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“Family Guy” Producer & Writer Alec Sulkin is an Insensitive Jerk

Alec Sulkin

The image above contains the response to the tragic natural disasters in Japan by a douchebag named Alec Sulkin, who happens to be a writer and producer on Family Guy. It’s the type of ignorant comment one might expect from an ill-educated fourteen-year-old, not from a working professional in the animation industry. He later tweeted, “I am sorry for my insensitive tweet. It’s gone.” Too little, too late, bro. It sickens me that people this stupid and prejudiced have a place in our community. To get the bad taste out of my mouth, I just donated money to the Red Cross. You can too by visiting the Red Cross website, or to make a $10 donation simply text REDCROSS to 90999.

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool also offered some thoughts about Sulkin’s words: “This world view, that the citizens of a nation are somehow statistics to be tallied in a historical spreadsheet of deaths, and that there’s somehow a desirable, karmic distribution to be had is absolutely disgusting.”

UPDATE #2: Toy Story 3 art director Dice Tsutsumi has started up a fund called Artists Help Japan. To donate, visit

UPDATE #3: Gilbert Gottfried was just fired as the voice of the Aflac duck after a series of tweets about Japan, none of which were as prejudiced as Sulkin’s, who is still happily employed by 20th Century Fox TV.

  • well there you have it: writers from family guy are insensitive and juvenile

    as if we didn’t already know that

    • mogoglyptodon

      I recall a Seinfeld episode joking about the Kennedy assassination… “Magic Lugee”. Remember? No one got upset, everyone laughed. But that’s because 30 years had passed since the trauma. Joking about this latest tragedy while it’s UNFOLDING is truly thoughtless. Sulkins thoughtless remark is–besides not funny–just an lame attempt to be outrageous.

      • i remember that episode it was a good episode

        of course they had competent writers as well

    • Jamie Horton

      Alec Sulkin is the most charming, handsome and sensitive man in the universe! He is a friend of mine and it hurts me deeply to see all this negative bull**** directed at him just because of a silly tweet! I said something horrible about someone not too long ago and I wish I could take it back! If that’s never happened to you, well, I’d have a hard time believing it. Alec is a human being and he has feelings too that are just as easily hurt and like I said, it hurts me to because I know what a wonderful person he is! By the way, I love him and each and every one of his tweets! Miss J.K.H

      • DiDemi

        Whatever you say, Mrs. Sulkin.

  • Kitschensyngk

    And THAT is why I don’t watch Family Guy.

  • Gerard de Souza


    • Lily

      Yep. What a Douche bag. I hope he never gets another job writing/ producing again.

  • Laticia

    If you look at his twitter feed, you will see tweets 100 times more offensive than that offenive tweet. Particulalry hatred against women, rape, etc.

  • tedzey

    From the same douches who think anti-semetic disney jokes are still funny.

    • JcValdez

      The guy is a freaking douche. Goes to show that only thing the Family Guy writers can write about is shock. It’s pathetic, and besides Family Guy isn’t funny anymore.

  • . . . subtle.

  • D

    Not surprising that one of the producers on the most forced, juvenile, lazy, contrived, slobbish, ignorant, stupid, vapid and just plain terrible shows on television would see a world disaster as something to scoff at and make light of, to him a disaster is just statistics. Wouldn’t be surprised if the entire Family Guy staff was as insensitive and moronic as this man.

    • Laticia

      I like Family Guy, but this particular guy seems…somewhat deranged. He has borderline racist tweets and inarguably misogynistic tweets, and the most offensive part of all of them is that none of them are funny.

    • J.M.

      But If he would have said it thru PETER GRIFFIN´s mouth ,then It would have been ¨funny¨.

      I´m not surprised , Mr. McFarlane took that imaginary LINE that separates good taste from bad taste, good joke versus insensitive evil unethical joke and erased it in our faces using his two shows…well three.

    • jenifferJ

      Don’t think it’s fair to judge an “entire staff” by the words of one psychopath. I mean, really. That’s ridiculous.

      • Tanya

        You’re right. We should be judging the entire staff on any given episode of Family Guy.

        Oh wow, you still come to the same conclusion!

  • Thomas Hatch

    I’m still more offended by the Smurfs trailer.

    • har fuckity harr, and you’re no better then the subject of this article.

      • Thomas Hatch

        I guess you didn’t see the Smurfs trailer.

      • KSat

        Hatch, some things simply shouldn’t be joked about. It’s sad if you don’t understand that.

      • Ewan

        KSat, sometimes laughter is cathartic. It’s sad if you don’t understand that.

      • Kynoceph

        Being a f***g asshole is cathartic for some people too. That doesn’t mean they’re not fucking assholes.

      • Thomas Hatch

        I’m sorry, did you work on the Smurfs movie? Haha, no but seriously, for the record, I thought his tweet was horrible. I even gave money to the Red Cross like Amid said. And then, because people were upset, I tried to lighten the mood by making a joke about the Smurfs trailer. I honestly wasn’t trying to upset people more.

    • J.M.

      What thomas hatch said

    • The Smurfs trailer is pretty bad. Just sayin’

  • Jorge Garrido

    There is no subject that can’t be joked about. None.

    • amid

      Agreed Jorge, but his tweet doesn’t imply any attempt at humor. It’s simply a hateful justification for an unpreventable disaster.

    • D

      I’m sure the disaster will be joked about, heck South Park’s new season starts soon they may just have their premiere about this incident but Alec Sulkin wasn’t making a joke when he wrote this ill thought out tweet as a form of personal opinion and when taken in that context it’s very juvenile and very wrong.

      • Indeed. There are plenty of people who honestly do think that awful things should happen to groups that have done “them” (in the collective “my tribe” sense) wrong, or even disagree with those they’ve thrown their loyalty behind. It’s often horrifying, like here, and all too common.

      • Greg Maletic

        If you follow his stream, you’d know that Alec Sulkin was in fact making a joke. You don’t have to like the joke, but a joke is what it is.

        His brand of humor—similar to Sarah Silverman’s, who he is (was?) dating—consists of spouting out outrageous, ignorant, sometimes racist statements where he—not the subject—is target of the humor, parodying the ignorant statements of others.

        I typically find his tweets funny, and even admit that while I’m deeply sympathetic with the Japanese and their current crisis (and have donated to the Red Cross), I find this tweet funny also.

        It’s about context. And while I’m not surprised that others without the context don’t find it funny, it is important to understand exactly what was attempted here.

    • good ! so when your family is swept away and your city is gone drop a note and we will share in the laughter with you.

      There is an appropriate time to make jokes in the middle of a huge natural disaster is not one of them… time heals thing a bit then people can laugh…

    • Was My Face Red

      Yes, there’s no joke there. No set-up. No pay off. No laugh. It’s just a nasty callous comment about we shouldn’t care about thousands of Japanese men, women and children dying.

  • Terry

    I used to enjoy watching “Family Guy”.. No more!!

  • Jim Engel

    There are plenty of subjects that can’t be joked about (or WOULDN’T be by decent human beings). PLENTY. Thinking otherwise is what GETS you things like THIS.

    • Ewan

      I didn’t get the sense he was kidding. And for the sake of moving the conversation forward, can you suggest examples of taboo subjects? I can’t think of any. Context is important though. Morticians never joke and that’s a good rule of thumb, but better to laugh at horror for the sake of catharsis.

      • misha

        Not entirely true – morticians make lots of jokes, just not out in public/where the families can hear them. Hospital morgue workers, too.

      • TsimoneTseTse

        Where the term “gallow’s humor” came from now can be heard every week as the “punch line” of every CSI.

        It it’s usually not directed to catastrophic misfortune of entire race of people over a non-related historical event.

        Unless you’re from Atlantis

      • Funkybat

        It seems like this event has brought out some people’s latent Nippophobia. I don’t get it, it would be like chuckling about “dead Nazis” if a German commuter train were bombed in 2011. What does something happening to people today have to do with their grandparents’ sins?

