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You know you’ve seen too many Looney Tunes when these are in your fridge…

Click image to enlarge. (from an idea by Jake Friedman)

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  • Jorge Garrido

    Ken Champin!

  • The third one is a Spaniard champagne-flavored soft drink called “Champín”. It’s weird because is marketed towards kids (its slogan is “enjoy as a big one!”). I’ve used to have it at new years parties.

  • George

    Mmmmmm, throw back a couple Maltesers, wash it down with some Jones, always a terrific combo! Yum!

  • Graham

    Ah….sorry…I guess I haven’t seen enough Looney Tunes…but I don’t get it. ANyone care to elaborate *smiles sheepishly*

  • Ryan

    I don’t get it either…

  • George

    I’ll gladly ruin the joke Graham and Ryan

    Foster’s Australian Beer references: Warren Foster, Looney Tunes writer/story man

    Jones Soda references: Chuck Jones, Looney Tunes director

    Champín references: Ken Champin, Looney Tunes animator

    Maltesers references: Michael Maltese, Looney Tunes writer/story man

    Pierce’s BBQ Sauce references: Tedd Pierce, Looney Tunes writer/story man

    Get it??? GET IT???!!! :p

  • Fris Vodka. Need I say more?

  • amid

    Don’t forget Pratt’s Rapeseed Oil and St. Julian Winery. Man, whatta buncha nerds ;)

  • zavkram

    Any Avery or Tashlin products out there? :) :) :)

  • George

    Avery Beer! Delicious!

  • Maggie Simpson

    It’s like when my mom’s boyfriend mentions his granddaughter, Avery. I get the chills…