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The Weinstein Company Releases New ‘Leap!’ Trailer

Here’s take two of the trailer for Leap!, the France/Canada co-production that The Weinstein Company (TWC) will release in the United States on August 30.

TWC released a first trailer for the film last March. But then, Harvey Weinstein pushed back the film’s release from April to August, and decided to rework the English dub by re-casting certain voices.

Dating back to the years when he owned Miramax, Harvey Weinstein has an extensive track record of re-writing, re-cutting, and re-casting the animated features that his companies release – and the results often alter the original filmmakers’ intent. Among the more notorious examples is the Miramax cut of Richard Williams’ The Thief and the Cobbler, which was released by Weinstein as Arabian Knight. In 2006, TWC released the UK/France cg feature The Magic Roundabout as Doogal in the United States; the American version was re-written by Fairly Oddparents creator Butch Hartman, notably adding pop culture references and fart jokes, and bombed in the United States.

It’s unclear what kind of changes TWC will make to Leap! The US$30 million film, directed by Eric Summer and Eric Warin, debuted last December in France under the title of Ballerina and has performed well internationally, grossing over $50 million to date.

French film studio Gaumont co-produced Leap! with Quad Productions and Caramel Film. The film marks the first animated feature for Quad producers Laurent Zeitoun, Yann Zenou, and Nicolas Duval, who were responsible for the 2011 French blockbuster Intouchables, which became France’s second-highest grossing homegrown film of all-time. L’Atelier Animation in Montreal, Canada handled animation production.

In 2015, TWC repeatedly delayed the release of the Argentinean animated feature Underdogs, and eventually pulled its theatrical debut, releasing it instead straight to DVD and on-demand.

  • Inkan1969

    We don’t know what changes were done. I think we’re jumping the gun by assuming that the intent has been radically changed.

    • Jordann William Edwards

      Then again, it’s Weinstein we’re dealing with here…

    • Cameron Ward

      lol what? They have a history of doing this stuff. No one is jumping the gun. Why the heck would you defend them when every animated film they had a hand in distributing all have the same stupid things happen to it

  • Cameron Ward

    I doubt the changes to the film will make it worth while. I have seen the original, and it was quite frankly one of the worst animated films I have seen in a while. it’s annoying, not funny, psychotic in some areas, and the animation, while better than most, is still not great. It wants to look like Disney and Pixar, but the designs are off so when you get a still of the film, like the ones you posted, it looks horrible.

    Yeah I won’t be surprised if they pull this one from release and shove it onto Netflix and straight to DVD. I have no faith that the Weinstein company can distribute a good animated film.

  • The definition of insanity is retrying the same thing over and over hoping for different results.

    That’s Weinstein’s animation career in a nutshell.

  • Gagaman

    That thumbnail is the most annoying looking thing I’ve seen in a while and I bet now I’ve said that it will be used for every article about this film going forward. :P

  • Lazer-Lion

    Please change the header image, its far too disturbing to look at.

  • Max C.

    Of course re-working a smidge of the cast is all Harvey could do to make this film live up to his standards. Seems they weren’t as on the nose as they imagined trying to appease his cynical taste. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/70745ab7214717b91fe9f0dc104069c2a77985670292964820824343905fe3f2.jpg

  • “decided to rework the English dub” OK, that is concerning.

  • J

    Escape from Planet Earth was another disaster they handled.