        The jokes are one thing, but the straightforward & implied “they had it coming” comments are outrageous. I suppose, by that logic, America has it coming for Hiroshima? Or maybe Japan’s death toll is not in exchange for Pearl Harbor, but for the Rape of Nanking, or Unit 731? It’s all mental self-abuse for those who think random, unforseen events are “punishments” for some specific act or acts. Magical thinking at its worst…

    • I had the same thought as Mr. Engel: Of course there are many, many things no civilized person would joke about – things that to joke about would be just plain mean and hurtful and profoundly unfunny – things like the horrid tweet by brain-dead Sulkin.

      Besides, clearly this wasn’t a “joke” anyway. This was more like some sort of sick and small spasm where a true soul is revealed. Only a coward would 1: remove the tweet like some pervert wiping his heard drive or 2: defend such toxic emissions as “humor.”

      Jesus, no wonder Family Guy has gone down the tubes.

  • Michael F.

    His tweet is gone. What a puss; he’s trying to hide something that everyone’s got a record of.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      This is why you should always keep your mouth shut whenever you’re online. My sis did that a while back in spilling the beans of taking her dad out to a casino one day without me knowing it was suppose to be a secret. Needless to say I was not the one to blame in the end!

  • eeteed

    if this guy is truly sorry for his comment, he can atone for it by sky diving into japan’s damaged nuclear power plant, and absorb some of its leaking radiation.

    • mmhm

      See THAT was funny by taking something horrible and using humour to make others feel a little better

  • AaronSch

    I’m sorry folks, but indicting the television show “Family Guy” because of the grossly insensitive remarks of one dolt who works on its production is just as ignorant as the statement. I’m a fan of the show, and for the record, I’m gay, jewish and not easily offended. I can laugh at myself, a trait few people these days seem to possess.

    There isn’t a single person reading Cartoon Brew who hasn’t made an egregious statement they wish they could withdraw. We all do it, we’re human. So quit the “holier than thou” B.S. You are more irritating than Mr. Sulkin.

    • Laticia

      I agree with everything except that anyone on here is more irritating that Mr. Sulkin.

    • Mike Russo

      Oh wow, THANK YOU for that. This whole “I don’t like what this individual says. I hate Family Guy now. This is why I don’t like the show! I’ll bet everyone who works on it is like this!! Evil evil evil!” is a bunch of nonsense.

      Give me a break guys. Do some of you realize how silly you seem?

      • Personally, I hate Family Guy because it’s crap. This doesn’t change my opinion one way or the other.

    • Kitschensyngk

      I’m not saying I’m holier than he is. I enjoy shock humor as much as the next guy, but it all comes down to subtext.

      The Boondocks, for instance, uses shock humor as a means of satire. Aaron MacGruder has his characters spout off N-words several times an episode, but most of the time he does this as a criticism of modern African-American culture. He doesn’t outright show any ignorance towards his subject matter, but lampoons it to make a valid point.

      Family Guy‘s shock humor has no basis. It doesn’t push people’s buttons to make a statement; it just pushes people’s buttons for the sake of pushing people’s buttons. There is no reason for it other than to desensitize and offend.

      And this comment was made by someone who writes for the show. It’s his jokes, his type of humor which he contributes to the episodes he writes for. I’m not going to say he has written for every episode, or that every joke on it is because of him, but it is jokes like this one, which needlessly ridicule and condemn an entire nation for something that happened in the past, let alone at an especially inappropriate time, which turn me off of the show as a whole.

      The thing with writing humor is that, whether you’re aware of it or not, the jokes you make reveal the way you think.

      • BigJohn

        Where is anyone getting the impression that this guy made this comment as a joke?

        Comparing his insensitive, dehumanizing, downright retarded comment to any form of comedy is just wrong.

        He wasn’t trying to be funny.

    • “indicting the television show “Family Guy” because of the grossly insensitive remarks of one dolt who works on its production is just as ignorant as the statement.”


      Thanks Aaron for pointing this out. Sure, Sulkin was an insensitive ass here, but there many people here who don’t find “Family Guy” to their tastes and so delight when they can bring out the long knives whenever they can. Amid especially.

    • Stephan

      Totally agree. One can just look at the headline. It isn’t “Alec Sulkin Offends Many with Tweet”. Its “Family Guy Writer is a Jerk”. Come on now. You can have an agenda, but one shouldn’t reveal their hand that simply.

      • Anoniguy

        Alec Sulkin: not a household name. Not going to get much attention as a headline. Family Guy: household name.

        Granted ‘is a jerk’ is hardly objective journalism, but I never had the assumption that this site subscribed to the philosophy of the objective viewpoint to begin with.

    • Scarabim

      Dude, the problem is that the attitude of this one writer is unfortunately all-too-often reflected in the show he works on. THAT’S why Family Guy is getting bashed here, along with that douchebag.

      • EXACTLY. Anyone who tries to convince me that this guy’s comment isn’t in the exact same vein as the content on the show has seen even less episodes of Family Guy than I have.

      • JesseJ

        Really? Because I don’t see Seth Macfarlane’s “twitters” to be offensive at all, I like that he responds to fans and his jokes seem pretty mild. However, upon looking at the tweeters who are “family guy” associated, it is pretty appalling – they all seem to like retarded humor, against women and minorities, and it doesn’t seem to be specifically the kind of humor represented in Seth Macfarlane’s shows which is juvenile to be sure, but not unfunny and not cruel.

    • 2011 Adult

      Justifying his behalf by balancing the blame on us does not retract the fact that he made that statement.

      • Stephan

        So? If he doesn’t take responsibility (which he did, apologized, explained what he meant, took it down) doesn’t really put anyone in the better for themselves kind of being sloppy.

        I guess this is a forum for a particular type of animation nerd though.

        “Animation Person is an Insensitive Jerk!”

    • I have always hated Family Guy, thank you very much. This dick on Twitter just confirms what I suspected–that the show itself is run on a steady stream of pure hatred. It’s just not my bag…

    • Wait a minute! It isn’t like Sulkin has some peripheral, minor position with Family Guy. We’re not talking about some background individual – He’s a writer and producer of the show. As such, to point out that his thinking might be indicative of the show itself isn’t unfair. I find the ugliness of his mind very, very in keeping with the mean spirited “humor” Family Guy has been radiating for some time now. I thought the show was funny at first, but somewhere the funny well went horribly dry. Now it’s like watching the bully of the class kick a defenseless dog to death at recess. Sulkin’s ugly tweet seems to fit right into the mindset of the show. What I’m getting from this thread is not a call to “ban” the show. What I sense is a general acknowledgement that Sulkin, who is one of the principals who form the show, serves as an indication why the show is so terribly unfunny.

  • Plank of Wood

    Shame on him!

  • I think pointing out what he said is just a much a disrespectful and stupid thing to do.
    Explain to me the difference between what he did and what you did.

    • J-Dawg

      He’s insulting the death of hundreds whereas cartoon brew is insulting the life of one person.

  • StimpyGuy

    This guy is known as a total douchebag at Family Guy. He only keeps his job because of his fellow republican friends that are higher ups at Fox News. They keep him around so that they can say they have both sides of the political spectrum represented in the writers room, but he’s really the only conservative.

    He’s one of these no-talent hacks who thinks the only things funny in life are Star Wars, Hitler and rape jokes. not exactly Ivy League material. Nobody who works with him is surprised by this kind of language from him. It was only a matter of time.

    • Scarabim

      I’m no fan of that douchebag, but since Family Guy regularly dumps on Fox News, I find your assertions as to the guy’s supporters somewhat questionable…

      • so does the simpsons

        it’s profitable to own the people who mock you

      • TsimoneTseTse

        So holding 21st century Japanese citizens responsible for the war crimes of mid 20th century military leaders = “republican”?

        C’mon StimpyGuy,If you watched Fox news you would know you’re supposed to blame the Chinese

        and North Korea

    • So…he’s there by a variation on affirmative action?

      How very ironic.

    • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

      Yeah, that’s all made up. Especially considering Fox News and Fox are completely different departments that just share a name, and Family Guy more or less has carte blanche.

  • Steven M.

    I declare this generation “The Age Of Ignorance.”

