live in the US) and this kind of silliness can definitely be found on the other side of the political fence – I remember reading some rather bizarre left-wing attacks on The Incredibles, to start with.

      But that doesn’t mean that this man’s commentary carries any weight. He’s saying that Ghibli’s adaptation of The Borrowers is “insidious nonsense” that “plainly demonises the so-called 1%” – have you seen the film? Did Obama or Occupy Wall Street pass through your head at the time?

      I’ve never heard of Dobbs before so I don’t know if he’s racist or senile; from this video he comes across more as a typical hack journalist, creating a story where there is none.

      The debate about political agendas in the media may be worth having, but this is hardly a worthwhile contribution to it.

    • Philip Stephens

      Is it really necessary for me to point out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with making a movie that expresses an opinion on a subject. Whether that opinion can be viewed as “left” or “right” leaning in a political sense is, quite frankly, largely irrelevant.

      Dr. Seuss had every right to create a story that had an environmental message, if that was indeed his intent. The makers of the movie had every right to keep that message in their story, if that is indeed what they have done. Similarly, any message found in Ghibli Studio’s movies has every right to be there, regardless of how you feel about the message.

      More importantly, however, is the simple fact that not every movie that happens to express a point of view is attempting to make a POLITICAL point. This is something that is evidently lost on Lou Dobbs. People like him need to get a life and realise that not everything that others say or do is meant to be a shot across someone’s political bow. So trying to drag two animated films into a political debate is just dumb.

  • andreas Wessel-Therhorn

    There are many very conservative people in our industry, many very religious. to say that the majority is left leaning is just not true. I wish it were.
    Most family films have always had some kind of moral or message, usually the triumph of good over evil, of the small guy over the big banker( see its a wonderful life ),of the outsider triumphing over the bully. this is nothing new. New is that this is being called out as somehow harmful. Since they think that there are obvious liberal messages there, I wonder if they preferred family movies where the oil baron takes over the muppet studio and Bambi’s forest gets sold to a furniture maker…doesn’t seem to have quite the same impact.

  • I’m going to skip whatever Lou says. Not worth my time.

    But speaking about the Lorax trailer, funny how the whole premise of the film is about the main character wanting to see a “real, live tree”. Well, looking at any 3D movie nowadays, they all look like “plastic” to me. Shinny, plastic looking things that remind you that eventually, these characters will be made into toys(*again, plastic)

    Not to take anything away from the design team here, love all Seuss designs and colors. Just why does every animation movie have to be 3D?

  • All I have to say is this-

    Fox Business News wasn’t bad when I first saw it, but now they’re looking up to the channel that owns the branch- Fox News, when attacking random films.

    Why couldn’t they have ruined the live-action Yogi Bear with the Mayor Brown character? That would make that film flop- guaranteed and purists would rejoice.

    I still would prefer the original CBS special to the movie (The Lorax), but I will probably still see it, regardless of what this guy says. I e-mailed Jerry Beck the link to the Ad Council page to a PSA campaign for the Lorax, and, suprisingly, has almost nothing to do the with the enviornment and conservation. I wonder if Jerry has it on his Facebook yet before many have seen it?

    Anyways, The Muppets I lost appetite to thanks to this rising threat to Hollywood known as Fox Business News. I kind of don’t like how Ted Turner invented CNN, the idea of a 24-hour news channel.

    And Rio’s gonna win the statue this Sunday for Best Song all because of voter’s appetites ruined too, unless Disney can rig that system. Yecchh!

  • Anonymous

    “Trying to sell their… agenda.” [2:19]

    Isn’t Fox doing the same by publishing these… “news”?

  • Haha pure hypocrasy. And they’re getting desperate: they know they’re a dieing breed, but not fast enough as far as i’m concerned

  • OMFG. One more time, explain to me how Obama got the Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli to make a movie to further his ‘agenda’?

    I’m really curious what color the sky is in these people’s world.

  • The World

    Dear “Right Wing” America & Fox News.
    Stuff like this makes not just “Left Wing” America think you are all just a bunch of total loons & media puppets, but THE ENTIRE REST OF THE GOD DAMN WORLD think this too.

    Please become a REAL and RESPONSABLE news broadcaster that covers & presents WORTHWILE stories in a more plainspoken & unbiased way. Because your version of “Fair and Balanced” is total CRAP.

    Everone around the globe is frankly disgusted at how you continue to kibosh a large section of America with your mindless agenda pushing rhetoric.

    • The Realworld

      Dear “Left Wing” America & CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NBC, ABC.
      You are so perfect! Don’t ever change a thing. The only reason the world is messed up is because of the oh so specifically defined “right wing” America. Disease, war, famine, and the fault of human nature would end the moment “right wing America” ends. Fox News is the only propaganda machine in the history of the universe, everything else is clear and honest news with no other political or corporate interests in mind. Just plain facts from the goodness of their hearts. Everyone (100%) around the globe knows the political system and culture in America and has oh so valid non-stereotyped opinions of Americans, and has clearly chosen you as the pristine non-evil doers of the world. So keep doing whatever you’re doing to make the world perfect.

  • Geez, I can’t believe it’s just deja vu all over again: Dr. Seuss himself got in real serious hot water with censors who deemed “The Lorax”–when it first came out–as being “too politically incorrect” for kids, along with critics from a Calif. lumber town who also saw it as propaganda against their livelihoods. All “The Lorax” was just trying to do was prove the opposite: just because “The Lorax” has an environmentally conscious moral (and a VERY poignant one at that) that tends to be politically incorrect doesn’t always necessarily translate as immoral or subversive (yet no need to listen to *Mr* Dobbs running it to the ground otherwise, thank you).

