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WB Will Stick Tom & Jerry Into Anything, Including ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’

Warner Bros. has announced its 13th(!) direct-to-video feature starring the classic cat-and-mouse duo Tom & Jerry.

In this film, Tom and Jerry find themselves wedged into the plot of another WB-owned property, the 1971 feature Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory:

The Willy Wonka production designs and human characters appear to overwhelm the film’s budget, but another trailer recently released online, which looks to be a sequence from the opening of the film, isn’t nearly as garish as the trailer above. In this clip (below), the poses and timing are sharper, the characters behave fairly much like themselves, and the backgrounds even attempt a pleasant watercolor-feeling.

In any case, WB seems to be giving people what they want. Last fall, a group of people online began developing their own Tom & Jerry meet Willy Wonka fanfic.

The reaction on Twitter has been predictably Twitter:

  • Tre

    In the words of Lickboot from the original T&J movie, “We’ve got to have…Moneeeeey!”

  • If I could quote Mr. Hollywood, “Isn’t that cute…BUT IT’S WRONG!!!!!”

  • Fried

    Warner Brothers makes strange crossover DTV movie with their characters and some live action people. Hot off the press!

    Have these people even been paying attention to WB for the last twenty years or were they asleep? Did they miss the Oz, Fast and the Furious, and every Scooby Doo crossover movie? If this is the type of thing that surprises people, I’d hate to see the mental breakdown they’ll have when they find out that Land Before Time is still getting sequels.

    • Matthew

      Still? Those are all kind of depressing because with each new one they’re getting closer and closer to the inevitable comet.

    • We already gave up on Land Before Time.

    • Alex Hartsell

      Why can’t Warner Bros. make a crossover where the Loony Tunes meet the Justice League. That would be much more better than WWE meets Hanna Barbera or Turner Films meets Tom and Jerry. Also I give Tom and Jerry: Back in Oz some credit, it did got the song written team on the map of fame before they were more famous with La La Land.

  • Just the fact alone that adapting fanfic stories into animated movies is now a thing makes me very sad.

    • Dustin Koski

      It’s been a thing for decades, ya nostalgist. Flintstones and Jetsons, Simpsons and The Critic, Scooby Doo and whoever, and so on.

    • Too Many Cooks

      It isn’t. That’s a joke Amid made. I actually think the movie was announced before that page was even created.

  • Dave 52

    Okay, SOMEONE has to find SOMETHING for Tom and Jerry to do besides placing them in stories and franchises where they don’t belong. As someone who has grown up with these characters since childhood and held them up a high pedestal in terms of physical comedy and slapstick it really does saddened me to see them not given the love and celebration they once had and now being reduced to weird direct to DVD movies. My only hope is that with Warner Animation Group rebooting the Hanna-Barbera characters in movies starting with S.C.O.O.B. is that somewhere down the line, if this Hannah-Barbera Cinematic Universe is successful, Tom and Jerry get something that we can applaud and laugh at rather than groan and roll our eyes over.

    • Barrett

      Well, they did have a “new” Tom & Jerry series on Cartoon Network a couple of years back. The animation in it was only slightly better than the “bible-story-grade” art in this film, tho.

      Unless you have a relaunch of Tom & Jerry that goes heavy on really high-quality Tex Avery/Chuck Jones type cartoony animation *including* serious wince-inducing slapstick violence, it’s utterly pointless and pathetic. It’s like somebody at WB WANTS to euthanize classic cartoons, first with that sitcommy “Looney Tunes Show” and then with these pathetic Tom & Jerry re-adaptations.

  • Jack Newman

    Why does Warner Bros keep wasting hand drawn animation on these films? Can’t they put it into something original?

    • Too Many Cooks

      Because this is guaranteed to make money. It has the marquee value of two different franchises.

      • Barrett

        I really don’t see how this utter schlock is likely to make much money. I mean, the ONLY buyers have got to be moms buying almost-random DVDs off the discount shelf @ Wal-Mart, just to have “something new” to shove in the DVD player for an hour and a half of “peace” from their offspring. I can’t imagine too many kids clamoring for this, or it selling for enough money to make much per-unit profit. DVDs don’t sell for $19.99 anymore, unless they are new releases of big Hollywood tentpoles or limited release arthouse films. This has “discount bin” written all over it.

        • Too Many Cooks

          It’s not going to be any less popular than the other direct-to-DVD Tom and Jerry movies, and I wager that it’ll actually be more popular.

  • Andres Molina

    Seriously?!! Tom and Jerry meets Willy Wonka?!?! Wow. Okay, honestly I really can’t find words to describe how utterly absurd this is. I mean, lets first address that Gene Wilder died a few months ago, and I just can’t help but wonder what he would think, or better, how he would feel if he saw what the greedy minds who made this brought.

