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“The Snow Queen” Official Trailer

No, not Disney’s Frozen – This is the Russian version of The Snow Queen, of which we posted a teaser from back in February. Here’s the latest “official trailer” for the film, this one playing up the “comedy” elements.

The Snow Queen will be released in Stereoscopic 3D and was produced on a budget of $7 million (US$). Moscow’s Wizart Animation is the producer/production company. More information and artwork can be found on the official Snow Queen web site.

  • Hannah

    Give me the original 1957 version over this any day…

    • dbenson

      Give me a decent DVD, at least.

      • Archagon

        Yeah, the 1957 version was something every kid in Russia watched. Good stuff, classic Soviet animation. This, on the other hand, looks like a heartless cash-in.

  • Christian

    Wow! most often I hate this kind of “cheap” wannabe Hollywood movies. But in this case remove the ugly characters design and I think this may be fun and entertaining!

    God Job!

  • Sotiris

    The environments and effects are good but the characters – both in terms of design and animation – are abysmal.

  • wever

    Maybe one of the reasons Disney changed the title was because they didn’t want it to get confused with the Russian film!

  • Pretty neat.
    Your move now, Disney!

  • Mark McD

    Sigh. I could see a lot to like, but if only the character design and gestures didn’t seem to have been lifted right out of earlier Dreamworks. And the heroine and her assistant didn’t act so much like Shrek and Donkey. But I guess the investment money follows “international appeal” and not “distinctively different.” Has you not said this was a Russian production, I’d never have guessed it.

  • I would have to agree with the majority of comments on this article. This looks absolutely terrible. When I saw the first teaser that was released in February, I was pretty excited. Now… I think I’ll just stick with Rise of the Guardians in terms of “snow” and “ice” themed animated films.

    Still, can’t wait for Frozen.

  • I’m confused, is the girl the main character, or the troll? From that trailer, I’d say the troll.

    • m(_ _)m

      It’s probably like LOTR. Frodo is the “main character,” but Sam has the character arc. In this case, the girl is the “main character,” but the troll has the character arc.

  • Glowworm

    What is up with making Kay Gerda’s brother? I’m pretty certain he was a playmate–and eventually her lover.

    As for the actual movie–that troll or demon annoys me to no end. I’m not quite sure why. I’m not even sure who’s side he’s on–if he’s begrudgingly helping Gerda or if he’s actually one of the Snow Queen’s minions. His design is pretty ugly too–trolls/demons are supposed to be ugly–but this one looks like an emaciated Snuffleupagus.

    • James

      The “troll” looks like an anthropomorphic anteater or tapir. Definitely a bizarre decision on the design.

      The commenter that compared it to Donkey from Shrek was pretty dead on. Except it worked in that movie and seems out of place and forced in this one. Maybe the Russian voice-actor makes him tolerable…

  • The trailer makes feel like the film is more about the Troll rather the brother and sister from the original book. It’s like if Jim Henson directed Ice Age.

    • Glowworm

      If Jim Henson directed Ice Age–it would have been awesome.

      Not a good comparison at all.

      • Glowworm

        You got me there. I actually haven’t seen either. However, I have heard that they were good.

      • Funny, I thought the troll looked like the Great Gonzo after a really bad illness.

  • Eman

    Looks like they wanted to make the movie about the troll.

    So why not make a movie about a troll instead? Is it because the dialogue is made entirely out of cliches? Need something to distract from that?

  • I guess hell really has frozen over.

  • Keith Patterson

    The 2003 Krupniy Plan DVD is fully restored according to their website.

    I haven’t seen this particular restoration, but I’ve seen others from the same company and the difference is astounding.

    • Keith Patterson

      Russian DVDs aren’t the easiest to get, I’m sorry to say.

      You could try one of the US online Russian language book and DVD shops – They might order it for you, if its not in stock.
      Alternatively, you could try (The Russian Amazon) – they have it at about $9, no idea what the P&P would be, but the deliver time to the US is 2-10 weeks (The high end is about normal in my experience with ordering Russian books from various places to the UK)

  • snappy

    I kind of like how the girl looks but not how she moves.. The voice acting is the biggest turnoff from the trailer, though this may be due to the dialogue and a poor translation. I’d like to see a Russian language trailer.

  • andreas Wessel-Therhorn

    I doubt that this movie had anything to do with Disney’s decision to change the title. I worked with Tangled, so now it Frozen.Once it was one word titles like Tarzan and Mulan, now we have entered the adjective period.And it doesn’t immediately sound like a fairy tale. Ah, if Walt had only called his first feature Choked ,he may have had a hit on his hands…

  • More Pirate Queen!

  • Cheese

    Behold, the site to watch the 1757 version of, “The Snow Queen.” Please note: it is English dialogue.

  • Not sure if it’s incredibly lame of me to mention, but was anybody else ever so slightly shocked by the sheer magnitude of the Pirate Queen’s chest?

  • Anyone know if there is — or might be — a nice-looking DVD of the 1959 English Soyuzmultfilm version with the prololgue? I’ve purchased so many and never found a good one.

  • Did anyone else notice that this looked a little bit like the Golden Compass film? IDK, it just reminded me of it slightly, it looks like a large mixture of a lot of ripped-off sources that have nothing much to do with the Snow Queen.

  • Cheese