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‘Sausage Party”s Conrad Vernon Continues Down Adult Animation Path with ‘Amberville’ Series

Conrad Vernon is reuniting with Megan Ellison’s Annapurna, producer of last year’s hit Sausage Party, for another adult-oriented animation project, Amberville.

The project is an adaptation of Tim Davys’ “Mollisan Town” novel series set in a gritty world of stuffed animals.

Amberville is being developed as a cgi series for Amazon Studios by Vernon and Chris McCoy, who wrote and directed last year’s Good Kids. McCoy wrote the pilot and Vernon will direct it. If the project makes it to series, it would be available on Amazon Prime Video.

Amberville’s story revolves around a reformed Teddy Bear who is pulled back in to the criminal underworld when his former boss enlists him for an impossible new job.

Conrad Vernon.
Conrad Vernon.

Prior to Sausage Party, Vernon had worked at Dreamworks since 1996, where he co-directed Shrek 2, Madagascar 3, and Monsters vs. Aliens. Earlier, he had worked as a storyboard artist on The Simpsons, and writer and board artist on The Ren & Stimpy Show, 2 Stupid Dogs, and Rocko’s Modern Life.

Vernon and McCoy will executive produce the project, along with Annapurna’s Ellison, Sue Naegle, and David Distenfeld.

Cover of Tim Davy's "Amberville."
Cover of Tim Davy’s “Amberville.”
  • Kash Akinsade

    I wonder what studio is doing this?

    • I’d also be interested in knowing where this is being done.

  • Andres Molina

    This is great news. Its great to see the creators push for more adult animated content, and hopefully in the future, more animation studios will be more open to edgier or more experimental projects and ideas.

  • Ryan Barrett

    Thank heavens that people are FINALLY realizing animation is a medium that all people, of all walks of life and ages can enjoy.

    • ea

      There’s lots of adult animation on TV and the internet, but very little in terms of theatrical features.

  • Robiscus

    I just commented on the Edward Hopper cover and a colleague said “who?”. I told him he should get his tuition back from CalArts.

    • Matt Jordan

      How can anyone not recognize the world-famous Nighthawks?

  • Cameron Ward

    Sounds like a great idea. I hope it’s going to be more than just another adult animated show trying to ape off family guy and all that jazz

  • Capital_7

    I wonder if they’ll pay the animators for this one.

  • Ennui

    The art is reminiscent of “Blacksad.”