    Now, personally, I always try to see the best in every animated film I see, and always try to take the good over the bad, but you know what, but honestly this looks like dreck, not necessarily because of the visuals (which looks more suited for tv than a movie), but rather on the mere fact that they would take a beloved classic and shove Tom and Jerry into the background. This looks like a cynical, calculated, forced, and heartless cash cow, made only to reap dough from parents’ wallets and keep younger children distracted for 90 minutes. No real heart, no passion, no true vision, just pure corporate pandering, and I bet you that some of the animators who worked on this are also questioning the idea of making this film. I mean I would in no way mind another DTV Tom and Jerry film, but why did they have to drag Willy Wonka into this. Decisions like these are ultimately the reason animation is not being taken seriously as a full fledged medium accessible for everyone, and its really sad, because as far I can tell, we have seen a glorious rise and boom in the animation industry in the last 25 years, and we’ve been constantly proven what a powerful, and expressive tool animation can be used for, and has in a way evolved, and allowed new talents and new minds to redefine what animation can do. Pixar, lets face it, is a prime example of a studio that breaks new grounds, explores new territory, and repeatedly proves what filmmaking looks like when passion, heart, and vision is put first.

    I know i’m probably talking to much, but the reason I’m rambling about all this is because its all the more frustrating, and in some ways, downright depressing that even with companies like Pixar or Disney inspiring movie audiences leading the industry for over 25 years, there are somehow still people who go up and come up with ideas like this, and you’d think they would put up something less cynical like this. But the worst part about it is, its going to be eaten up by small children and make a small profit for a little while, then be forgotten or be seen as just another example as a ridiculous cash grab made only for the cash. Anyway, all I have to say is, lets hope they don’t drag poor Droopy Dog into this, he would deserve better, and Tom and Jerry themselves, deserve better as well.

    • Alex Hartsell

      Well combining Tom and Jerry and Willy Wonka together is kind of like eating lobster with ice cream on it, in which the flavors fight to get your attention and no body wins.

  • Conor Murnane

    “Get ready for an all-new original movie!”

    Based on a pre-existing movie from 1971 based on a book from 1964, featuring cartoon characters dating back to 1940.

    Not exactly what I’d call “original”…

    • Jonathan Harriman Lhota

      There was also a Tim Burton movie from 2005 by Disney.

      • Andrew Kieswetter

        WB actually.

  • I laughed when it said “an all new original movie”. NO, this shows that they’ve run out of ideas.

  • mushed potato

    At least it’s not another WWE crossover.

    … I just jinxed it, didn’t I?

    • ValjeanLafitte

      WWE Home Video presents “Charlie and the Glass Elimination Chamber” and “The BFG vs. RKO”, releasing Spring and Summer of 2018 respectively.

  • Well, at least they’re putting knowledgement over that horrible Burton film.

  • Too Many Cooks

    This looks dumb, but the FUN kind of dumb. This is the same kind of thing I would’ve loved to see when I was a kid, imagining Looney Tunes characters in the books that my school forced me to read. I’m looking forward to this. At the very least, it should be better than Space Jam.

    • I told someone that earlier that this feels like a 7 year old’s fever dream, namely, wanting to see characters they love in a movie they also love. This sort of thing is very common among children who haven’t yet to mature past that stage when forming opinions on the things they enjoy haven’t come to fruition. I’m sure some of us probably went through that moment in our lives when we though of how cool it would be to have had our favorite cartoon characters stuck in something they don’t belong in at all, yet we made ’em fit in our heads. Fanfics pretty much sprang about from such creative diversions.

      • I see your point Chris, and there are times where a child’s idea of mixing franchises would be present.

        I just think that there are smarter ideas of mixing than what we’re seeing here with this current project. Having the Flintstones meet the Jetsons was a good idea, as both worlds and timelines contrast, leading to more interest of the story at hand. Even having Scooby Doo meet up with different celebrities and other characters (minus WWE) over time was interesting enough.

        For having Tom & Jerry meet up with Willy Wonka, I don’t feel anyone screamed for that as something to be seen or made. Not even children of today’s age. I would also say, I feel kids have way better ideas than what WB has right now in creating an idea and telling the story in regards to the iconic brands that originally belonged to them, and what they purchased (not including DC in there, at least they do a decent job of keeping the branding consistent for the animation department).

        • True.

          In some way, it reminds me of that Simpsons episode where they focus group tested Itchy & Scratchy cartoons and the boss simply couldn’t stand the ideas being thrown about at the kids, stating they were stupid anyway.

          In some way, I suppose WB is reaching too hard at that presumed audience.

        • Sam Feldstone

          What do you think of the idea of doing a crossover of Tom and Jerry with Looney Tunes and/or Scooby Doo?

          • Andrew Kieswetter

            I like it!

          • Hi Sam, thank you for your question.

            I think had the mixture of Tom & Jerry and Scooby-Doo were done during their prime or their best years, then yes, I would be all for it. I could see how the antics of both worlds would contrast and clash, yet bring an interesting narrative for the project (seeing they’re both Hanna-Barbara, and as long as Scrappy-Doo is not there, I feel it would crowd the cast too much for the project).

            With that said, to have them do it now with either Scooby or the Looney Tunes, I don’t feel confident with the direction WB is doing. I honestly feel that WB has lost interest in what made those brands successful, and rather just do whatever they want with those same brands, and expect a complete success, regardless of the project. It doesn’t work that way – Disney fully understands their brand, and that’s why the new Mickey Mouse shorts have been truly successful and acceptive, even with the new directions they’re taking with the storytelling. They haven’t lost their understanding of the brand.

