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Daniela Strijleva

Daniela Strijleva

Daniela Strijleva is a character art director for Pixar. Her blog is where you can find more of her personal projects like the collaborative Round Robin book that she participates in. Below are some more studies of the sheep characters from her Round Robin project illustrations and a few other humorous images from her personal pursuits.


Daniela StrijlevaDaniela StrijlevaDaniela StrijlevaDaniela StrijlevaDaniela Strijleva
  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Reminds me of Mo Willems’ “Sheep in the Big City,” obviously.

  • anik

    I find her characters from personal projects have such warmth and delicate charm that Pixar (in general) lacks.

    • Mike Rosado

      Agreed. It’s the hand-crafter tactile element of these drawings that bring the charm. If only we had powerful producers in the biz who understood and nurtured that for the visual presence of feature films.

  • Tyler Stott

    Super stellar work. its very “innocent/pure”.