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The Most Inappropriate “Monsters University” Movie Tie-In

Many people online have already criticized the premise of Monsters University, which appears to want to be both a raunchy college life movie and a safe children’s film. Promotional tie-ins don’t lie though, and this Huggies promo with its euphemistic “Big Kid” language, suggests that Monsters University will be neutered enough creatively that parents will still feel good about wrapping their children’s asses in characters from the film.

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  • Quint

    Dumbest article. It would take *more* creativity to simultaneously pay proper respect to the typical college lifestyle, while also styling it so that parents will want their kids to see the movie.

    • AmidAmidi

      I’m sure “The Hurt Locker” would be more creative too if they had figured out a way to tell the story while also making it so that parents would take their kids to see it. What you’re suggesting is not creativity, but rather creative compromises that are made by artists to satisfy their corporate masters.

      • SarahJesness

        A kid-friendly “Hurt Locker” is quite a weird mental image.

        I agree with both of you guys, honestly. I agree that it does take extra creativity to make a kid-friendly film that takes place in college… Buuuut I also agree that it’s really weird, and I doubt the movie is really going to have the crazy college feel that Pixar is going for.

  • Maybe I’m missing something here…?

  • Actually it seems very appropriate. I’ve never seen more people into wearing diapers than at a wild college frat party.

  • Jacob

    I really don’t see this promotion as any indicator about the quality or maturity of the movie. Toy Story 3 had a similar promotion ( and most people considered that a great movie.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I don’t know–I recall back at college someone who kept making prank visits to my freshman dorm wearing underwear on her head–and at one point with another friend diapers. Maybe Huggies diapers with monsters on them are totally rad to wear if you’re a drunk college student.

  • I actually don’t see any reason not to do this… it seems like a legitimate marketing idea to me. I agree with Jacob – it doesn’t indicate much about the quality of the movie, just that it’s probably rated G like most Pixar movies.

    • jmahon

      I’m not a baby still in diapers, so I’m not really offended that this isn’t marketed towards me.

      The best Monsters U tie-in marketing, however, has to be their “Grumblr” account- a blog on tumblr that’s apparently kept by a student at Monsters U, posting instagram pictures, gifs and other things that are hilariously in-character and appropriate to the culture of bloggers on tumblr. The person who runs it obviously knows what they’re doing. I laugh whenever I see them post.

      • JeanbearTheImmasculator

        Does this mean you are an adult still in diapers? I guess they overlooked Diapers for older people.

  • tredlow

    Well, the college comedy genre isn’t all raunchiness. Although alcohol is usually a big element in that.

    • Mick

      It isn’t?

  • Funkybat

    This feels like much ado about nothing. From the headline, I thought the tie-in was going to be somehow creepy or kid-unfriendly, at least in the eyes of adults.

    I am intrigued by this “Mike and Sully Phone Call for Potty Time” feature. I have a couple of friends that I think are due for just such a call, preferably on their work phones.

  • Ah, I get the point now. University life is anything but kid friendly. I believe that the advertisement above is so…cleverly and innocently designed, that one would not think that it’s college material. I do understand the concern.

  • Roberto Severino

    I really doubt that there will be alcohol or any of that stuff at all in the new Monster’s University film and even if there was a reference to that kind of partying, it would be a very subtle reference that only the parents or other adults watching this movie will really understand. The college setting is probably just secondary to whatever will actually happen in the movie.

  • william bradford

    As far as college raunchiness goes; I think the film will have lots of plastic cups and kegs everywhere, but probably avoid directly admitting to alchohol. I also doubt Pixar’s studio had much to do with all the merchandise tie-ins

    I’d also like to say it’s interesting that all of a sudden Cartoon Brew editors seems to be losing there impartiality and diplomacy, and all the anonymous commenters are being level headed and understanding towards the big conglomerate :)

  • I’m potty training my kid at the moment and if it takes this to do it I’ll take it, thanks.

  • DarylT

    College movies never accurately represent college life. Real college is just hours spent in lecture theatres and libraries writing essays and revising for tons of exams resulting in so much stress.

  • NAveryW

    You’re saying a Pull-Ups tie-in indicates a Pixar movie will be creatively compromised because it’s safe for kids?

    That’s… that’s what you’re actually saying?

  • otterhead

    Right, because there’s never been cartoon characters on diapers before.

  • Nick Bruel

    Believe it or not… lots of kids go to Pixar movies. Believe it or not… Pixar WANTS lots of kids to go see their movies. I get an overall sense here that just because a film targets a younger audience, then the production company is dumbing down its product or pandering to “family audience” sensibilities. I don’t understand why that would be. I don’t understand why a smart production company can’t target a young audience and still challenge itself to create sophisticated material. Plus, if animation is to have a future at all, doesn’t it make sense to draw in younger viewers now?

    Personally, I remain skeptical that even Pixar can create a college movie that appeals to a kid audience. But they’ve surprised me before and I’m anxious to see the film.

  • So if Pixar doesn’t deliver a CGI homage to Animal House, are we to conclude they sold out?

  • jmahon

    I don’t think it’s aimed at children- I think it’s aimed at the older people who watched Monsters U as kids, and who have grown up now. There’s no way they’d make it PG, and so kids will be in it for the fun colourful characters. There aren’t many “adult” ways to advertise a show. However if they release a beer pong set with the characters on it, I might raise an eyebrow. (….and then totally buy it.)

  • zac leck

    Just in case you missed this one while growing up

  • “Monsters University will be neutered enough creatively”
    Dang, Amid’s on a roll. I myself am not confident that we need a prequel. From Wall-E, 5 years ago, to this…

  • otterhead

    It’s a prequel, showing how Mike, Sully, Randall, and the other characters met and got to know each other. Yes, it has everything to do with the original Monsters Inc.

  • Amid, I think you’re over reacting a bit much. Ties-ins like this happen all the time. Heck, people will buy just about anything. Films like Monsters Inc. are meant for a wide range of audiences, and guess what, little kids also like cartoons. Fancy that.

  • Caitlin Cadieux

    Geez, Amid, really? It has to be ‘neutered creatively’ from a ‘raunchy college life movie’ to be used as pull-ups ads? Firstly, were you really expecting Monsters University to include a lot of explicit, realistic stereotypical college life stuff? Secondly, do you NEED explicit, realistic stereotypical college life stuff to have a movie that was made with some creativity? Stop posting your knee-jerk reactions and let the more thoughtful posts take over.

  • mick

    I think pixar will deliver something tastey but to my mind, college comedies go in one very distinct direction