            It’s sad – as I was bread on Looney Tunes (classic) and Tom & Jerry (classic). Both properties WB continues to try and shove, aren’t the ones that make me feel like they would work right now…or the future. That’s just how I feel.

            Thank you for your time and for the question Sam. Feel free to respond if you like.

      • Barrett

        I’m sorry, but when I was a little kid, I never fantasized about seeing completely unrelated characters in each other’s franchises. I loved “crossovers” where characters that seemed like they shared a “universe” met, such as “The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones” or even the old mash-up episodes with Dynomutt teaming with the Scooby Gang. Later in life I broadened that more to imagine things like “what if Doc and Marty took the DeLorean to the 24th Century and encountered the world of Star Trek?” but as a kid, I never though “what is the Muppets visited Mister Rogers” or “What if Speed Racer showed up in Scooby Doo?”

        • I don’t mean everyone had that sort of dream, just certain people who thought that way, I’ve seen it happen thanks to the internet though.

  • Trevour

    All this weirdness aside, that’s also a little too much blue for Tom, no?

    • Crispy Walker

      That was my first thought when I watched it… like, after thinking that it was a really well produced april fools joke.

  • Kanna-Chan

    Well, at least they did make some attempt in keeping the old animation style instead of all the overly chibified, overly stylized animation that the 2000s and 2010s are so infamous for.

  • kuzronk

    About the ideas wikia thing the film was announced in early 2016.

    • Sam Feldstone

      Well I guess you can blame whoever wrote that article for this movie because it actually came true

  • Cameron Ward

    those eyes look so dead…

  • otterhead

    The animation and character design in the trailer look like John K doing his deliberately cutesy 40s-style exaggerated characters. It’s weirdly Spümco.

    I am not opposed to doing new weird things with Charlie/Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. But literally remaking the movie scene-for-scene, line-by-line in animated form, with T&J grafted in as “kids”, is just depressing.

  • I’m fine with Tom and Jerry being in it but why do they keep putting Jerry’s annoying nephew in these films. He was made the main character in the Wizard of Oz film when it should’ve been Dorothy (plus Tom & Jerry) for crying out loud.

  • Marc Hendry

    to be fair, it’s been a LONG time since Tom and Jerry were handled well. I don’t feel any more strongly about this than the other daft Tom and Jerry or Scooby Doo mash-up movies, really

  • Oh, that they will, because they’re Warner:
    They’re utterly convinced we’ve “forgotten” Bugs and Looney Toons–their words, not mine–because they couldn’t sell the new CN series, we loathe Space Jam, and we didn’t buy enough Blu-rays, and because toon fans safely don’t complain when they try to make T&J the new Warner cross-promotable House Icon Brand.
    So, who needs old Bugs to plug other Warner properties when they can make new T&J and Scooby?

  • Claudia ZG

    Man, the design looks good but the animation is bad

  • Bart Crowe

    Little kids still love Tom & Jerry I don’t know why but they do.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    This is just depressing if you ask me. It’s the equivalent of writing a fanfic based on a favorite movie and inserting your own original character into it. Yet most of the “story” is taken scene for scene, word for word from the movie. Occasionally something new is added in–but mostly due to the new character being in there. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory(the 1971 film) and Tom and Jerry go together about as well as a peanut butter and toothpaste sandwich.

  • Jonathan Harriman Lhota
  • Andrew Kieswetter

    How about Tom and Jerry in ‘A Clockwork Orange’, ‘Superman’,’Batman’,or even ‘Brewster McCloud’ or ‘Performance’? (with Jerry as Turner).

    • No, Warner only HAS four franchises now, but the Tolkien estate won’t let them do “Tom & Jerry Meet the Hobbit”.
      Although I’m sure JK Rowling is already negotiating for that T&J/Harry Potter crossover.

      • Andrew Kieswetter

        Still,I like the idea of T & J in ACO with Tom as Alex and Jerry as Mr. Alexander.

        • No, no, T&J -never- play the Warner-franchised characters themselves!
          They HELP OUT the Warner-franchised characters, or somehow wander around in the background, so that we can see the Warner-franchised characters Warner-franchised!

  • Roca

    Such a tragedy- WB is sitting on a goldmine with their IP and this is all they can come up with?

  • Pedro Nakama

    I heard the original pitch was Tom and Jerry at the Cheesecake Factory. But you know how Hollywood always changes things.

  • Sam Feldstone

    I don’t think this will be bad necessarily but come on WB there’s nothing preventing you from doing a Tom and Jerry/Scooby Doo/Looney Tunes crossover now that you own all 3 franchises. That would at least be more original than this.

  • Some Guy

    You think this is bad? Five, ten years down the line they’re going to be in Harry Potter. No question about it.

  • Alec Dever

    I’d rather have Tom and Jerry meet the Looney Tunes. Two animation giant franchises duking it out. I’d rather watch that and it’d probably be better than this.