    • paul

      That reminds me,Has anyone watched the film idiocracy?

  • Erin

    Some people thought this was a joke? I thought jokes were supposed to be funny. This doesn’t sound like a joke, it’s not even an accurate joke. If you’re gonna count death as some sort of political game of karma, then it would be us Americans who owe Japan a little something after the two nukes we dropped on their country.

    If you’re going to say something outrageous, at least be funny. Otherwise the only people who are going to laugh at your joke are precisely the kind of people you don’t want to be associated with.

    Though judging by this guy’s other tweets, this is likely the audience he was aiming for. Yikes.

    And for the record, while I’m not a huge Family Guy fan, I’ve only ONCE seen a joke on that show that was close to this insensitive (the Simpson rape joke). Now it seems I know who to blame that joke on.

    • Kellie

      Of course it’s not funny, it was said by a Family Guy writer.

  • Wayne

    However horrific Pearl Harbor may have been, it is microscopic compared to the carnage and devastation of a magnitude 9 earthquake. Those of us who live in Japan have seen a 24 hour TV marathon on every channel depicting destruction which is on a scale that leaves me absolutely dumbfounded. Mr. Sulkin is entitled to his own opinion, however uninformed and totally unknowing he may be.

  • Adam

    What a horrible human being.

  • The Obvious

    If you Google what he says to, you will find out that the overall death toll of Pearl Harbor reached 2,350, including 68 civilians, and 1,178 injured.

    If you Google something else, for example Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you will find out this:

    The overall death toll resulting from the atomic bombs the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki within the first two to four months of the bombings killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, with roughly half of the deaths in each city occurring on the first day.

    I wonder what Alec Sulkin’s take is on that or how either of those things relate to this tragedy?

    I do not enjoy “The Family Guy,” but let’s be clear, this insensitive statement was not made on the show. This is about an arrested development moron who is capable of making a statement like this because he is either a sociopath, or has lived a life insulated by privilege. As a member of an organization that his public statements reflect on, he should at least care about self preservation.

    Fox should fire him.

    • Don’t forget the firebombing of Tokyo, which killed at least 100,000, probably a lot more, and like the other cities the casualties were largely civilian.

      • The Obvious


        Thank you for pointing that out as well, because the reality of our bombing campaign in Japan is often lost as a result of America using atomic weapons on a civilian population twice. The use of atomic bombs was just the finale.

        Well said.

        All this is merely pointing to his ignorance of history.

        The bigger issue here is that this person was expressing an all too common tendency in a certain sick cross section of our culture. The need to cope with tragedy by dehumanizing the victims or in his case, misrepresenting our historic relationship with Japan to justify the misery.

        I’m sure his chief priority in life is his station in life and the feeling of self importance he feels as a result of having a career in a desirable field. Now that the word is getting out, it will be interesting to see if he experiences any blowback from his comment that compromises those things.

    • tavi

      you forgot the rape of nanking, bataan death march and unit 731.

      • Ri

        i think you’re missing the point here guys…

        the earthquake was a natural disaster. no one was to blame.

        and the sicko tweeting about looking up pearl harbor made it sound like it was retribution or something.

        please don’t waste your time comparing atrocities. none of that is going to help any of those people that passed away or are suffering from the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster that’s occurring in Japan right now.

  • Thank goodness the animation police are here to monitor these important issues.

  • StimpyGuy

    These kinds of comments only come from the minds of coddled, privileged, racist, misogynistic, republican scumbags.

    Does it surprise you to learn that this idiot has a framed picture of Don Rumsfeld on the wall of his office? And no, it’s not ironic.

    • Karl Hungus

      Please don’t take the views of one person and try to attribute them to half of the country. The nation doesn’t need that kind of devisiveness, no matter how high and mighty you feel about your views. The same demented appropriation could be made about any number of people of the opposite political persuasion saying terrible things.

      • Ewan

        I was right with you until the last sentence. You can’t honestly say that the extreme views are represented equally on both sides of the spectrum in America. It’s not 50/50, but I agree that generalising is just worthless to a conversation.

    • Rick R.

      Huh? How could that comment be Republican? I’m “Decline to State”, in the California name for non affiliated with a party, but that show is hardly written by Republicans.

      How bout saying Andy said a bad, bad thing and leave it there?

      As others pointed out, it was a ridiculous statement from the get go.

      • Jenifferjones

        Well… one would think, but I’ve been reading about Seth Mcfarlane “paling around” with Rush Limbaugh and Andrew Breitbart, and Donald Trump. I am thinking that maybe the liberal got rich….then……

    • tredlow

      Republican? Isn’t Family Guy totally leftist?

      • jenifferJ

        that’s what they want you to think. i read online that rush limbaugh is a friend of the show.

  • Richard

    Just like Brian and Lois, Sulkin has become a pariah.

  • there aren’t things you can’t joke about, just people who can’t tell jokes

    • Scarabim

      And people who can’t tell the difference between humor and slander.

  • MichaelHughes

    Whatever you think of his statements, Sulkin’s talent, his passion, and his professionalism as a producer on Family Guy is beyond reproach.

    • Karl Hungus

      So he’s got a lot of integrity besides his jubilant announcement that discounts the suffering and loss of millions of people as just deserves for his demented and misplaced patriotism. Great… I’m so impressed. Who wouldn’t be. Tell me more!

      No, wait, don’t. I actually have a moral compass. You should look into getting one.

    • Dan Acton

      This sentence is hilarious.

    • JesseJ

      Wha -a- a- aaaaa??? “beyond reproach”? Are you his mother? Or his girlfriend (ew)?

  • Scary thing is, he’s not the only person online and around the world making these comments.

    It’s just sickening.

  • It’s going to be really hard to make a tragic event like this funny.
    And he failed immensely in his attempt to do so.

  • Portaxx

    This really is what makes Family Guy abhorrent. It’s not the lame pop culture references, the unrecognizable celebrity caricatures, or the non-jokes that drag on for what seems like hours. It’s this skewed, spoiled “hey, any suffering that exists outside of my own personal experience is inconsequential and thus funny” attitude that the show has. It permeates the entire creative process for this show. Why else would “haha, the character is suffering!” be the punchline to so many “gags” in every episode? It really is disgusting.

    But don’t worry, he’s not the only douchebag posting smug “well they deserved it” remarks on Facebook! This collage has been making the rounds too:

    HEY, RACISTS: Japan’s been our friend for quite a damn long time AND HELPED WITH THE RELIEF AFTER HURRICANE KATRINA. Christ.

    • Sat

      Great, that picture made me depressed for ever.

    • “Human” beings, are we not the BIG joke?
      Actually, we are the prove that Darwin was wrong. To consider us as an evolution, an animal improvement… how funny.
      These are the moments I would like to have back my tail and do not pretend I have a brain to use only to hate and give up on compassion…

      • Message boards turn me into a pedant gnome. I’m so sorry. Natural selection just spews out things that are suited to not dying in a specific place. I don’t think Darwin thought we were ‘the best’ any more than in the sort of embarassing way you believe your local sports team is the best.

      • Sorry, Ewan. But I’m affraid you should not take my words literally.

    • I’m glad someone compiled a list of all of the idiots who have a selective memory of history. Yes, Japan attacked us. We nuked them in return. Since then, they’ve been an ally. I wonder if the Japanese thought during Katrina, “Ha! That’s what those evil Americans get for Hiroshima and Nagasaki!” Another prime example of American stupidity due to being overly emotional and retributive.

      • TsimoneTseTse

        This stupidity is just American?

        That’s like saying Family Guy represents all Americans or humor or animation

    • AJ

      “pay back for Pearl habour” what did America cause the earthquakes and tsunamis. Karma for the dolphins I think a tsunami would displace the aquatic life a bit as well. my god the stupidity is depressing.

  • Pretty obvious this isn’t serious – just an attempt at meta humor that missed the mark, like the show does often.

    BTW, if you watch Twitter feeds, you have no life.

    • Marie

      And the difference between watching Twitter feeds and reading and replying to blog comments is…you do one and not the other?

