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Juanmanuel Urbina

It’s been a while since I’ve plugged an animator’s art blog — but Juanmanuel Urbina, an animation director in Colombia, has one that put a smile on my face. Check out his work on Juanmanimation.

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  • That took a second to sink in for me. But I love this guy: very well-observed and amusing, while in that slick Disney mode.

  • Uhmmm…Ok

    The funniest thing about this post is that you felt that u needed to post a link to Wikipedia’s Colombia page… ??? LOL

  • Incredible art work.

  • Angry Anim

    So those characters are…?

  • Put a smile on my face too.

  • Thanks guys

    That picture is from the time I did a gag on Disney’s L.O.T.R version.

  • Great blog!!!

  • Peter’s shadow as Gollum is a great touch!

  • This is great looking. I especially love his take on Walt + the Disney-style lettering that goes with him.

  • Carlo Guillot

    Nice work from a swell guy.

  • OK guys:

    Who would be Aragorn in that picture?

  • Anna

    that funny ^_^
    but on the blog – the I dream of Jeannie / Bewitched mash-up is the one that made me laugh out loud!

  • Adam Van Meter

    @ Juanmanuel:

    Great trick with the Disney-like lettering for Walt. Clever!

    Thanks for linking his blog, Jerry. Cool stuff!