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Headless Produces Intro Cinematic for Hatch App

The new virtual pet app Hatch is being described as a Tamagotchi for iPhones. While that may not excite too many readers of this site—if readers are even old enough to remember what Tamagotchis are—the app’s intro cinematic merits a look. The piece was produced by Barcelona, Spain-based Headless. According to Headless’s Tumblr, they produced the piece a couple years ago (even though it was released only a few days ago), and Julien Bizat animated it.

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  • Rome

    Old enough to remember tamagotchis? who do you think views this site, 14-year olds?

  • tjarmstrong

    I loved Tamagotchis.

  • Tres Swygert

    Loved this! The cinematic was animated and told so well…it made me feel even more interested in the project, regardless if I will or not.

    Awesome job Headless! Would love to see you do feature films some day!

  • Mike

    It’s always a pleasure to view something new from Headless. I’m still breathlessly anticipating the day they finally get support for a feature.

  • Mike Scott

    That was great. Wanted it to continue, sad it ended really.