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Warner Bros. Unveils ‘Smallfoot’ Teaser Trailer

Warner Bros. released a teaser trailer today for its upcoming feature, Smallfoot.

Smallfoot flips the Bigfoot legend upside down, telling the story of a tribe of Yetis who discover a “smallfoot” — otherwise known as a human.

The film is directed by Karey Kirkpatrick, whose last feature animation directing gig was the 2006 Dreamworks film Over the Hedge. He also directed the 2009 Eddie Murphy film Imagine That. Kirkpatrick is not the first director on the film; Ryan O’Loughlin had been attached as director as late as this spring.

Smallfoot is based on a story by Sergio Pablos, and a script by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (Cats & Dogs, Bad Santa), who are part of Warner Animation Group’s “think tank.”

Besides Kirkpatrick, the film has a strong Dreamworks pedigree. The film’s co-director is Jason Reisig, who was head of character animation on Home and supervising animator on Trolls and Kung Fu Panda 3. Two other Dreamworks vets – Ronald Kurniawan and Devin Crane – are production designer and art director respectively. Bonne Radford, producer of Dreamworks’ The Road to El Dorado, is producing this film along with Requa and Ficarra.

The animation studio on the film is Sony Pictures Imageworks. It’s a busy time for Imageworks; two other films animated by the studio – Sony’s Hotel Transylvania 3 and the fully-animated untitled Spider-Man film – are also slated for release in 2018.

Channing Tatum leads the voice cast of Smallfoot as the Yeti, Migo. He’s joined by James Corden as Smallfoot, as well as Zendaya, Common, LeBron James, Gina Rodriguez, Danny DeVito, Yara Shahidi, Ely Henry, and Jimmy Tatro.

Smallfoot is due in the U.S. September 28, 2018.

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  • Why emulate Dreamworks?

    And continuing another “Dreamworks Tradition” of casting famous voice actors that no kid really cares about, in a desperate attempt at getting parents butts in seats for the release. The tired posters with celebrity top billing…looks like they’re using DW’s marketing crew as well. Been there, done that, seen it before. Give us something new. Looks like a Sony animation project, marketed by Dreamworks. Bonne Radford. Yawn.

    • Dave 52

      Also, what is really wrong with the way WB is marketing the film? They did the same type of marketing this year with both LEGO Batman and LEGO Ninjago as well and they were both successful. They also do something that no other animation studio is currently doing by making behind the scenes shorts and bloopers that they release online treats the animated characters as if they are actual actors being interviewed. That is a very an original way of marketing your film.

      • thefoxandking

        Pixar has been doing the fake bloopers since the very start, hardly an original idea in 2017.

        • Dave 52

          Bloopers yes, behind the scene interviews with the characters no. Besides, I don’t see any animation studios doing that kind of marketing nowadays anyway. WB is currently the only studio to bring that style of advertisement back.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Wel at least it’s not a sequel.

  • Tony

    The idea is promising, the designs look great, the animation (as always with Sony) is fun. We’ll have to see how it’s all put together in the end, but count me in.

  • Tomm

    Sergio Pablos is an amazing ideas guy – with this and the despicable me franchise and now Klaus – has any individual indépendant creator had a bigger impact on commercial wide release animation?

    • Jack Parson

      “Has any individual independent creator had a bigger impact on commercial wide release animation?”


      His name was Walt Disney.

  • PinataPower

    So Warner Bros. doesn’t have a feature unit and is farming out the production to Sony Imageworks? And i thought Sony Imageworks produced effects, while Sony Animation produced there Animated feature films?

    • RCooke

      I think Sony Animation preps the work (script, designs, storyboards) and Sony Imageworks produces the animation. Sony Animation is Union. I din’t think Sony Imageworks is (I may be wrong about that).

  • Marc Hendry

    is “Gwangi” named after the Ray Harryhausen film?
    It was daft how they taped on that “funny dance” to start of the trailer. The actual trailer looks nice though, at least

  • thefoxandking

    Because they often don’t do a good job. Voice acting is entirely different to traditional acting. Gimme some BIlly West over any of these guys just doing their normal voices anyday.

