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Ten Minutes of New ‘Cuphead’ Gameplay Footage

We’ve been tracking the progress of Cuphead for the better part of two years and each new footage release from the rubber hose-inspired run-and-gun game only heightens our anticipation. Last weekend at the Day of the Devs event in San Francisco, Studio MDHR presented this extensive new gameplay footage:

The game’s art director Chad Moldenhauer spoke to Warren Spector recently about how they pulled inspiration from classic Fleischer, Disney, Iwerks, and Van Beuren cartoons. Plenty of other animators have been inspired by the same cartoons, but few have captured the style as flawlessly as this game. Cuphead doesn’t just look retro-inspired, it’s a damn near perfect recreation of classic American cartoons, with the added bonus of being able to play the cartoon interactively.

MDHR plans to release Cuphead in 2016 for both PC (Steam) and Xbox One. We’ll be waiting patiently.

  • That was very fun to watch! I’m really looking forward to this game!

  • to be totally honest, the gameplay shown here is nothing that great. The visuals though, are fantastic, and can’t easily make up for the basic platforming shoot-em up style gameplay. Unless the game will offer more in terms of that which we didn’t see here….I don’t, and never will own a XBOX, so hopefully my PC will be able to handle this game, because I would certainly play it.

  • Looks good…

  • elliot Lobell

    Aside from the animation style I love the fact that it looks kinda like it was shot on film

    • Steven Bowser

      Game Informer did a feature on it a while back and they talked all about thier layering process of blurs, color saturation, dust, scratches, and so on to make it look like an old dirty film. They really went the extra mile to make it seem like 1930s cel animation.

      • schwarzgrau

        Could you tell me where to find this article?

        • Steven Bowser

          I read it in the March 2015 issue of Game Informer. It was a physical magazine I got because I subscribed.

          I don’t know if it’s available online, but if you can find the March 2015 issue somehow then I think the Cuphead feature is in there.

          • schwarzgrau

            Oh sorry, I didn’t know they’re running a physical magazine too. I’m writing my diploma about recreating a handmade look in animation. I try to get the March issue online and thank you a lot.

          • Steven Bowser

            I actually scanned the magazine for you, and uploaded the images to Google Drive. So here’s the link if you want to look at them. I think it’s only available in the magazine.

            Here’s the link. I hope it works.

            Hope this article is useful to you. Good luck on your research!

          • Guest

            Good guy Steven Bowser.

          • schwarzgrau

            I wrote them an email asking if I could buy this issue, but got no reply, so thank you soooo much Steven!

  • Steven Bowser

    It’s like Contra but paying homage to 1930s rubber hose animation. Sooooo gooood

  • Trevour

    I’m gonna nitpick. The presenter in the video mentions foley sound effects and a soundtrack done by an orchestra. So why does the background music sounds like a Casio keyboard? They painstakingly perfected the ’30s visual style, but that music reminds me of a MIDI song playing in the background of an old DOS game (I thought of Transport Tycoon). Hopefully it’s just placeholder music and the finished game will have real, authentic instruments? Still can’t wait to play it, either way! Interactive hand-drawn animation!

    • It’s probably a Wurlitzer, or some other kind of theater organ. Sort of like a synthesizer from the 1930’s.

    • You are correct on your nitpick – all the music in the demo is indeed MIDI. :) This is only placeholder until all the music is composed. Once that is done, it will then be recorded live with a real big band of artists.

      • Trevour

        That’s great to hear (and kind of expected, based on every other little detail you’ve put into the game)! Like I said, it was just a nitpick. I’d play this game no matter what kind of music it had. But happy to know we’ll be fully immersed in that authentic old-timey Fleischery soundtrack as well! You guys are doing it right every which way. :)

  • Daniel

    Tried it at PAX, can’t say enough great things about Cuphead.