      • Marie’s right you know. I’m surprised nobody’s commented on how this is milking a tragedy for blog traffic.

    • Ri

      just would like to say.

      though twitter is a social phenomenon that i myself still don’t embrace fully, it DID help a whole ton during this disaster in Japan to spread important information such as safety/survival tips, earthquake updates, whether people’s loved ones were safe or not, and most importantly words of encouragement.

      electricity was out. phone lines were down. cell phones were useless. but for those that had iphones or phones with internet connection (which is quite a large number in Japan), twitter helped so much.

  • Skip

    As diverse as the animation community is, its nice to know that so many of you have your moral compasses pointing in the right direction.

  • Karl Hungus


    ^Sorry about the all caps. I’m assuming the people in charge over there just might be so think that they need this spelled out for them.

  • I attribute his comment to the competitive pressure to be seen as the first out with a clever and witty take on the news events of the moment except he forgot the clever and witty part.

  • I didn’t know manatees were so racist!

  • chipper

    I think this would have been very different if it were in Family Guy. If say, Peter Griffin said the line, then we can say “Wow, that fictional character is an ass.” Actually writing it out on your own Twitter is just asking for trouble.

  • My immediate response was to laugh at the tweet. So sue me.

    I would never have expressed his sentiment in a public forum, though. This is the kind of joke best made quietly at home, among loved ones and trusted friends who aren’t cursed with the buzz-killing burden of human decency.

  • Miles Taber

    To those who have been engaging in name-calling, hate-filled speech and suggestions of retribution:

    Sulkin’s original tweet was poorly thought out. It was reactionary and yes, perhaps inexcusable.

    So is your behavior. By condemning, threatening, and dehumanizing someone for their past actions, actions which they have themselves decried and apologized for, you are engaging in a fairly pure form of hypocrisy.

    There are much better uses for your passion right now.

  • Karen

    alec sulkin is one of the most despised “writers” by the entire production staff of family guy. He makes charlie sheen seem sane.

  • bluelineclass

    First and only thought I have to really share about this that immediately entered my head is the same as many others: “It’s a Family Guy writer. What do you expect? Humor or wit? Clearly you’re looking in the wrong place if you’re expecting any of those things.”

  • MichaelDair

    What a Maroon.

    The fact is, we are human beings first. The second fact is, we are stuck on this planet together. And with more and more of us over-populating this little blue pebble, we just better well learn to get along with each other. Because soon there aren’t going to be any corners left to send boobs like Alec Sulkin to, to think about what he just Tweeted.

  • Billy Batz

    In just one night of firebombing Japan during WW2, The U.S. military murdered over 50,000 innocent Japanese civilians(not military targets).Check out the doc FOG of WAR. What war statistics have to do with natural disasters only Sulkin knows. Obviously the man has no compassion for fellow human beings.

    • atrueconservative

      Yes, but the Japanese military killed millions of civilians in the Philippines, Burma, China, The East Indies, Indochina, Korea, Singapore, and the South Pacific. Does not justify American atrocities in WWII, but Japanese atrocities were on a greater scale. Nevertheless, TODAY Japan is a staunch ally and a great friend, a bastion of liberal civilization. I myself am a Japanophile. For heaven’s sake, my favorite animation director is a certain Hayao Miyazaki whose animation style is lambasted frequently by the oh-so-pious defenders of full animation. Admitting to the well-documented scale of WWII atrocities by the Japanese against innocent non-Japanese civilians does not mean that one holds today’s generation of Japanese culpable. The sins of the father — or in this case, the grandfather and great-grandfather — are not passed onto the children. The Japanese period of Imperialism and Militant Shintoism has long since passed, and the people today, though they have lingering problems of xenophobia and racism in their society (hey, who doesn’t?) are an admirable, peaceful, hospitable people who do not deserve the devastation which they are undergoing. I don’t believe in god (isn’t that odd, an atheist conservative? not so odd, really…) but I will say — May the Supreme Being Bless the Japanese, and may they recover from this tragic disaster as a stronger people.

  • Enrico Casarosa

    Well … let’s think positive … here’s a way to do something good …
    donate to this Fund ARTISTS HELP JAPAN, started by my good friend and co-worker Dice Tsutsumi.


    • Doug Nichols

      There you are; proof there’s a reason to read through this stuff. Thanks Enrico! I’ll post this over at work tomorrow morning.

  • Karl Hungus

    Miles Taber wrote:
    “So is your behavior. By condemning, threatening, and dehumanizing someone for their past actions, actions which they have themselves decried and apologized for, you are engaging in a fairly pure form of hypocrisy. “

    Miles Taber needs to look up the definition of the word “hypocrisy” because he is attributing it to a cross section of Cartoon Brew readers who, as far as he knows, have never reveled in the deaths of thousands and misery of millions. Alec Sulkin, on the other hand, has done that and the judgment readers have made on his horrifically insensitive “joke” stands as quite valid.

    You need a time-out Miles

  • Toonio

    There was a time when the unemployable and talentless writers only way to make a living was working in infomercials till Family Guy came up. Then the freak-show was canceled not one or twice but thrice.

    If it wasn’t for Satan and Fox keep that travesty of a show would be long gone.

    • Thank god for Satan!

    • Seattle Dave

      Really? It’s just due to Satan and Fox? Silly me, thinking the millions of viewers and the advertising dollars they bring in had something to do with it. You are aware, aren’t you, that just because something isn’t to your taste doesn’t mean that no-one else likes it, nor does it mean there’s anything inherently wrong with their taste?

  • Dario

    I guess we’re more insensitive right now, like never before. In Argentina I’ve read forums on which most of the people (about 70%, no kidding) felt sad no giant wave ruined our Chilean neighbors. It’s the first time I see so much hatred.

    • That’s awful. Can you summarize for this American what the source is of Argentianian animosity towards Chile?

  • Ryan

    Way to make a big deal out of a little joke. So he has a strange sense of humor. Who cares? I hate ‘Family Guy’ but give him a break. I’d encourage him to keep writing whatever he wants, as this is America, but now people are going to be hounding the poor guy over nothing.

    • Josef

      He’s basically saying the Japanese deserved to die. The only people who would find it funny are the people who share his hatred. There’s nothing funny about that. It’s sad and we should discourage it because of what hatred leads to.

      My applause to Amid for holding Alec Sulkin accountable for his remarks.

    • Marie

      Sorry, Ryan, it wasn’t a joke. He’s stating an abhorrent opinion: that the suffering and devastation Japan experienced was payback for thePearl Harbor attack. There is no punchline.

      Also, the “this is America and we have the right to say anything” defense is getting old. Yes, we have the right to say anything. That doesn’t mean we should.

  • Krayon

    I think putting Insensitive jerk is putting it mildly and yet why the hell he wasn’t fired for this, the damage has been done. I he can say “I am sorry for my insensitive tweet” sounds like a hint of sarcasm with a whole lot BS. I guess being a ass, is the best way of getting into the Fox network.

  • A.C.

    So not surprised it’s the same person who thought of those 9/11 and terminal illness “jokes.” I’m also embarrassed by a lot of the insensitivity floating around places like Facebook right now. The day it hit I saw posts saying, “They were probably running away screaming GODZIRRA!”

    Completely insulting.

  • Miles Taber

    @Karl Hah. Time-outs on internet forums are a brilliant idea, and I will gladly be a test participant. Though I stand by my word choice.

  • Stupid guy makes stupid comment. That’s it. Right now I don’t care about any TV cartoon show. I worry about something else, and that’s not earthquake or tsunami, because we’ll never be able to control those (or even accurately predict).

    I worry about nuclear power plants right now. Not a very funny topic, right? But they’re everywhere, and in every country the owners of those facilities told us for decades how safe they were. They spent billions on PR.

    May I suggest we take this opportunity and dig up some material from the other side? There must be some amount of cartoons about nuclear power which don’t go in the well-founded direction of “Our friend the atom”. Let that other voice be heard. (Simpson’s doesn’t cont.)

