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Podcasts: Clayberger, Docter & Glines

Sam Clayberger

It’s not just blogs that offer valuable animation-related content nowadays. Here are three recent audio podcasts with three super artists. I’ve listened to them and they’re all worth a download:

Toon In!, hosted by Tee Bosustow, has many interviews with animation artists. The one that caught my attention was the interview with Sam Clayberger. Clayberger was a designer and background painter at UPA between 1953-1958, produced the artwork for the Rocky & Bullwinkle pilot (along with Roy Morita), and has had a long career as a fine artist and art teacher. It’s a delight to finally hear him speak about his career since one never hears much about him, and the bonus is that he’s fun to listen to. The photo above is from Clayberger’s days at UPA.

The Spline Doctors, and in particular, animator Andrew Gordon, have come through with another solid interview with a fellow co-worker at Pixar. This time, it’s Monsters, Inc. director Pete Docter, who shares much wisdom about story and animation throughout the discussion.

Last but not least, the Sidebar podcast features a lengthy chat with character designer Shane Glines. While the two interviewers are comic fans with a limited knowledge of the animation process, the discussion is lively, and Shane offers good insights into his personal journey and development as an artist.

  • Tee

    Nice to hear you agreed about Clayberger. He’s a real hoot, for sure. This week we hope to get another dozen interviews we’ve done recently up on the site, including, Sharon Colman, Mikhail Aldashin, Marcos Magalhães, Kirk Kelley, and Marv Newland. We’ll do more at Ottawa in a few weeks. Stay tooned …

  • I’ve been getting more into animation podcasts and I was looking for stuff like this. Thanks! Any other podcasts of note?

  • Everyone would be well advised to dl Sharon Colman’s interview-whatever she says in it (I haven’t heard it yet either), she’s darned funny–and has the best voice.

    Thanks for the links–I’d never know about the updates otherwise–too little time to recheck! All these sites should be visited on a regular basis.

  • wow!!! thank you!!!

    that “toon in” podcast is fantastic! i hadn’t heard of it before!

    i’m going through from the beginning [although i listened to the one you recommended which was great as well!].

    i really like the mark kausler podcast number 2. he talks about a lot of things that are of interest to me like the outsourcing and basically devaluing of the animation process that started happening since tv.

    awesome podcast! thanks amid and tee!!!

  • Tee

    Jenny, and anyone else interested, Sharon Colman is indeed a delightful interview. She’s from a little town on the west coast of Scotland, so that’s were she gets the “voice”. She talks about how she got into animation, when no one in her town knew anything about animation, and her folks encouraged her to become a veterinarian. We hope to have her up on the Toon In site in the next week or so. We’ve gotten way behind, but will be catching up soon.

  • Victor Boehringer

    You should also check There are tons of interviews with animation artists from the 2d and 3d fields, recently Clay, the person in charge of the website and who is also an animator, interviewed Ray Harryhausen. AWESOME STUFF!

    Vic out.

  • I really liked the interview with Shane, He’s an inspiring fellow.