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Watch All The Animated Sequences In The New Netflix Series ‘Disjointed’

The new Netflix sitcom Disjointed, which takes place in a Los Angeles pot dispensary, features a short animated sequence in each episode created by independent animators.

The sequences, which revolve around PTSD and medical marijuana, were overseen by creative director Dave Hughes, who is the creator of the Adult Swim’s remarkable indie animation anthology Off the Air. Since the Netflix credits don’t acknowledge any of the animators, Hughes took it upon himself to upload a reel of the Titmouse-produced sequences to Vimeo and identify all of the artists:

It’s especially nice to see the sequences compiled like this because the animation is easily the highlight of the series. “It was a challenging project in all the right ways,” Hughes wrote on his Vimeo. “I couldn’t be happier with how the shorts came out, and it’s been great to see that many viewers feel the same.”

Credits (in order of appearance in the video)
Animator: Gabriel Mangold. Music: APM

Animator: Henry Bonsu, Damil Bryant. Music: Slime

Animator: Anthony Schepperd. Music: Yat-Kha

Animator: Sol Burbridge and Greg Arden of Bent Image. Music: Deafheaven

Animator: Jonathan Djob Nkondo. Music: Flying Lotus

Animator: Taras Hrabowsky. Music: The Meters

Animator: Masanobu Hiraoka. Music: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Animator: Jake Fried. Music: Jon Hopkins

Animator: Harry Teitelman. Music: Jenny Hval

Animator: Hideki Inaba. Music: A. Scriabin

  • Nathan Rae

    Was it going to cost anything to credit people who worked on these sequences? Or did the creators just want to maintain the illusion that they stuck a camera in a stoner’s brain and recorded how it all played out?

    In all seriousness, these are all incredibly visually impressive pieces of art, and I kind of wish some of these would be spun off into their own series.