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Richard Williams Releases “Animator’s Survival Kit” iPad App

The Richard Williams Animator’s Survival Kit iPad app that we announced a couple months ago is out today. It’s available for $34.99 on the Apple Store, a bargain when you consider the DVD version of the Survival Kit costs nearly a grand. If you’re on the fence about splurging, you can also download a free sample version.

  • MissConception

    Great! Now all I need is the iPad!

  • Well now I feel like a chump for buying the DVDs :/

    • Don’t feel too bad. The iPad app doesn’t have all of the lessons or examples from the massive DVD set. The AnimationScoop review details it a bit further and reveals this fact.

      • Good News! Well then maybe he can take more of my money :P

    • Dreo

      You don’t have the masterclass section videos though on the iPad app…so this still stays exclusively on DVD unfortunately :(

  • Jake

    Just got it and it’s pretty awesome. Love being able to frame through this stuff.

  • This is great! I have his extended edition book but, the videos look fantastic! (I’ve only seen a few clips here and there) I’m also very thankful that this seems to be compatible with the original iPad (and iOS 5), which I’m still using. :)

  • I hope they provide a version for Android.

  • canimal

    I own the book and the first 6 dvds, is this worth buying as well?

  • I think I’m going to have to wait until I get an iPad 3, which will also enable me to buy that NFB stop motion app.

  • Natalie Belton

    I got the book for my birthday last year. Trust, me it was worth every penny.

  • Daniel Brown

    would have loved an android version

    • jmahon

      especially since the Note II is the one with a wacom digitizer drawing screen, as well.

  • Dreo

    Great!!! Thanks for getting this on iPad! Now we’ll have to see the Thief and the Cobbler released one day on BluRay, even unfinished…Thanks Dick for your artistry and sharing this with us!

  • Alexei Baboulevitch

    Whoa! It looks like the extras has his latest short, “Circus Drawings”. I don’t think it has ever been released outside of theaters. This is a no-brainer purchase.

  • OtherDan

    When is the Illusion of Life going rogue? Milk it, milk it! Glad I don’t use Android:)

  • Please, make for android also…people are 50 -50 with Ipad and android..