Interview with JibJab’s Gregg Spiridellis Interview with JibJab’s Gregg Spiridellis

Interview with JibJab’s Gregg Spiridellis

Below is a short but insightful interview with JibJab co-founder Gregg Spiridellis about some of the recent business plans for their website Unlike so many other online animation startups, JibJab has managed to balance its artistic ambitions with business savvy and a willingness to experiment with new ways of earning income from online animation. I found the link on Scott Kirsner’s CinemaTech blog, and as Scott says, “The guys at JibJab have been experimenting longer than anyone else with new business models for Web content.”

It’s also worth noting that their new Sendables e-cards are allowing the studio to branch out beyond their established photo-collage animation style and play with techniques like stop-motion (Crankballs), puppetry (Motor Mouth Malone) and hand drawn-looking Flash animation (like this birthday greeting).

  • The Spiridellis brothers have it right: smart business planning brings success which brings independence which brings the opportunity to do what you want when you want.

  • Louie del Carmen

    These guys are the perfect balance of creativity and business sense. Evan and Gregg showed me around their operations a few years ago and they couldn’t have been nicer. I really admire their passion and energy and their innate sense of humor.

    What they are accomplishing is truly remarkable and the greatest part of it is that they are having fun doing it.

  • Chris Webb

    I was struck by how often he mentioned his customers. How his business is based on pleasing customers, having a relationship with customers….

    I was a screenwriter for 15 years, working for all the studios, and there was only one place I worked that talked about what would please the audience – their customers – and that was Pixar. The rest of the studio execs I worked for thought of themselves and what their bosses wanted, not about what an audience likes. So let’s applaud the Jib Jab guys, but remember they aren’t doing anything THAT revolutionary. If you just listen to and please your customers, you’re bound to be a success!

  • Prof. Widebottom

    Mr. Spiridellis certainly knows how to hustle the business pitch on his feet. I’m always struck at how boardroom language is so politically laden. You can’t just say, “I’m going to the bathroom”. Rather it’s, “At this juncture I will be attending to my digestive needs by way of negotiating my way into the mens’ lavatory in order to relieve excess fluids. And in so doing I not only leave my brand, but I reinforce it by marking the walls”.

    It tends to drive me to distraction in its’ synthetic overkill but it’s obviously the kind of patter that investors and interested parties want to hear. I wish JibJab all the success.