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Get Ready for the App Version of Richard Williams’ “Animator’s Survival Kit”

Coming soon: the iPad app version of Richard Williams’ indispensable The Animator’s Survival Kit. The publisher, Faber and Faber, hasn’t set a price or exact release date, but it’s being timed to roughly coincide with Williams’ 80th birthday next month.

Key features of the app will include:

  • The entirety of The Animator’s Survival Kit Expanded Edition, optimized for the iPad.
  • Over 100 animated examples from The Animator’s Survival Kit Animated DVD box set.
  • Previously unreleased Circus Drawings animation from Richard Williams
  • Silent Film Logo for the Pordenone Silent Film Festival.
  • New video introductions by Richard Williams.
  • Sensitive navigation, fading gracefully away when not needed, allowing users to focus on the lessons at hand.
  • Break down and watch the animated examples frame-by-frame to see how they’re put together.
  • Onion skin some animated examples to see the preceding and following frames.

UPDATE (4/18/2013): The Animator’s Survival Kit iPad app has been released!

Below are a couple stills from Circus Drawings, the new Richard Williams short that will be included on the app:

  • Deaniac

    Very smart move. I applaud Williams and company for releasing this book through different platforms – not to mention the level of interactivity it’ll add to the learning experience!

  • Cooly

    The app store takes payments over $900 ?

  • Excellent idea! Now to hope it’s affordable.

  • Oh my god this is so cool. It’s the first time I’ve really wanted an iPad.

  • Kyle_Maloney

    Finally a medium that makes sense for learning more about animation technique. Now if only I could afford an ipad…

  • Mikey the Pikey

    No Android??

  • Josh

    Drat! Beaten to it!

  • Matt Jones

    Smart move keeping that short under wraps until now. I hope the pricing is nearer the book than the dvd set!

  • Bob

    Release an Android version please!

  • Everlasting Concubine

    I, too wish it were available for Android, because I have this sudden terrible ache in my want glands that was not there before. *drools*

  • I have just the regular book and it’s awesome. Now I wish I had an iPad…

  • Why do we have app versions of books like that when we can have apps based on far better animation tutorial books like Preston Blair’s book (which has far better drawings than in Williams’ book) and Frank and Ollie’s 12 Principles book? Both of those books are written by far more experienced animators than Williams. No offense, Williams. Compare Williams’ book to the far better drawn Preston Blair Book.

    • mick

      I think we have them because someone released them. Unless I am mistaken there is no system in which a benefactor looks for the best of something then ensures it reaches the public. Maybe Stephen Worth or someone equally kind to the animation community could release a Preston Blair app.

    • Yaro

      Frist of Preston Blairs book is a very outdated book. Even a lot of Dinsey’s masters criticized this book constantly. Frank and Ollies books are great to learn a lot about the studio and about character development. Richard Williams book is more about motion and animation principles using simple examples. You don’t need fancy drawings to achieve this. Simple drawings allow you to show what you need to see for the lecture. Have you seen the DVD’s? The exercises are even animated. Not any other book has this at this level. Well, the Eric Goldberg book doeshave some examples but you get the idea. Williams book is an excellent book filled with a lot of information that might have been lost if it weren’t from him. Of course there’s more out there, but I cant understand why someone would complain about this book.

      • Who were the Disney masters that criticized it and why did they criticize it?

      • Construction/SolidDrawing is the most important principle in animation in my opinion. You need construction in order to help you with the other principles. The Williams drawings have little to no construction. They are a lot more mechanical and geometric than the organic and fluid Preston Blair drawings. Pears and spheres are important for animation to be functional. No offense.

        • John Carter

          You obviously do not know who Richard Williams is :)

  • Love this (despite/especially having spent a ton on animation courses myself). I’d like to chip in and say that if you’ve read and understood this book and want to attempt 3D character animation, How to Cheat in Maya is a good next choice.