    • mmhm

      Simpsons does count

    • Oluseyi

      Just because the media is incessantly pounding the “RISK OF NUCLEAR MELTDOWN!!!” drum doesn’t mean there’s actually a significant risk to people. The media is far from objective and has a vested financial interest in a certain level of hysteria.

      The science is sound. The science has always been sound. There will be accidents and there will be some loss of life; we accept that with electricity and gasoline and automobiles. Cowboy up, willya?

      Focus your concern on people who are suffering over something that’s ALREADY happened, not speculative theorizing from uninformed illiterates (Greenpeace commenting on nuclear energy? let me guess what their view is…) about something that maybe, possible, MIGHT happen on Tuesday or perhaps Friday, or never.

  • What a complete heartless bum. Somebody needs to drop a giant anvil on this guy’s head.

  • This guy is prick. He’s not funny and neither is family guy. forget about this scumbag

  • What a shame!!!! He has absolutely no respect…I’d love to see how he’d act if this so called ” TV writer and producer” was at the place of all that desperate and suffering persons who lost everything!

    • Martin Juneau

      I agree. This tragedy killing thousand of innocents ensemble and laughing at it is just crude, arrogant and completely selfishness. It’s the virtue of that cartoon show and others who ran the mainstream media today.

  • Wayne

    Mr. Sulkin has every right in the world to write what he pleases. That said, his spectacularly boorish and self-righteous comment is not about Japan. It is not about Pearl Harbor, wars, or tsunamis. It is not about human suffering which has reached new levels in Japan since 55 hours ago, by the way. It is merely about one man’s feeble attempt to elevate himself above those he despises, to garner attention for himself and feed his ego, because he thinks it will make him feel better. I don’t think it’s working.

    • That’s quite a scalpel you have. It cut right down to the bone.

  • Unfortunately that kind of WWII racism is still alive all over the world. I’m German and I’ve been greeted by people from all over the world with “Heil Hitler” and stupid remarks about me killing Jews, just because they thought it was funny or what seriously still happens in Germany, more than just a few times.

    Sometimes I wonder what is taught in foreign (from my POV) schools. Even my girlfriend, who is Canadian and also one of the nicest and big-heartest human beings I know, asked me one day if it’s true, that Hitler’s Birthday is still a national holiday over here.

    But to be honest, I hope they fire this guy. It probably won’t happen, because unfortunately his remark wasn’t any worse than what counts as “edgy” and hip humor these days, which is of course exactly what FAMILY GUY tries to come up with, but if I would be in charge, he wouldn’t work for me any longer.

  • Donald C

    It’s at least two generations apart!
    Most victims in Japan weren’t even born at the time.

    I don’t care if it’s a joke or if he’s just trying to be funny, the spread of such blatantly ignorant things through shock humor is why I can hardly bare to watch the show any more.

  • Oliver

    If there’s ever another terrorist attack in America (God forbid), can I make a tweet about how many Native Americans were killed by white settlers?

    • Brandon Pierce

      Yes, do so please.

      Maybe hiring managers will somehow see the article, and take pity on me for being part Native American and hire me.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Our history just isn’t perfect!

  • mmhm

    Ah no wonder he’s going out with the racist Sarah Silverman!

    • TsimoneTseTse

      Now THAT is humor

      ..wait or are you saying she’s racist cause she’s caucasian

  • Was Mt Face Red

    Wow, I just read the rest of this guys Tweets! They’re gobsmackingly lame. That’s the best he can do to feed his following? There’s a thousand comedians out there writing better topical gags thah he has, and ten times a day. Fox, you’ve got lumbered with a liability there.

    As for morality… well now the death toll is more than 200 he’s sorry. How would have felt it it was 201? Or just 1 but it was someone he knew?

    To all defendants of free speech, sure he can write and say anything he likes, but that gives the rest of us the right to judge what kind of person we think he is based on what he writes and says… so we have. Satire without a soul – a world view – a moral compass (whether I agree with it or not) is just a little kid smearing his own poo on the walls to shock his mom _ and THAT is why I don’t like Family Guy.

  • Arthur F.

    Family Guy was always a schizophrenic mess as far as quality and writing goes. And Simpsons/Family Guy copying each other has gotten pretty bad — interestingly, the WWII references are part of that.

    This twitter-statement is the asinine level of what crawls out most of the other time. I can bet on many reasons Germany=Nazi History themes arise is like asking why the History Channel is 24 hour WWII. What else has been really taught in America to the level of FG viewing public? The many dumbed-down, WWII references, do you think the average viewing public watching Family Guy understands the references to something like Hitler invading Poland? The average FOX viewer? Seriously. See if anyone can connect the dots to the points regarding any point of a German war reference. So you ask who is continuosly going to this pot of stale re-treads? More than once, also in the Simpsons. It’s like living in a closed off community that doesn’t want to break out of a world-view that could belong to 1950s tv.

    Anyone who has been to Germany particularly, let alone Europe, they’d realize that it’s impossible to get away as writers or media figures with such ridiculous dumbing down blanket statements of wishing a culture reveng due to WWII as if time stopped then! (Except maybe in soccer games where the national rivalries get heated up – so that means, comedy writers are the wit and level of soccer hooligans then…) All these countries that actually lived under the Nazi occupation, why is it even THEY don’t make such culturally lazy, basically right-wing sentiments as to wish on the Japanese what this writer, a person in other words PAID to create comedic thoughts, does in America.

    Anyway, there is a similar point with the Simpsons – whenever they make their trips, like to Japan or other countries — awful kitsch — just a reminder that the white-boy writing table is essentially incapacitated by the world outside, and they always say it’s just for the immediate laugh so no matter anyway.

  • There’s a difference between “omg, that’s so inappropriate but funny” and “wow that’s offensive.”

    This would be the latter.

  • Pheslaki

    Just as bad, I think, are the people I’ve seen bitching – with all seriousness – because their favorite anime series might be delayed.

  • Amid I just saw that one of the tags on this post is Douchebag hahahahahahahahaha

    Nice touch ;)
    That made my day

  • John

    Why would remembering Pearl Harbor make me feel better about anything?

    • TsimoneTseTse

      Because, historically speaking, we (as in the USA) didn’t cave-in to staying out of WWII. And those in service at that time didn’t die in vain.
      Axis power actually thought of Americans as weak, overweight, stupid, coddeled mama’s boys (quick! what two current tv cartoon characters come to mind)

      • anon

        actually i think he meant that thinking about more deaths isn’t the best way to cheer yourself up

  • Martin Juneau

    It’s just offensive at my opinion. I watched Family Guy in the first airings but i stopped when things goes too far and the 2005’s comeback is like i ditch it.

  • Warhead

    Sigh… I bet you guys $5.00 that the next episode is about a horrific disaster, and how it’s a good thing. -facepalm-

    • Mike Russo

      Yet I’m sure if South Park did the same thing everyone would instantly defend it for being so brave and so smart and so clever.

      • Yeah, but I think Matt and Trey are above making light of a national tragedy in such an insensitive way.

  • Sean

    This IS the internet and (haven’t you heard) Being a Dickhead’s Cool.

    • I watch FAMILY GUY because I find one out of every five jokes funny, but their frame of reference skews towards people twenty years younger than me. Even with a hit-to-miss ratio like that it’s still better than something like THE BIG BANG THEORY. On the whole, though, I liken it to being cornered by an uncle at a wedding and being stuck listening to his jokes.

      Jokes about tragedies may be funnier (I said funniER, not necessarily funny) coming from the mouths of characters when it’s established that they’re insensitive idiots, but the trouble with them is them being misinterpreted by frat boys who have their own prejudices reinforced.

      • I should also amend that this is not a response to Sean’s comment, just my ignorance of posting comments properly.

    • JesseJ

      And a poor pathetic loser like this gets his “cool” from being on “twitter”. THAT is the punchline.

  • Seattle Dave

    Sulkin’s views are hateful and despicable and he deserves to be castigated for them. But another thing this makes me think about is how glad I am that I’m not a Twitter user. Getting into the habit of posting every thought that comes into your head is not necessarily a good thing, as this clearly shows. There’s something to be said for taking some time to mull things over before stating your opinion to the world.

