Black Thin King

This viral piece was directed and created by CISMA (Denis Kamioka) and the Birdo Studio in Brazil.

What it is advertising I’m not sure (rolling papers, I think) — but I love it.

(Thanks, Jason Deeble)

  • santoshi

    Love the video, the music track is very interesting.

  • Satorical

    It’s a clothing line, although good guess based on the “Roll Your Own” poster.

  • Luciana Eguti


    Just a note, this video was, in fact, directed and created by CISMA (Denis Kamioka) and Birdo Studio, for the OCB brand.
    Here goes the full credits:

    Title: “Black Thin King”
    Client: Republic Technologies
    Product: OCB
    Client contact: Valérie Amiguas

    Advertising agency: Road (Barcelona)
    Executive creative director: Emilio Lezaun
    Creative director: Xavi Solé
    Creative team: Iolanda Mora, Marc Mallafré
    Account team: Natalia Aznar, Ilonka Von Spanyar

    Production company: boolab
    Directors: Cisma (Denis Kamioka), Birdo
    Executive producer: Coke Ferreiro
    Producer: Silvia Romero

  • Luciana Eguti

    oops, rest of the credits:

    Service production company: Birdo
    Animation direction: Paulo Muppet, Luciana Eguti
    Compositing: Daniel Dias
    Character design: Rafael Grampá
    Music/Sound design: Marcelo Combustion
    Animators: Paulo Muppet, Pedro Eboli, Rafael Gallardo
    Animator Assistants: William Iamazi Ferro, Gustavo Teixeira
    Adicional Designs: Paulo Muppet, Pedro Eboli, Rafael Gallardo

  • zavkram

    The drawing style reminds me the Fleischers’ and Van Beuren’s early 30′s cartoons and the 1960′s “zap comix” of Art Crumb.

  • Ted

    The website advertised in the video says to “visit your tobacconist”; are you saying they’re selling clothes at tobacco shops?

  • Nina Paley

    WOW! I love it too.

  • Robert Schaad

    Really like this…a beaut.

  • Dock Miles

    Sure looks like rolling papers on the website. They’re halfway cryptic about it, though — after all, rolling papers are among the products where it’s considered a bad idea to show what you think the customer will actually do with them.

  • Ian Jones-Quartey

    Fantastic!! Great job CISMA and Birdo Studio!

  • PorkyMills

    Great video…..loved the character designs.

  • doug holverson

    It’s a good companion piece to Sky’s “Joy to the World” commercial or that “Nesbitt’s Orange Soda Pop” commercial from waaaay back when.

  • Stephen

    This is just too cool, love the juxtaposition of music and animation styles.

    I am gonna have to agree with the rolling paper crowd. Besides the “confetti” in the video, the website disallows under-18s, and the “OCB” mentioned everywhere on the site is a French rollling paper company.

    Clothing line this is not.

  • J. J. Hunsecker

    Love the video, the music track is very interesting.

    It sounds like they sampled Django Reinhardt. Specifically his version of the song, “I’se A Muggin’”

  • Craig D.

    Black thinking?

    Sounds like an ad for an antidepressant.


    Turn on, Tune in, Drop out !
    GROOVY BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!