“All The Jokes Are On Me” by Dave Mahler “All The Jokes Are On Me” by Dave Mahler
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“All The Jokes Are On Me” by Dave Mahler

What were you doing when you were seventeen years old? Dave Mahler made this music video. The video is for a track on the debut album of Firefly Effects. It took four months, and is comprised of 1,640 hand drawn and watercolored frames.

(Thanks, Hobo Divine)

  • Hey, i made it through the whole thing. I liked it. High school animators are the best.

    I have a crush on that girl’s nose.

  • Iritscen

    Man, I love rotoscoping. I know it’s not valued the same as animation “from scratch”, but I still love it.

  • I dig it. The changing colors kinda reminds me of the video for “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

  • Adam

    Reminds me of the fancy videos that artists like Justice and Kanye West have been getting, but with a lot more heart.

  • Mac

    I like it. I think it was pretty fitting for the song too. Very Shay Lynch inspired.

  • This is very nice. love the technique