    • Dave 52

      True, some don’t, but then again some do and sometimes you can’t really tell if its that actor (A good example of this would be Ed Helms performance as both Captain Underpants and Mr. Krupp). And sometimes the actor just using their regular voice works in favor of the character (Chris Pratt’s everyman voice perfectly suits Emmet in The LEGO Movie). We shouldn’t act that only voice actors can do animation and not actual actors nor should we act that as if famous actors never do good voice work.

      • Mario Bros

        Do you work for WB or Sony? which one is it?

  • Capital_7

    I loved that Yeti design when I saw it in Monsters Inc.

    • Dave 52

      I feel this design does stand on it’s own. It’s a more cartoony approach to a Yeti design than the one in Monsters Inc and it is bit more zany looking.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Not bad. I agree with Capital 7 on the Yeti design.

  • Marielle

    It’s very clever how they start the trailer as if it’s the human describing the bigfoot, but then flip it around. The yeti population sitting around the fire is adorable. I wonder if this takes place in the Himalayas – with culturally Himalayan human villagers – or if it’s in the US or in the Alps.

  • I really want a feature-length Looney Tunes movie in the same vein

    • Inkan1969

      Why? Jones, Clampett, Avery, McKimmson and Davis are all dead.

      • Dave 52

        That didn’t stop WB from making Duck Dodgers, or Bah Hum Duck, or Rabbits Run, or Back In Action, or The Looney Tunes Show, or Wabbit, or those great CG theatrical shorts they put in front of their awful family movies. And it certainly won’t stop them from making Space Jam 2.

        Sure, nothing can compare to the work of people like Jones, Clampett, Avery, Freleng, etc and it’s arguable what projects truly capture the spirit of the originals, but just because the original creators are gone doesn’t mean you can’t make anymore projects based on their work.

        You can make a good Looney Tunes project even if people like Jones and Clampett are no longer around to make them. I think a great example of this is the CG shorts WB placed in front of their family films. Those shorts manages to capture the style, comedy, and animation of the original cartoons so well. It honestly felt like either Jones and Freleng were still making cartoons but with new technology. Why? Because Matthew O’Callaghan had a deep passion for the work of people like Chuck Jones and did his best recreate that classic feel. I would love to see a Looney Tunes feature film in the vein of those shorts or like these new WB animated films that are obviously taking a lot of inspiration from those cartoon in terms of tone, style, and comedy. A film that can rely on the Looney Tunes alone and doesn’t need people like Michael Jordan, or Brendan Fraser, or Lebron Jordan to hold up the film. You could either give it a plot or just make it a series of new original short films that make a movie like those compilation movies they had back in the 70’s.Or just give each character their own film and have them take on a certain genre. Make a Duck Dodgers film that is a parody of sci-fi and space adventure movies, make a Bugs Bunny movie that makes fun of those wacky talking animal comedies, have a Wile E Coyote and Road Runner movie be a chase movie even crazier than Mad Max. Heck, I even hear WB is making a 60’s heist comedy starring Pepe le Pew. Warner Brothers has the opportunity to do great things with these characters again yet they still feel they need to take a back seat to people who aren’t as entertaining as them. Even if the guys from Termite Terrace are no longer around to supervise anything new with the characters, we can still get something good out of them. We just need the right people involved.

  • Inkan1969

    I have to admit that my first reaction to the posters was, “The females look like they’re a completely different species.”

    That aside, I’m eager to see this movie. “Storks” surprised me in being very witty and having well staged sight gags. I think Warner CGI animation can make a name for itself with that more satirical mindset.


    I believe the real question is : “are these actors really worth the millions the Canadian gov. subsidies or other tax breaks are paying for to save investment money from the shareholders when we could use that money to give a raise and provide adequate healthcare to the hard working people that breath life to these characters ?”