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Watch and Vote on Pen Ward’s Four Game Pitches for Double Fine

Adventure Time creator Pen Ward will develop a videogame as part of Double Fine’s annual Amnesia Fortnight game jam. Backers get to vote on which of Pen’s four ideas will be made into a game. His pitches are below:

Cupid, You Fat Little Scamp, a 2D sidescrolling platformer where you play a fat Cupid:

Little Pink Best Buds, a first-person mystery story adventure:

No More McDonalds is a zombie game where “you can do crazy stuff” and it seems to be the one that Pen is personally pushing to make:

My personal favorite is Damnit Jerry, a puzzle game in which you play a fat guy named Jerry who has to reach the top of a human pyramid.

  • siskavard

    HA! Looking forward to this!

    I’d love to see some animation studios doing their own versions of Amnesia Fortnight

  • Matt

    “My personal favorite is Damnit Jerry, a puzzle game in which you play a fat guy named Jerry who has to reach the top of a human pyramid.”

    Too soon, Amid. Too soon.

    • jonhanson

      This joke took me too long to get, but it’s great.

  • J

    Eh? Pen’s drawings are funny, and charming.

  • BrainBreath

    It’s the era of the amateur. He creates characters that are not too hard
    for fans to also draw. His student films were atrocious examples of
    animation, but he was always funny. Some animators kill themselves to
    get a real polished look, others get really lucky.

    • Barrett

      I still have yet to see anything as funny AND poorly drawn as the work of Don Hertzfeldt. The badness of the drawings actually enhances the comedic effect (it doesn’t hurt that his timing is spot-on, too.)

  • tredlow

    You have to see them animated.

  • OtherDan

    “No More McDonalds” -Hands down! End of story. period

  • jonhanson

    Lot of interesting ideas. Cupid and Jerry seem like they’d be the easiest to actually complete. The whole Amnesia Fortnight thing is pretty limiting. The Zombie idea sounds cool but like he says, it’s kind of played out and it’s way beyond anything Double Fine has actually done so I hope people don’t choose it.

    My choice is Little Pink Best Buds since I think it plays to his talents as a storyteller.

  • Taco

    Didn’t ya hear? It’s the “clever & lazy people [that] make great leaders!” You don’t really need to draw well, because legible
    doodling is the new standard nowadays. Don’t bother to work hard & master your craft, you’ll just end up a patsy working for some lazy ‘smart’ person. Just look at examples like Seth MacFarlen, or how any modern tv show cartoon is produced these days. The majority of the jobs-&-work (everything from storyboards to background painting & animation) is being farmed out to a loose network of show contracted freelancers or cheaper workforces abroad, both of whom have no long term prospects & few worker benefits or proper employee entitlements (health & retirement funds? What for?). No wonder there has generally been a large decline in production values over the past decade, I mean, WHY try harder when sub-standard seems satisfactory & you will probably generate more than enough revenue through a lot of promotional hype, popularity associations (Pen Ward + Tim Schafer, HELL YEAH! That Needs a KICKSTARTER!) & a lack of any real alternative system or standard because beggars can’t be choosers. “Just keep calm & carry on” is what they all tell you to do, isn’t it? What great advice!

    • Yeppers

      Leave it to Cartoon Brew to turn a discussion about video games into how everyone in the animation industry is an untalented hack.

      • Taco

        @Yeppers Said: “how everyone in the animation industry is an untalented hack.”

        Because that’s CLEARLY the argument I’m making for anyone who reads what’s written above… *rolls eyes* Yep, yep, yep! Don’t bother to look at the article(s) linked to or understand what it is I’m really decrying here (current business practices, popularity associations, promotional hype & the opinion that hard work & effort are devalued because of the pay-off from those three things). Just because I’ve used a reply on a post about Pen Ward that’s enough for you to shut off ya brain & dismiss any substance.

        If we aren’t permitted to question popular opinion, or voice our distaste with something, even if we might not be in the majority, well then we may as well have all the current social freedoms of Gays & Lesbians in Russia. But if you think what I’ve posted is out of context, fine, tell me that. But don’t flippantly attempt to put false words into someones mouth.

  • NicoleKozak

    Can’t help but think of Parks and Rec RE: Damnit Jerry

  • Rachel Anchors

    My vote would be for either Damn It Jerry or the first cupid game. I know Pen would really like to do the zombie one and his would probably be more awesome then any before it. But I feel like the other two are different and there for might be more popular.

  • jonhanson

    I was there too! Feels like forever ago, Pen was so humble, I had him sign my sketchbook and he drew a Fin that filled up a tiny fraction of the page. Such a humble and likable guy, amazing how much success he’s had since that panel.

  • Barrett

    It seems like the Matt Groenings and Seth MacFarlanes of the world will always get the bigger TV contracts than the Nick Crosses or Frank Chos of the world. Draftsmanship and character construction seem to be considered overrated if not detrimental to getting an animated series greenlit.

    • isabelle

      Probably because good draftmanship and character design do not a good tv show make.

      • Funkybat

        There is no reason a TV show cannot have BOTH great writing and great art. I can’t think of too many shows that had great art but bad writing. But it seems like most of the best adult-skewing animated shows in the past 15 years have great writing and OK-to-terrible drawing. I wish more shows could be like The Venture Bros., but even they take eons to put out new episodes because they have such high standards for artistic, writing, and acting quality. According to the voice actors, Jackson Publik has them redo dialogue over and over and OVER, even more than these pros are used to doing on other gigs, because he just has to make sure the delivery of every line is JUST right.

        I am not asking for that level of finesse for every adult show, but by God, would it kill the suits to greenight something that shows evidence that the character designers have at least practiced the Preston Blair books, if not more advanced character designs like the fantastic stuff that fills every “making of” book for a Pixar, Disney or Dreamworks film? You don’t have to make your final designs THAT intricate, but there are principles that can be applied even to simplified TV animation.

  • IJK

    Amazing the amount of people standing up for Pen with comments like “He’s a writer, not an artist”, yet, when a big studio announces their new work (Frozen, Mickey Mouse shorts, Croods, hell even the new adult TV show with the talking horse), the very first thing people comment on is how ugly/generic it looks. Or with the case of Ernest and Celestine and Secret of Kells, how amazing it looks.


  • Fabrice Ducouret

    Some projects in there are just games, and some other are storytelling with playing sequences in them. It reminds me of Dragon’s Lair and Earthworm Jim or Tiny Toons adventures on SNES, in some ways. Some will be easy to develop like Jerry or Cupid, some will take a long time like the Pink Buds or the Zombie one. At the end of the day, Pen Ward should just do a remix/cover/pirate version of NES’ River City Ransom.

  • Bill Main

    Jerry and Little Pink Best Buds sound strange and fun. I’d buy em’ and enjoy their slightly creepy, dopey gameplay and storytelling.