    • jenifferJ

      Yeah, it seems guys like this NEED the approbation that a juvenile fad like “twitter” gives to make him feel like a man. All the filthy millions he makes off the sweat of the back of animators isn’t enough for him.

  • Michel Van

    the World is facing the bigges nuclear disaster since Thernobly
    and Alec Sulkin bitch and moan about Pearl Habor
    His attitude towards life reflects on his irritating TV Show “Family Guy”

    so Alec Sulkin, i put this your words:
    If you wana fell better about this “Family Guy”
    google after “The Simpsons” + popularity rating…

  • Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood

    No shock here. This is the group that used one show to bring up the fact that Laura Bush was once involved in a fatal car accident. No joke involved, just a very hateful stab at a woman whose only crime is being married to a man who hold political views that Seth MacFarlane doesn’t agree with.

    This could even be overlooked if not for the fact that FG, like South Park and the Simpsons, just isn’t funny anymore. The writers of this show have given up being clever and original and just use the same three or four jokes in every episode and have one character (always a liberal) lecturing every other character for disagreeing with them. We get it South Park, Cartman hates Jews. Family Guy, Meg isn’t popular with her peers, we know. American Dad, Roger is a drunk, that’s what you’re getting at, right? I’ll write this all down down if you want me to; there’s no reason to repeat those same jokes 30 times and episode.

    Bottom line animation writers: start being funny or I’m switching over to America’s Next Great Restaurant. It’ll probably be funnier.

  • Vzk

    Is the Japanese embassy going to make FOX apologize for his comments like with the BBC?

  • am

    he apologized – what more can a person do when they mess up? don’t go all Daily Mail on his ass.

  • Finally, something with Amid I can wholeheartedly AGREE with. And this is coming from soneone who actually. watches the show.

  • AltredEgo

    I’d be interested to know how many of us would have even HEARD what this guy said without Cartoon Brew. This post has more than 100 comments, with everyone saying basically the same thing…because it’s obvious.

    If someone makes an idiotic tweet and it doesn’t get re-posted all over the internet, does it make a sound, or perhaps, would anyone care?

    I think not.
    What this man says or doesn’t say doesn’t mean anything to the people in Japan. They are not offended because they don’t know or care. People can say whatever they like and just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it matters.

    Shouting him down (after he deleted the post) doesn’t make anything better. Perhaps, if this were Seth McFarlane, it would make more sense to discuss it at length, but he’s just some guy with a very unpopular opinion.

    I humbly submit that we all get back to our important and meaningful lives, even if they won’t be commented on by readers of the internet.
    Anyway, that’s what I’m going to do.

  • It also depends on whether or not he made his account secure so that only similarly smart-assed people could see his remark or whether his comments can be seen by everyone.

  • Does he not remember Hiroshima? Seriously…

  • James E. Parten

    I perceived no humor in the illustrated “tweet”. All I saw was further proof (as if there were any further proof needed) that one does not have to be stupid to say stupid things–but it helps!

    There will–eventually–be humor coming out of all this. Some of it will be tasteless, and some of it will be “gallows humor”. But that comes with time.

    Having been through an Act Of God myself (the 1994 Northridge earthquake), I know where humor can crop up. And yes, it often stems from the capricious nature of a tragedy such as this.

    It does not help things that this fellow writes for “Family Guy”. This is, at times, a quite loathsome show. But more bile should be saved up for those television stations that insist on running it when “kids” can watch it. This show is suited for late-night timeslots–preferably those where the children are having their decent and respectable nightmares.

  • Just another sign of the cynical, cruel times we live in. I’m sure that far worse things are being said in tweets and forums all over the web but no doubt that this clown is an a-hole! I wouldn’t even want to be in the same room with anyone so insensitive and ignorant!

    • Adam

      I’d like to think a group of internet loud mouths don’t reflect on the world as a whole or the times we live in. Cynics are the outliers, I hope.

  • kato

    His tweet has spread quickly across Japan through the Internet.
    And many Japanese people were shocked.
    So sad…

  • CallmeZ

    What the crap! I am sorry but true pain of another can never be a subject of joke unless it brings him relief.
    Given how massively rich US is and have been, I wonder how these unbelievably twisted history still remains in people there. Where is the education?

    OK HERE’s how you make a joke, The ONLY country to ever use nukes on a country, then annihilated another after 50 years for allegedly having them. Still not funny though.

  • Damon

    When Amid said this:

    “It’s the type of ignorant comment one might expect from an ill-educated fourteen-year-old, not from a working professional in the animation industry.”

    I know this is an animation website but it shouldn’t matter what industry this guy works when. An insensitive asinine comment is an insensitive asinine comment no matter where this guy works.

  • tredlow

    I just wanna say that you shouldn’t hate Family Guy because of what this one guy says. Hate it because you don’t think it’s funny, or you don’t like the animation quality, or you think it’s tasteless, sure, but don’t judge it for what one guy said outside the show.

    I’m not defending this jerk, and I never liked Family Guy, but when you hate something, hate it for the right reasons.

  • Cayse Cheatham

    worst jerk

  • anon

    I’m 15 and I know we shouldn’t have less sympathy because of WWII because it’s not like 80% of the current population fought against us; it was their grandparents.

  • Me

    This is almost as bad when the new Comedy Central logo tweeted “All we did was eliminate some skyscrapers. Think of it as the 9/11 of logo design.”

    You can see it here:!/ComedyCentralC

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I’ll never watch that channel again!

  • David

    I love Family Guy but this is going too far, I’ve just lost my respect for them.

  • Marc Baker

    Not a nice thing to say when you consider that most of our animation industry has worked with Japan either through distributing their anime to our shores for US consumption, or working with some of their studios on most of our shows. I mean, Hayao Miyazaki has some notoriety, and recognition here in America.

  • James Sugrue

    Is anyone really this surprised by this? These idiots have gone so far as to make fun of cancer victims, mental disabilities, abortion, and even the 9/11 tragedy. I always thought Family Guy was progressing more and more into a mean spirited show, and here is the proof. The hell with them.

  • JesseJ

    Now he is saying on “twitter” (for grown men apparently), that we didn’t “get the joke”. If you look carefully at his twitter “stream:(?), you will see his whole schtick is how racist and cool he is.

  • TheIncredibleSulk

    Hey gang, any writers out there want my job? Just beat these great gags of mine and it’s yours..

    When a girl makes you suck her finger during sex, she’s basically saying, “Hey, here’s a dick for you.”

    Why is every Tom’s dick hairy?

    Yesterday death toll = 200. Today = 10 thousand. I am sorry for my insensitive tweet.

    • Willow Ufgood

      I’ve heard of a Smart Alec before, but you’re the first Dumb Alec I’ve ever met.
      Now do I get your job?

    • jenifferJ

      Wow, am I to believe that those are this guy’s “jokes”? And for those he probably gets paid millions. Hopefully he is saving all his “best work” for Twitter and not wasting it on “Family Guy”.

  • What a colossal asshole.
    Of course I would expect no less from one of the geniuses behind the most overrated, derivative piece of shit on tv.

  • Guz

    He’s obviously a jerk, but wishing him bad things (like some people in the comments) isn’t exactly an example of a good human being. Let’s hope he had truly regreted his words and became less alienated.

  • JcValdez

    This guy is one of the many reasons that Family Guy has lost its appeal over the past few years.

  • I bet that if the shoe was on the other foot, and someone made a Holocaust joke in the same manner, Sulkin would be the first to cry foul. I’m boycotting anything this tasteless “writer” produces, including “The Family Guy”, until he formally apologizes to the Japanese government and the people of Japan. In a perfect world, I’d like him to repeat that joke to some of the families of the victims, and see how he feels afterwards. If he has a soul, he should.

    Addendum: If it’s really him, TheIncredibleSulk says: 03/14/11 1:46pm, now he’s being defensive, and not apologetic. I guess 200 deaths versus 10,000 deaths doesn’t matter, right? WFT? How many lives have to be lost in order for it not to be funny? 6 million? If I made a Holocaust joke, even six decades later, because the “Jews deserved it”, I’d be branded a racist, a monster and a Nazi. What’s the difference here? Or can I start tweet about burning crosses, now?

