Bret Easton Ellis’ The Crossing Place by Sascha Ciezata

Several months ago we featured Sascha Ciezata’s hand sketched animated short When Lynch Met Lucas. Since then, Ciezata’s been busy with his latest shot-with-an-iPhone animation, this time produced by Random House. It’s based a passage from the new book by Bret Easton Ellis, Imperial Bedrooms, read by actor Andrew McCarthy.

  • TempleDog

    Hey, Jerry! Apparently thar be some litigious shenanigans going on concerning ‘When Lynch met Lucas’. Sascha went as far as to animate an explanation as to why the film was pulled off the YouTubes. Some asshats claimed to own the Lynch interview, so the film was yanked. For all them details, go watch ‘A True Story’

  • Arvin Bautista

    Nice idea and all (and of course I have nothing but respect for the analog effort) but man, this is just way too long with not enough substance, especially for our ADD-addled brains. If there was a bit more trippy frame by frame morphing, or some mixed media pixilation, and something a little more than just a literal representation of what was being said. Seems like a wasted opportunity more than anything.