    ALSO, I also have yet to see “Arriety”; not only the animation, like most SG projects, look awesome and stunning, it IS a very nice, pleasant departure from most other usual anime/manga. But yet, way TOO subversive for conservative watchdogs like *Mr* Dobbs. And you always thought Peggy Charren and her Action for Children’s Televison were strict! /:(

  • james

    @ 2:46 what he really meant to say was, …”Not so much worry because well I’m super overweight and obviously I don’t give two cents about being inspirational to children, I’m just as crappy as a crappy movie.

  • Matthew Hunter

    Hollywood may have a liberal agenda, but Lou Dobbs is an idiot. The Lorax is not about politics, nor is it anti-industry. It’s about respecting our natural resources and not being wasteful. That’s something conservatives and liberals alike should listen to. The real crime here is that they’ve made yet another feature-length Seuss adaptation that no doubt pads and dilutes the source material. Forget the liberal indoctrination of children and focus on the real crime: Hollywood continually raping our childhoods!

  • Julian

    God, I wish half of you would STFU. This is about animation, not politics, and no I don’t think his criticism of the Lorax holds any water, but I scroll through the comments and it’s mostly liberals and conservatives who talk like their views are somehow the F**king default and every single F**king conservative thinks and acts like this “Lou Dobbs” and every single F**king liberal is out to indoctrinate children. Why are you people so close minded?
    Anyway, my two cents on the Lorax, isn’t the story originally about cutting down trees and ruining the environment? So how is making a 3d animated movie, from a country outside the US with a different political system may I add, of that indoctrination? If that criticism was to be put anywhere, wouldn’t it go to Dr. Seuss himself? As for the quality of the movie, haven’t seen it, not going to judge it until I have.

    • iseewhatyoudidthere

      “This is about animation, not politics”

      A lot of animation has and always will have, ties to politics. The very first animations were the creations of political and satirical cartoonists. From the days of John Bray’s propaganda piece about the Lusitania, to the Military’s war simulation training games, animation can and has been used to convey ideas.

      Because of its history, today, even if a cartoon is created with the purest intentions, people will always call “propaganda” even if there is no evidence to support it. Animation and the real world are not two separate entities that never spill over into each other.

      • Julian

        True, but I still find watching a cartoon much better than listening to somebody rant and whine. Even if I completely disagree with the message it brings. I guess that’s why I got into it. Haha.

  • E. Nygma

    So what? films can’t have opinions…everything has to be neutral? What a boring world of animation that would be.

    If it’s a problem, some of them right wingers should start a studio.

  • Someguy

    The only thing I have to add is that those people who are arguing left or right, conservative versus liberal as it relates to these issues have already lost.

    By getting you to argue them as political issues, you have been tricked into doing exactly what those in favour of deregulated industrialization, and mindless consumerism-as-growth policies, regardless of whether or not you agree with those issues.

    These are *NOT* political issues.

    They are socio-economic ones. They exist outside of politics, but by treating them only as a political one, you can get people to line up on their ‘team’s’ side and shout at each other endlessly. Meanwhile nothing changes, and that’s the point.

    Whether you think it’s a good idea or not, we are deforesting the planet to fuel our endless growth paradigm. That’s a fact. The oil that we are using is not being replaced. This means that we are running out of oil because the planet is finite. These are all realities.

    Now, the reason these are treated as “political” is because intelligent conservatives can reason that if we destroy the planet on which we live, all the money in the world is meaningless. But if you call them political you can bypass all that pesky reasoning and critical thinking and get people to just support their team…the troops…America (defined as Corporate America).

    Left or right wing, it’s the same damn bird. A vulture or a hawk, but let’s be honest, it’s not a dove regardless of which team mascot is forming the head.

    Left wingers supported the wars, the tax breaks, the national defense authorization act, sopa, gitmo, wire-tapping, destroying Libya, drone strikes, and the list goes on and on. So tell me exactly what is the fundamental difference between the two parties? How is Obama different from Bush in terms of his actual policies?

    In the end, corporations hate these movies because kids might want to choose a different future other than the one where we run every resource, natural and human, into the ground so we can make ipad 7’s. Yet funny enough, pro-army Transformers and GI Joe get a pass. I guess only some messages indoctrinate children. Also, this notion that Hollywood is liberal is a joke. Go look at the last major films of 2011 and please find this trend of films that aren’t the same pro-war, pro-love (usually to justify war), distraction fest. All I know is that when I think Time Warner, I think tree-hugging liberal multinational corporation.


  • Aimee

    Fox News does this “ignorance as news” nonsense on purpose so we’ll talk about them.

    How could they not know that the Lorax and The Borrowers predate the Occupy Movement by an entire generation. They were even in pre-production as movies well before the Occupy Movement kicked off.

  • they do

  • jamesrath

    I am a conservative, but this is utterly ridiculous. I bet FOX had no protests when Horton Hears A Who – which everyone knows is anti-abortion – came out. Why doesn’t FOX hate on Dr.Suess – who wrote the book. Conservatives – remember that I am one – need to care more about the environment.

  • Mark McD

    The answer is obvious. Hollywood needs to adapt Ayn Rand novels. What’s that? They released “Atlas Shrugged pt. 1” last year? It only made $5 million at the box office after a $6.5 million budget? I guess Hollywood isn’t that liberal if they only want to make movies that MAKE MONEY. Maybe if “Part II” puts in some fart jokes.

  • Oliver

    ‘The Lorax’ is on track for a “huge” and “beyond expectations” $60m opening weekend:


    While I don’t have the exact numbers to hand, I strongly suspect this is more than ‘An American Carol’, ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and ‘Sarah Palin: The Undefeated’ earned during their *entire* theatrical runs.

    Now, what is it Conservatives are always telling us about the infallible wisdom of the free market?