    (These are rhetorical questions, of course.)

  • @TheIncredibleSulk sez: “Yesterday death toll = 200. Today = 10 thousand. I am sorry for my insensitive tweet”
    Ohhhh, he’s sorry now because the death toll is HIGHER! See, it was funny yesterday when he didn’t know how many lives had been lost, but today, in light of the even HIGHER death toll, it isn’t funny.
    Thanks for clearing that up for us, asshole.

    • jenifferJ

      200 was funny. 10,000…..not so much when you are about to get fired.

  • Rick R.

    And just as an fyi, Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the AFLAC duck for doing pretty much the same thing.

  • Karl

    Family Guy is brilliant, it says what people think but what the so called inteligensia don’t want heard. If this show goes then with it goes all hope of any chance the world has of destroying the vile and contemptable weakness that is political correctness.

    What about you guys and your much vaunted belief that ‘you may not agree with what someone says, but you’ll defend to the death his right to say it’ …Don’t see much of that here

    • Was My Face Red

      Too right! The majority of us think that Indian food tastes like baby poo, people with cancer are way too sensitive and aids is a laff riot – and we’d be telling the whole world that if it wasn’t for the PC inteligensia oppressing us with their vile weakness.

    • Never said he didn’t have the right to say what he said. Let him say it!!! I will fight for his right to be a insensitive creep!
      AND I have the right to say he’s an unfunny jack off!!!
      God BLess America!

    • Anoniguy

      He has every right so say it, and we too have every right to say, “F*** you, you’re an insensitive asshole.” Free speech does not, in ANY WAY, mean that you have the right to mouth off with impunity and suffer no consequences from your peers. Only from the GOVERNMENT.

      When you speak in public, and twitter is public speaking, you had best believe you may be called out for your opinions.

  • Karl: The First Amendment doesn’t allow us the right to be hurtful for shits and giggles. Otherwise, we should all be making jokes about the Holocaust and the KKK… “Q: What did the Grand Dragon say to his lynch mob at the Cross Burning? A: ‘Pass the Hot Dogs, as long as they aren’t Kosher!'” Yeah, a real laugh riot.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Family Guy is crap. From it’s horrible design to it’s horrible writing. I can find better ways to waste my time than watch it.

  • Michael

    Its obvious that this guy whether liked by his co-workers or not is a jerk. His comment was in bad taste and there was no humor in it at all. I think we can all agree on that. For me its another reason not to support Family Guy and the other shows he makes. I’m not knocking the show because of what he said. I know lots of fans of the show and I admit in the past I have laughed at Family Guy bits…sometimes quite hard. However, in the past few years the show has lost its flavor to me. Whether you like the show or not, I do think knocking the show is right. Art and humor is a matter of opinion. However, this guy does represent the show. On the show it make whatever comments you want about whatever topic. Leave your “jokes” there. Keep them off your tweets. Ignorant characters are funny…ignorant people…not so much.

  • March

    I will never watch Family Guy again. Very disappointed and unforgivable.

  • jenifferJ

    I wnt to the trouble of looking at this guy’s twitter account and was astonished to find a long history of racist and bigoted “jokes” that are as offensive as his hideous tweet regarding the tragedy in Japan. Same as Gilbert Goddfreid the idiot who got fired for the Affleck ads – his tweets are lousy with racist “jokes”.”Family Guy” doesn’t need this guy, fire his dumb ass.

  • Anne

    if you think thats bad look at this.

    • Willow Ufgood

      These reactions are so depressing.
      Did people joke about the victims in New Orleans or Haiti? If they did, I never heard about it.

  • Nick Drew

    Hey dose anyone else find it terrifying that people are losing their JOBS in the United States because they express their Opinion on the internet Via Tweeter?
    I think what he said was nasty and hateful but he has the right to say it and not lose his lively hood because he dared express his thoughts in a Country with Free Speech.
    I know this is not going to help my case but to Quote Peter Griffin, “I don’t agree with what you said sir But I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it.
    The first amendment is our most precious right and if people are threatened with the lose of their jobs whenever they voice an unpopular opinion on tweeter then we as American’s have to stand up even for things that are in bad taste to defend it!
    Freedom of Speech is a very important thing, today its a hate monger tomorrow it’s people who worship differently, or have different politics then you. It is a very very slippery slope!

  • Animation and society in general has lost it’s humanity. I blame many for how we got here, but most of all I blame children’s programing gone amok, with little concern for the innocents they were filling with angry dehumanizing so called humor! In the eighties we had standards and practices to answer to before a show was shipped to animation ( at Filmation,that shipping was across the street, rather than being outsourced to other countries.) and we had to make sure what we presented to children on television was at least not harmful. Then in the nineties I saw a vile mean spirited attitude take over the scrips that we worked on and as a result a coarser insensitive society we all live in. Actually i am not surprised to see this insensitive attitude expressed by the head of a show like Famil Guy.

  • Kayla

    Oh please,
    your article is insensitive along with these people’s comments. My pal, Alec, is a good guy. You people don’t know anything about him, except what is pursued within the media and his twitter etc.

    Also, I’d like to point out that the Family guy staff have mixed races, some gay writers, and people with mixed religious beliefs. So a lot of these comments are just filled with pure cynical hatred. Oh, not to mention that I AM a woman. Just thought i’d state that, since I saw some idiotic “misogynistic” comments on this page referring to Alec.

    Jeez…you know what’s really depressing? Your know it all statements, which are absurd and false.

    • AntiActivist

      You seriously want us to believe such a comment is coming from a “good guy” who changed his tune only after MORE people died?

      This article is spot on when it comes to calling your pal as insensitive, especially when he makes a public statement immediately after such a tragic event occured. FYI just because he works along with other people who he regularly pokes fun of, is not a valid excuse for his actions in this matter. He’s still a jerk, and will remain labeled as a jerk or a racist to everyone who has seen his ridiculous opinion. If you really think this is blowing out of proportions, then you’re as insensitive as he is. Here’s a reminder for you in case you forgot, PEOPLE DIED.

      Also look up the death toll from the nuclear bombings in Nagasaki and Hiroshima if you and your pal needs a history lesson, especially since he thinks the Japanese haven’t paid back enough for the deaths in Pearl Harbour.

      If you and your pal can’t stand the idea that people don’t agree with your public statements, stay off the internet.

    • Once again Kayla, thank you for expressing an opinion that nobody will agree with.

    • Anoniguy

      How absurd of us, to judge him by the words HE POSTED.

    • Sorry, Kayla. “Good guys” don’t have thoughts like that. At the center, where that Tweet came from, is corrupt. I don’t feel “holier than thou.” I just feel sickened by an appalling human being that let his vile soul show.

  • A.C.
  • Kevin Spacley

    What a moron. Ok, so after you google “Pearl Harbour death toll”, google “Atomic bomb drop on Hiroshima and Nagasaki death toll”…that should shut him up.

  • Mister Twister

    I stopped watching the show almost two years ago.

    Now I HATE it, and all the ppl responsible for its existence.

  • Sure, what he said was ridiculous but so is this lynch-mob. Yes, a writer for an occasionally funny show all about shock said something stupid without thinking about it. Anyone who says they’ve never thought something they regret a few seconds later is lying. There are 300 million people in this country so somebody’s going to say something out of line. I don’t know the guy and he may or may not be an asshole but what he did is not a grounds for boycott.

    You already know there’s going to be something offensive when you watch the show. That’s why there’s a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode. I give him credit for knowing what Pearl Harbor is when much of the country thinks WWII was in the 60s and we fought the Russians. Everybody will be making a joke about this in a couple years just like people can now joke about 9/11 which may be equally unfunny but not cause such an uproar either. Sure tragedy plus time equals comedy, but “too soon” also means “too soon for me to not make a knee-jerk reaction”.

    • Anoniguy

      There’s a difference between thinking an ugly thought, and taking that ugly thought, typing it out, proofreading it, and pressing a button to share it with god knows how many people.

      Maybe the guy up higher in the comments had the right idea when he mentions his discomfort with twitter – how he is reluctant to use a service that so readily lets someone share a thought from off the top of their head quickly, with little or no deliberation – no period of contemplating, ‘does this statement make me look like a complete jerk? am I a complete jerk?’

  • Was My Face Red

    The hilarity keeps on coming…

    “My iPhone has learned the word “fuck”.”

  • TURDtoon

    What a jerk.

    Is he the reason Family Guy is so dark and grim now? I’d like to see Stewie and Brian go back to singing together than killing the parents of a daughter on Christmas eve.

  • AT

    While comparing death to death is probably not a good way of settling this situation, many seem to forget that it was the americans of the WWII era that dropped the atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki, while also bombing much of japan into rubble.

    If you want to settle a proverbial score, look at those stats and the japanese have paid in spades.

    If you want to look at this from a purely humanitarian point of view, I direct you to this:

    Japanese government and private citizens alike were some of the first and most generous to step up in the wake of katrina. Complete strangers giving their money away to help people they didn’t even know, and without question or prejudice.

  • Jim M

    You think THAT’s bad?

    Remember the time and made fun of while played bongos in the background?

    (Smash cut to the poorly conceived scene above)

  • John

    Well this is the Rupret Murdoc company, of course he’s not fired!

  • Funkybat

    I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say of Gilbert’s tweets that “none of which were as prejudiced as Sulkin’s.” Gilbert was trying to make jokes, many of which were very rude and sexist as well as insensitive, as opposed to Sulkin, who seemed to just be cynically musing.

    The sad thing is that is how many people think these days. Pop culture took a strong turn toward the cynical and “gallows humor” several years ago and it doesn’t seem to be abating. People were already joking about things like this openly before 9/11, and it took all of a week after 9/11 for it to start up again, after a brief period where everyone wanted to claim that “irony is dead.”

    What they were attempting to claim was “dead” wasn’t true irony, it was Snark. Cynical, schadenfreude-driven Snark that is now the lingua franca of the “hip” and “with it.” If you don’t make crass comments about something serious, either in the form of jokes (like Gottfried) or general snarkiness (like Sulkin) you aren’t “cool.”

    Maybe it’s sad that Alec Sulkin’s comment would have barely raised my eyebrow had I seen it. Maybe it’s sad that everyone I know, even me, makes snarky, cynical jokes all the time. I haven’t seen much to joke about in the midst of these catastrophes in Japan, but it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of people do. I guess it is a little surprising so many people would harbor resentment almost 70 years later toward a nation that has since then been a staunch ally and both partner and competitor in technological innovation.

    I think the one thing everyone should take away from this is that, one way or another, any of us could end up in as bad or worse shape due to some calamity or another. Japan is an advanced nation and they have been thrust back decades in the span of day. Do you really think America would fare better if faced with something like this?

  • fi1ip

    what a terrible human being

  • Japanese

    I’m Japanese and we are taught not to watch crap like “Family Guy”. A comment like this is expected by one of the show’s producers. So don’t worry. No offense taken. Do you listen to rants by the KKK? I didn’t think so.

  • Dave O

    What an a-hole.

    I don’t put things on a morality scale and my threshold for free speech is pretty broad, but Family Guy just needs to go, and possibly be erased from existence if possible.

    It’s useless. It’s not artful… it’s not even good television. So, what is it exactly besides a black hole that robs kids of their innocence because of what they might see on this prime-time show and a trash pile that demonstrates to its young adult viewers that the only response to every situation is smartassitude and anger (as Sulkin apparently believes).

    The writers think that their antics are nihilist, a middle finger in the face of taste when in fact it is dark cynicism on full throttle. Why do the TV execs that have propped this show up for so long think that America (and the world, for that matter) needs such a dark, unintelligent worldview?

    • jenifferJ

      why is the “artfulness” of family guy in question here? I think this story is about one hideous moron who happens to work on the show?

      • Dave O.

        His comments are a symptom of the show as a whole. Read my statement again and you’ll see that I’m supporting an argument. Pick up an elementary school textbook to find out more about how to do that. It will also help you with your punctuation problem.

  • dr. truth

    he should learn to cheer up and do less “sulkin”.
    ….I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry.

  • Illidan66

    Hey Alec
    you want to Google something?, here are a few ideas.

    Tokyo WWII incendiary bomb attacks
    Internment Camps

  • jenifferJ

    Does he still have his job?

  • Greg Maletic’s comment is trying to say Alec is playing a character similar to Sahara Silverman or I suppose Stephen Colbert? Even from that perspective it isn’t funny plus how is someone suppose to know the tweet should be read from that context? The tweet is just Pathetic, thoughtless & disturbing.

  • Brian O.

    Family Guy was never known for its sensitivity.

    Singling this guy out and wanting him out of the animation community for a Tweet is stretch. There are plenty of corporate weasels in animation that deserve the door before this little writer goes.

    “Too little, too late” cries Amid but what would he like him to do? I think the people in Japan have far more pressing matters at hand than to give a second thought what a Family Guy writer tweets. Frankly, so should we.

  • Jeff

    I thought the first three seasons of Family Guy were good, but declined greatly after that. I just looked up Sulkin on IMDB and noticed that he didn’t work on those first three seasons.

  • April 1942 ‘Bombing of Tokyo’. 97,000 killed and 125,000 wounded.
    August 6 1945 ‘Atomic bombings of Hiroshima’. 90,000–166,000 killed in Hiroshima.
    August 9 1945 ‘Atomic bombings of Nagasaki’. 60,000–80,000 killed in Nagasaki.

  • Hiroshima Anyone?

    if anything we reversed the karma after dropping 2 a-bombs over the damned island. forget about that? am i the only one with this argument? they went from enemy to ally. just like the brits, the germans, etc. i dont care when people joke about this type of crap, but when you compare it to an attack we countered ten-fold, then your argument is just bull. you piss and moan, but at the end of the day you hop into your jap car, play your ps3 or wii on your jap made tv, and surround yourself in technologies that come straight from their capital. In conclusion: sure we’re all hypocrites, but everyone who brings this up in -seriousness- takes the cake. And I’m glad you all are thinking about our american troops stationed there. But they’re expendable, right?

  • Tony

    Your use of the word “ignorant” implies that he is “unaware” somehow. That isn’t the case, the comment was intentional and written with full knowledge. The only ignorant one here would be the writer that doesn’t understand the English language and is apparently unaware that the humor of Family Guy writers is intentionally inflammatory and juvenile. Was it funny? No, not really. Was it insensitive? Of course. Was it what you thought it was? Not even close. In the words of the internet… “You’re doing it wrong!”

  • Lisa

    If I remember correctly, I retweeted that little gem. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Yes, the disaster was devastating, but humor is a way some people cope. No one should have to apologize for speaking their mind.

    • Mike T

      i realize I’m six months late on this thread, but could you people stop taking yourselves and the world around you so seriously? What he said may have ben inflammatory, but guess what? This is america, its his account, and he can say what he likes. If you are looking for deep, intellectual thought concerning WW2, maybe you should watch something besides cartoons written by stoners.

  • Sid

    Get over yourselves. Like a bunch of old hens clucking at the salon. When you have finished eradicating all the hunger, poverty, homelessness, injustice, corruption, rape, murder and political philandering just in your city or state then, and only then, should you come back to your comfy chair in front of your magic internet machine and bitch about something said by someone you don’t even know about something you’re doing squat to fix.

  • CPB

    White male privelege…gotta hate it. His tweet should have said “I live in an upscale part of an already wealthy community where I’ll never die via natural disaster. However, I’m not above propping up my tasteless jokes on the backs of the disenfranchised. For proof, see my ‘work’ on Family Guy. Congratulations to me. I’m an asshole.”

  • regeya

    Coming back nearly a year later, it’s amazing that people expect a writer and producer of Family Guy to not be That Guy.

  • ken sherman

    those responsible for airing and approving much of famguys shows need to cease all of their ill humor;especially the remarks on a particular show about vietnamese taunting crying Americans.